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Saturday Movie Night: Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Hello everyone! This month Blodeuedd and I are watching and reviewing Always Be My Maybe. 

Blodeuedd is in dark blue and I am in orange.

Always Be My Maybe Poster
Title:  Always Be My Maybe
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr and 41 mins
Rating: PG-13
Released: May 31, 2018
Where I Got It: Netflix

A pair of childhood friends end up falling for each other when they grow up.



Hello! What a fun random find of yours!

I would not exactly call it random, EVERYONE talked about it on twitter the day after ;)

Random for me! I haven’t really been on twitter for a few days hehe. And never heard of it! ;)

That is why twitter is good! Everyone liked it so I gave it a chance, later I realised that we should have watched it together ;)

Hahaha I like Twitter...but I’ve just not been using it! I always get like that with Twitter. Use it a lot and then nothing for a few days. Oh well! But I’m glad you didn’t avoid Twitter and was able to find this movie! I really, really liked it!

I am glad I gave it a chance. I do not have a lot of time for movies, but this one really came around at the perfect time. And it was funny, cute and all in all good.

I’m bad at watching movies. I love ‘em. But I have been having a hard time just sitting down and watching one. And yes! It was super funny, super cute, and super awkward. I loved he awkward scenes. They just had me bursting out laughing. I love the two main actors. They are great and great together. 

The awkward scenes were the best ;) LOL. And the two actors worked well together. I actually did feel unsure whether they would fit, until one of those last scenes, then they knew, and I knew. Yay.

I felt the same and then everything made sense and I realized they belonged together. I think it was perfect writing. They wanted you to be as unsure as they were. It was wonderful. I wanted to shake him there near the end! I GET his whys, but you need live a little. You need to take a risk. Take a jump. 

Netflix really gets the nice ones lately. I am happy with them. Oh, talking about actors, the dad was great. He made me lol.

Mr. Kim was of my favorite characters. He was adorable!! I loved his little scene with the lady. Hahaha. He was a hoot. I also really liked the assistant and her preggo belly. 

Really good side characters!  Like a certain Keanu Reeves, oh he was perfect. He was such an asshole.

That really took me surprise that Keanu was there playing as a over-the-top version of himself. It was a nice touch and he was hilarious! I never took him to be funny, but he really pulled it off. 

But then you have not watched Bill and Ted, hint hint again ;) But yes this was a perfect role. So self assured, so movie star, and the crying over good. Yes, he was great.

Hahaha true. I have not had that pleasure of that movie. BF says it is good too. One day, one day. But yes! He was fun to watch! The whole scene at the hotel was awkward and funny. It was awesome how they wrote that up. BF totally called how the scene would end with Jenny. LOL 

I also liked that, honestly, he was a loser. Living with his dad, what was Randall park’s character called now again?! Anyway, living with his dad cos he told himself he had to take care of him. Smoking pot, being in a band going nowhere. Such a contrast to her, famous and yes light years apart.

Marcus was the name I believe. And yes, I liked how different they were. They always were from different worlds. He had amazing parents who were always there. And she had to  take care of herself and be alone a lot because her parents had to work long hours. So it would make sense that they would grow up different. He didn’t want to leave and she wanted to make something of herself. Which I did get a touch annoyed with her being so angry at her parents. They didn’t choose to leave her alone. They had to work. They were poor and that was the only way to feed her. I mean - I feel bad that she was alone, but she did have Marcus and his parents. I just feel she wasn’t very fair to her parents. 

I felt that too about her parents. THey had to work to make a living, and your own store, well you can’t really leave can you. What choice did they have? Not to mention when they do show up they are so nice!

Yes! They wanted to be a part of her life! They worked hard to retire sort of early and be in her life. I really think she was rude to them. They are sweeties. 

They so were! Also, why on earth a fight would make two besties lose touch for 15 years...omg stubborn much

He was an ass to her so I get why they fought. But 15-16 years? Why? Get over it! He was upset and sad!!!! But that girl can hold a grudge like no one else can….so it makes sense. He’s stubborn. She holds a grudge….it does equal a long time before they talk it out and forgive each other. I’m surprised he didn’t let his stubborn pride hold him back after that scene. 

Ack movie drama. But then there are people like that in rl too so it happens, over stupid things too. But I guess we should say that they needed that time apart to grow or smth ;D

True. I think they did need to grow up and what not. But yes...there are real life ppl like that. Just got blocked and deleted by one because I was honest with her. *shrugs* Oh well. Hahaha. But yessssss I didn’t really have any issues with this movie! It was good all around. Typical movie drama, but it made sense. The ending was cuuuuttttteeeeee and made me happy. 

The ending was so cute! Drama, friendship and romance, and weird people showing up. What is there not to like! More please.

Yessss I wanna watch more of these! Maybe we can even squeeze in a Hallmark movie ;) Been a hot min since we watched one of those!

It has been ages! But they are just so cheesy, so incredibly cheesy. Cheese just melts of me while I watch.

We’ll just wait til xmas again. Xmas cheese is so much better xD

True. Oh, wait there was this one I wanted to watch. Two women changing place, a princess one ;)

I wonder if I watched that one! I watched one a couple of months ago that was cuuuute and cheesy! And a touch of funny. 

I can not recall the name now…

Mhmm we’ll have to do some digging! So! Final thoughts about this fun movie??
(OOOO! Was it Princess Switch)

Fun movie! Recommended
Yes it was!

Agreed! Totally recommended!
And I watched that movie! Cute! I think you should watch it ;)

Will do, one day! ;)

Yesss! And I kinda wanna rewatch this one. It was that good! I also wanna rewatch Ali Wong’s stand-up.

I did not know about her standup, but then I do not watch stand up so

She is a hoot! 

Must check her out then 

Yess and she is preggo in two of them. LOL. 
The end?



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