Monday, April 30

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Grace After Henry by Eithne Shortall

Grace sees her boyfriend Henry everywhere. In the supermarket, on the street, at the graveyard.

Only Henry is dead. He died two months earlier, leaving a huge hole in Grace's life and in her heart. But then Henry turns up to fix the boiler one evening, and Grace can't decide if she's hallucinating or has suddenly developed psychic powers. Grace isn't going mad - the man in front of her is not Henry at all, but someone else who looks uncannily like him. The hole in Grace's heart grows ever larger.

Grace becomes captivated by this stranger, Andy - to her, he is Henry, and yet he is not. Reminded of everything she once had, can Grace recreate that lost love with Andy, resurrecting Henry in the process, or does loving Andy mean letting go of Henry?

Hardcover, 432 pages
Expected publication: May 3rd 2018 by Atlantic Books
For review

My thoughts:
I read this one really fast, when I started, I just needed to know that everything would work out.

Grace and Henry are about to buy a house, and then he dies. A horrible accident and she can just not move on. She sees him everywhere and misses him so much. Which is obvious, and so heartbreaking. I liked her and I wanted her to be happy again.

She has a great best friends. She has great parents. But she does not have Henry anymore. And she most learn to live again without him.

Like move into a new house and try to put it to order. Meeting new neighbors. Going back to work. And last, seeing Henry and realising that the person she sees is real. And that was another thing that made me read like crazy! I had to know what was going on and what would happen.

It was light for a book dealing with death. It had me hooked and it was so hard to put down. Grace becomes a friend.

Heartbreaking, and still light and filled with hope. Life moves on. And maybe not always in the way the reader thought.

Last thoughts:
A great book

Sunday, April 29

Blog All About It: ART

This month the prompt is "ART"

I am going to just go simple this month and just share my favorite pieces of art. Been a busy month so simple is good!

I'll do a top 5 for this. 

Starry Night

The Herd Boy

Iwo Jima Memorial Statue
Archduchess Marie Antoinette Habsburg Lotharingen
Cherry Blossoms

Now, here is something I made recently! One of my goals is to be creative and artsy. I finally did this project I've wanted to do for a while. 

ignore the blurry - my camera on my phone is going out. 

He's not really art...but he is cuteeeee. RALPH!

Saturday, April 28

Movie Review: Ready Player One (2018)

Film Title: Ready Player One
Length: 2h and 20 min 
Released: 2018
Genre:  Action/Adventure & Sci Fi
Rating: PG-13
Where I Got It: Theaters


When the creator of a virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune.


I've been curious about this movie since I first watched the trailer. I figured I would watch this on Netflix or Amazon, but a group of us wanted to see it so I tagged along. 

I was pleasantly surprised. 

I figured the scenes and the effects would be great. There are so MANY nerdy references and it was fun looking and pointing out cool things. I especially loved his belt. There was a little Thunder Cats logo on it. I was the only one in my group to notice it. Lots of little and big things. 

What surprised me was the storyline and plot. There was more meat to it than I expected. I also didn't expect such depth to our hero and his friends. Kuddos there. 

My only issue was the fact that this virtual world. It seemed like it took over the world and that was a little unrealistic to me. Sure, FB has taken the world by storm so I guess that this is the same concept in a way. There are lots of people addicted to games currently, but EVERYONE seemed addicted. How do people work in this world? The all seem to be just playing this game every single day. It bugged me. 

Another thing that bugged me was the company that is focused on getting the keys and only playing the game. Sure ADs make money, but are they such a big company? Confused me. Also...where are the cops in this world!!!!!!????? They showed up last minute after half of the city was destroyed. Maybe too focused playing this game? *shakes head*

The ending was good. I really liked what Wade did. Kuddos to him realizing the issue and taking care of it.

The acting was good. I was surprised at how well everyone did. Not one weak link in this cast which is surprising since the majority of the cast are teens or kids. 

In the end, this was a good watch. I enjoyed the story (even with a couple of flaws) and the effects were great. If you are a nerd or even appreciate the 80's then this is a film you'll want to check out. I'll stamp this with a 4. 

Friday, April 27

Book Review: Madam of My Heart by Gini Grossenbacher

Author: Gini Grossenbacher
Title: Madam of My Heart (The American Madams Book 1)
Genre: Historical Fiction & Romance
Published: Feb 2017
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher)

Baltimore, 1849. During a scandalous crisis, the young Irish Brianna Baird flees her home at Fells Point. With little cash and only a seamstress's trade, she braves the hypnotic streets of New Orleans. The tantalizing Madam DeSalle lures her to her brothel, then sells her to the dashing but questionable gambler, Edward Spina, who falls in love with her. In a tawdry alliance with these two profiteers, Brianna embarks on a journey through the French Quarter's debauched and glittering Voodoo world. Facing the horrors of slavery, she triumphs by gaining freedom papers for her maid Emma's enslaved husband and son. Brianna and Edward escape with them to San Francisco. There she becomes one of the most sought after madams in the gold rush parlor house trade. But will her fame and pluck be enough to save Edward from the Vigilante noose? This is the first book in the American Madams series.

Isn’t that cover lovely? I adore it!!

Now, the story follows Brianna on her journey through a crazy few years. Things happen and she is forced to flee her home. For some reasons, he heads to New Orleans. There she is sold to Edward who is a notorious, but charming gambler. They fall in love, of course, and they embark on a crazy journey! 

It took me a little bit to really get into the story. Not that it started slow, but I found myself struggling to connect. After a while, I got hooked and finished this in a couple of sittings. Long, but a quick read. 

I liked Edward, but I did not trust him. He seemed TOO dashing and charming for my liking. Brianna was okay. It took me a while to really grow to like her. 

The story was an interesting one for sure. Some slow moments here and there, but overall I had no idea what was going to happen next! What a crazy journey Brianna had to deal with. I am glad the romance did not hinder the story. There was a nice balance. 

The ending made me mad!!!!! I can’t say why, but *shakes fist*! I nearly cried at the end. Well done author. I was neutral in feeling the majority of the book but then BOOM! Feels. 

It is hard not to give away spoilers…

Overall, this was pretty good. Took me a while to really get hooked on the story and the main character. After a certain point, though, I was hooked! The ending had me feeling. So yes, the ending was good. If you like historical fiction with some romance. The romance doesn’t overshadow the story and that worked well. I’ll give this 3 stars. 

Thursday, April 26

Book Review: Queen Mary's Daughter by Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Author: Emily-Jane Hills Orford
Title: Queen Mary's Daughter
Genre: Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, What-if, & Fantasy
Pages: ebook
Published: March 2018
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher)

There are so many possibilities that affect the course of history. One change, one small item overlooked, can make a world of difference, not only in a person's life, but in the history and well-being of an entire nation. And then there are those multiple scenarios of what if? What if King James VI of Scotland didn't succeed in amalgamating Scotland with England? What if there had been another heir to the throne of Scotland? One who would secure its independence? Would Scotland have remained free and independent and a nation of its own well into the twenty-first century? And would Scotland, this independent version, make its own decision to join the European Union when its southern neighbor was choosing to pull away? 

Another what-if story! Can't help but love reading these!

This one follows Mary Queens of Scot's what-if daughter. What-if one the twins lived and was saved. What if that daughter was saved because a time traveler taking her to modern day to save the preemie baby. One small change changed all of history. Mary Elizabeth grows up and finds out the truth about her being Mary's daughter AND a time traveler. 

I did not expect the time traveling bit at all. Was it in the summary? *checks* Not seeing it. I found this aspect a little jarring at first and I wasn't sure how I felt. After a few chapters, I grew to like it a lot. I honestly would do the same thing if I was her. There would be SO many things I would want to change. Maybe that is why Fate has not granted me such a gift yet. 

Yes, so how would the world change if Scotland was able to break free and become independent WHY early on. I would love for the Scottish to get their freedom. So many things would've been different. 

I liked Mary Elizabeth. She was an interesting character. I also adored Jamie. I nearly sobbed at one point! Wah! Can't say what without giving away spoilers, but I did have a small tear. 

The ending was the best part. The beginning and middle were a little slow to develop the story. Lots of world-building and character-building. The beginning and middle were not bad by any means...just a little slow. Now, the last quarter of the book? The best part! I loved watching the events unfold and seeing how things would crumble and change. Some things change, some things stay the same. Very interesting. 

I also liked the little bit of worry Henry brought forth. I am concerned. Hopefully, there will be another book and we can learn more about the information Henry brought to life. Very interesting indeed. 

In the end, I did really like this story. The beginning and middle were a bit slow because it was building up the story and characters, but it was all worth it in the end. If you like what-ifs with a touch of Sci-Fi, I would highly recommend it. The story was a unique one. I was a little unsure of the time traveling bits at first but it honestly made the story. I shall stamp this with 4 stars. 

Tuesday, April 24

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Accepting Review Requests

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion post on Rainy Day Ramblings where Rainy discuss a wide range of topics from books to blogging. Weigh in and join the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments. If you want to do your own post, grab the question and answer it on your blog.

Do you still accept review requests? Why or why not?

Yes, I do! I try to limit how many months so I can enjoy my books I have bought myself or have been given for holidays. However, I do accept a few review requests. Some may call it being picky, but I only pick a few really good ones that I know I will enjoy to some sort of extent. I learned the hard way of accepting too many just because you want to help everyone. You miss out on other books you would like a million times better. I had to learn to say no somethings especially if I know I wouldn't enjoy it like other would. I hate writing a bad review.

Long answer short...yes, I accept a minimum amount review requests.

Monday, April 23

B's Monday Review: Bad Bachelor by Stephanie London

If one more person mentions Bad Bachelors to Reed McMahon, someone's gonna get hurt. A PR whiz, Reed is known as an 'image fixer' but his womanizing ways have caught up with him. What he needs is a PR miracle of his own. When Reed strolls into Darcy Greer's workplace offering to help save the struggling library, she isn't buying it. The prickly Brooklynite knows Reed is exactly the kind of guy she should avoid. But the library does need his help. But as she reluctantly works with Reed, she realizes there's more to a man than his reputation. Maybe, just maybe Bad Bachelor #1 is THE one for her. 

Audio CD, 10 h
Published April 10th 2018 by Tantor Audio (first published March 6th 2018)
Bad Bachelors #1
contemporary romance
For review

My thoughts:
I was not sure I would like Reed cos of the blurbs talk of womanizing ways, but...Reed never lied to a woman. He was upfront about what he wanted. A good time. And if a woman got mad later on cos she wanted more, then give it a rest girl. He said no! 

Which is why this site in the end made me SO FREAKING MAD! Because what if it had been a site about ranking women? Oh yes all hell would break loose. What a horrible site. Women can rank men and give them reviews, and yes, what says all those reviews are right? Maybe someone is upset with their ex, a coworker, a friend. And since Reed is the worst ranked of them all, it gives him problems at work, in his personal life, you name it.

Now when I have that said. Reed is all for a good time and when he meets Darcy she does go all hell no! She does not need someone like that! Or does she. You know, back in the saddle and all.

But I really liked Reed. Underneath that tough all knowing outer shell there was an angry boy. He had so much to deal with.

And Darcy. I loved that she was just not some pretty little thing. She had piercings, tattoos, dressed like she did not give a damn.

The librarian and the PR guy. The tough girl meets the preppy boy. They are just so different, and they are totally what they both need. He needs to be grounded again, she needs to let loose again.

Final thoughts:
Fun, passion and lots and lots of banter!

Kendall Taylor
I liked her voices for everyone and she made it fun listening too. She really had me in her grip when Reed struggled with things and when Darcy went all prejudiced (made me think of pride and prejudice ;)

Sunday, April 22

Book Review: Ecstasy by Mary Sharratt

Author: Mary Sharratt 
Title: Ecstasy
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 387
Published: April 10th 2018
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher)

In the glittering hotbed of turn-of-the-twentieth-century Vienna, one woman’s life would define and defy an era 

Gustav Klimt gave Alma her first kiss. Gustav Mahler fell in love with her at first sight and proposed only a few weeks later. Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius abandoned all reason to pursue her. Poet and novelist Franz Werfel described her as “one of the very few magical women that exist.” But who was this woman who brought these most eminent of men to their knees? In Ecstasy, Mary Sharratt finally gives one of the most controversial and complex women of her time the center stage. 

Coming of age in the midst of a creative and cultural whirlwind, young, beautiful Alma Schindler yearns to make her mark as a composer. A brand-new era of possibility for women is dawning and she is determined to make the most of it. But Alma loses her heart to the great composer Gustav Mahler, nearly twenty years her senior. He demands that she give up her music as a condition for their marriage. Torn by her love and in awe of his genius, how will she remain true to herself and her artistic passion?

Part cautionary tale, part triumph of the feminist spirit, Ecstasy reveals the true Alma Mahler: composer, author, daughter, sister, mother, wife, lover, and muse.

I wanted to read this book because it sounded soooo good and that cover? I love it so much! So cool and unique. 

I honestly never heard of Alma before so this was a new adventure for me. Alma was a musically-inclined girl who wanted to be a composer. Things happen and she falls in love with Gustav and they get married. However, Gustav demands she has to stop writing her music and she agrees. Of course, she regrets this but loves him so she sticks around. 

Gustav wasn't a bad guy and it was hard to hate him. He was older and had old thoughts on women and marriage so what did you expect Alma? Can't blame her either is blinding so I can see how she thought it would all be alright. Drove me to insanity! I could see how bad this was going to be. Of course....I was right. 

Lots of drama. I enjoyed every second of it. I felt bad for all players involved, but it was interesting to see this couple try to make it. They love each other but they have lots of issues. I don't know how Alma could stand it. I would've lost it. Imagine if my BF demanded I stopped writing or reading before we get married. Errrrr not sure if I would do it. 

The writing was lovely and I finished this in 2 sittings and that is only because I had stupid responsibilities. ;) 

Such a good book and that cover? LOVE IT! I highly recommend it if you want some drama. Out of five, I'll stamp it with 5 stars. 

Saturday, April 21

Joint Review: The Secret Scripture (2016)

Hello everyone! This month Blodeuedd and I are reviewing, The Secret Scripture. 

Blodeuedd is in red and I am in purple.

Title:  The Secret Scripture
Genre: Drama, Romance
Running Time: 1 hr and 48 mins
Rating: PG-13
Released: 2016

A woman keeps a diary of her extended stay at a mental hospital.



WELL hello stranger! Been a while. Hahaha

Sorry, feeding S. Here :D I will just jump right in. You picked a great movie. Omg, we can actually discuss things here, but first

I will give spoilers, I have to. SO let us begin

It would be IMPOSSIBLE not to spoil a couple of things. SO much to discuss. FIRST. OMG!!! I cried at the end. Happy and sad tears.

I could not cry, I was too mad. Rage rage against the world!!!!!!!!

Maybe it helped that I didn’t watch the last 20 mins until a couple of hours later so I was able to cool off. But F that town. It should burn!!! Rose was such a good girl and they ruined her.

I was all wtf is your problem!?!?! That freaking priest was like stalking her and everyone gave her the eye. He had a problem. Not her fault. Oh and then, omg, I will smite thee! How could he write a letter like that?!

Ugh! That priest! Everyone had seen the scene he made and yet they still blamed her because she was “brave” and looked men in the eye. >_> WHAT! Luckily this was a movie and not a book...I would’ve thrown it. I can’t pick up the TV and throw it hahaha.

Though they sure made it real, cos we all know a Catholic priest has no faults. So it could never be his fault, it was clearly always her fault. And it made me sad and angry. He ruined her life. All those years, all her life. It broke me.

Of course they looked the other way and blamed her. Her aunt was a piece of crap too. How dare she??????????? Yes. Poor Rose. All those years. I can’t even imagine. They made her crazy in that place. The things she went through...I don’t know how she survived.

F that aunt. F her to hell! How could she sign that? But then the priest told her and he is God’s messenger on earth. Sigh. WHat a horrid place to live in. And yes it broke her and those scenes were the worst, because I knew she would spend the rest of her life there.

I loved the way they shared the story. It was well done. Even though you know that is where she ends up there is hope. You hope she gets out. I huzzahed at her attempt at escaping! So sad, so sad.

It was so hopeful when she felt better cos of her baby, but, no, I mean I knew she never got out. But yes I did hope. They kept the “suspense” up. One never knows, even when one knows.. F that priest! I can not say it enough. Now I want to cry! :/
But yes they did it so well.

I never faltered in my belief of her innocence especially when we got to see how much to loved Michael. OOOOH MICHAEL! *stifles tears* I hate that priest and that town. I liked the ending a lot and I did not expect it….but it was bittersweet for sure.

Sniff, Michael! I did not expect that, I thought perhaps the priest would do something. I am glad she found him, even if not for long. Also wtf townspeople! Going after Michael like that, I know Ireland did not want to be on any side the English were but come on! The only guy I could forgive is the guy playing Kili in The Hobbit cos he is so dang cute.

Was that the one who danced with Rose?

Yes, I know I know, but he was so cute! Not like that creepy friend of his!

Okay! I couldn’t remember which one he played. Yes. He seemed to actually like her, but when she turned him down he was all cool like a SANE PERSON. The priest had serious issues. >_>

He was obsessed! Ugh, creepy bastard.
Oh I forgot that you mentioned the end! Yes, did not see it coming.

So good. What are the chances though??? But I guess it makes sense. Michael helped I feel in some way.

Yes, what were the odds ;) But I liked it. I was all FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and that nurse was wonderful!

A part of me hoped that it was reversed and it the was the nurse. She loved Rose so much. *sniff* so beautiful.

I hoped the nurse and him would hook up, lol

Maybe there will be sequel...THE PRIEST’S RETURN! Ruins two more lives. MWUAHAHAHAHA!

Ugh, do not scare me! That man will rot in hell. But...he did do that thing.

Yes. I guess he took off a point from his huge debt of wrong. Horrible man.
What did you think of the bible part? I liked it. It was clever. I wonder how long it took them to trust her with a pen?

Well...she had her entire life so :/ But I liked it, her whole life in there. I am glad this was one of the books you mentioned. I read Barry before, I think it was a WW1 about an Irish soldier and omg so sad.

Her name does sound familiar….I might have read something in the past. I want to read this book someday. My heart can’t handle it right now though. Maybe we’ll get more details? I want to know the fate of that dang priest. I hope the dad punched him the nose when he told him the wrong he did.

The book I read was The long long way, but there is no review so it must be pre Goodreads, dang...but I remember it being good, and cos of that I have this book down as audio so it seems the library has it on audio and I wanted it one day. Maybe more details, maybe not

Mhmmm. But I just looked at Goodreads there are more books about the McNulty family. Maybe there will a story about her parents and the nurse and the guy (blanking on his name). :D

Blanking here too. Meant to check GR too but S is tearing apart books =_0

CHILD!!!! BAD!!!!! She will learn one day. But yes. I want to read the book and maybe some of the other ones in the series……..someday. My heart can’t handle revisiting that sad story.

I have down Days without end for a librarybook so maybe we should give it a go one time and see if he is still good at writing :D

Ooo let me know how it goessss.
Soooo? Anything else to add? I think we did with the spoilers.

Spoilers ahoy!
A movie that was hard to pin down. It was not like I thought it was amazing! But it was good and dealt with a harsh reality. So for that is worth it

Yes, yes. A really great watch. It will make you feel and it doesn’t shy away from the truth of the time. prepared for sadness, happiness, sadness, and FLAMING ANGER!

So much anger. Arrhhh I cannot write, I have a bandaid on my finger and keep messing things up

Oh no!
Well - back to work for meeeeeee.

The end

EEEKKK! The end. Until next time!

Such a good movie. Made me feel so much!! Worth the watch. I'll give it 5 stars.