Saturday, April 28

A Very Pink Cast that Book: The Orchid Affair

~'Cast That Book' is a weekly meme created by moi. This is just something I came up with, to share everyone who I would cast if a certain book became a movie. I got the idea from, so check them out! My secret dream is to be a casting director and this allows me to live it for just an hour or two. Anyone can join! You don't have to pick thebook I picked. Any book, any genre! However, I would LOVE to check out who you casted, so share the linkie to your post down below.~

Happy Saturday everyone! How is everyone?

Today, I'll be sharing my cast for The Orchid Affair. It's sort of funny, because this book was the first book I read and reviewed for this blog. Oh memories. Anyways, here's my "cast":

Laura Grey - Liv Tyler

Andre Jaouen - Henry Cavill (yummah)

Gaston Delaroche - Hugh Laurie

Phillipe (de Barry) - Asher Book

Whittlesby - Luke Mably

Richard Selwick - Simon Baker (^.^)

Good news, good for me, Lauren Willig has scheduled two more Pink books for the series. So far the series has kept good pace and I'm still addicted. 


Wednesday, April 25

Book Review: Apache Flame

Author:  Madeline Baker
Title: Apache Flame
Genre: Historical Romance, Adventure
First Published: September 1st, 1999
Where I Got It: Borrowed from my library

"As a child, Mitch Garrett was excluded from respectable society. His father was the town drunkard, his mother was an Apache, and his only friend was Alisha Faraday, the sweet, innocent daughter of a preacher.

But as adults, their secret affection turned into a powerful love that neither could deny. And when the forces of prejudice and anger drove Mitch from his hometown, neither forgot the joy and desire they'd once shared in each others arms.

Now Mitch is back --- to put to rest memories that have haunted him for years. What he finds instead is a love for Alisha that has never died --- a love he is willing to fight anything and anyone to keep, even as the shocking secrets of their shared past threaten to tear them apart once again."

This the third book I've read by Madeline Baker.

Alright, this is a slightly hard book to review, so I'll divide this review in three: beginning, middle, and end.

I really enjoyed how Madeline Baker shook up the normal set-up of a romance. Normally two stranger meet, fight a little, find common ground, fall in love, fall into some trouble, and happily-ever-after. However, in this one the two grew up together and at first didn't have any connect until they stubble across a little conflict with one another. They then become best friends and as they grow they become lovers. I loved how she intertwined the childhood memories with the "present" events. As we get to know the character, we also get past events that lead to their separation. I loved how she mixed the past with the present. As time goes by and new events occur the memories slowly fade.

I did enjoy the beginning, but I felt it was pretty slow in some aspects. It was enjoyable though.

Best part of the book by far! I couldn't keep my hands off the book (;D). I was dying to see what happened next. I was rooting for Alisha and Mitch the entire way! I mean I pretty much guessed who the son was, but oh well. Romances are not known to be very suspenseful. It was a fun and exciting ride.

Mhmm, this is where I stumbled a little. The last 60 pages (except the epilogue) was dragging along. It took me forever to actually get to the epilogue. Yes, there was some action and drama and whatnot, but I felt like it was at times not important to the tale at hand. I was also a little upset because there was a few loose ties and it ended to perfect. I feel like the ending was too perfect. It's hard to explain without giving away important points. I did like the ending, expect for how slow the last 60 pages were and the too-perfectness of it. 

I liked this book quite a bit. I'm a sucker for nice Historical Romances and for my Native men. If you like this genre, Native men, the crazy West, and one heck of an adventure I recommend this book for you!  Of course I'll be reading more of Madeline Baker's books in the future. Out of five stars I grant this one 4 would be 3.6 but I rounded. 
Favorite Character(s): Mitch, Alisha, and Red
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Roger and Alisha's father (a buttcheek)


Wordless Wednesday & Linky Followers


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Tuesday, April 24

Annabel Lee

Oooh Edgar Allen own my heart. haha. I have loved Poe since I was wee little thing and I was so happy to hear that we would be reading some of his material for my American Literature class. We also have been given a couple poems to pick from to memorize and recite in front of class. Of course I would pick 'ANNABEL LEE' by Mr. Poe. I'm currently trying to memorize it at the moment. Wish me luck for next week!

"It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of ANNABEL LEE;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.

I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom by the sea;
But we loved with a love that was more than love-
I and my Annabel Lee;
With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven
Coveted her and me.

And this was the reason that, long ago,
In this kingdom by the sea,
A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling
My beautiful Annabel Lee;
So that her highborn kinsman came
And bore her away from me,
To shut her up in a sepulchre
In this kingdom by the sea.

The angels, not half so happy in heaven,
Went envying her and me-
Yes!- that was the reason (as all men know,
In this kingdom by the sea)
That the wind came out of the cloud by night,
Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.

But our love it was stronger by far than the love
Of those who were older than we-
Of many far wiser than we-
And neither the angels in heaven above,
Nor the demons down under the sea,
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.

For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
Of my darling- my darling- my life and my bride,
In the sepulchre there by the sea,
In her tomb by the sounding sea"


Monday, April 23

Music Monday

Happy Monday everybody! I'm sickly today, so I decided to skip class and relax at home. I feel like its a blend of sickness and my allergies. Also, my back is killing me from work! On Friday I drew the short stick and had to go out into the forest next to work and heave out garbage. Most of the garbage were tires and bits of pieces of cars and snowmobiles that were left out there many moons ago. In total, I threw out five tires and one large tire (I had to have one of the boys come outside and help me with that one). On Saturday and Sunday, I had to bake in the back. Not an issue, but we just got truck and the freezer was jammed packed with heavy boxes! Sorry for complaining, but I feel like I'm falling apart. Haha. Shall we listen to some music?

This first one is a dedication to the Mad Hatter/Jefferson from my new favorite show, Once Upon a Time. The song is 'Toxic' by Britany Spears. I'm highly addicted to this video. The effects used are pretty sweet:

Here's another great video by the talented tiukudaa. The song is 'Better Life' by Paper Route. I simply love this band and this song! This song is my favorite song at the moment. ^.^ The video is in honor of the movie Marie Antoinette:

Here's the full version of the song with lyrics:

Hope you enjoyed my selection of videos on this lovely Monday! Also, I apologize for re-showing these last two videos. hahaha, oh well.

PS - I've been working on a signature that I'll use for all my posts. I want to use a picture that I feel represents me and this blog. Mhmmm. Any picture ideas?

Saturday, April 21

A Very Pink Cast that Book: The Mischief of the Mistletoe

~'Cast That Book' is a weekly meme created by moi. This is just something I came up with, to share everyone who I would cast if a certain book became a movie. I got the idea from, so check them out! My secret dream is to be a casting director and this allows me to live it for just an hour or two. Anyone can join! You don't have to pick thebook I picked. Any book, any genre! However, I would LOVE to check out who you casted, so share the linkie to your post down below.~

Happy Saturday everyone! How is everyone? This week I'll be sharing my "cast" for The Mischief of the Mistletoe which is a floater book. This book came out after The Betrayal of the Blood Lily but it technically takes place beforehand. It happens at the same time as The Temptation of the Night Jasmine. I really love this one! It was a fun read, because it was about the series goofy-man, Turnip. He's such an adorable hoot. ^.^ A lot of old characters also make a re-appearance and it made me happy. This is also one of my favorite covers. If you see it in person you'll be amazed at how pretty it was done. Plus it was one of the last book with a old time portrait painting as the cover. I'm still angry at the people who decided it was time for a switch and use real people. Booooo! *coughs* Sorry, the wounds are still open. haha. Enjoy though:

Arabella Demsey - Amanda Seyfried

Turnip Fitzhugh - David Wenham (I don't know why, but I keep picturing him. haha)

Jane Austen - Laura Fraser
Sally Fitzhugh - Mika Boorem

Lizzy Reid - Naomi Scott

Agnes Wooliston - Tania Raymonde

Lieutenant Darius Danforth - Ewan McGregor

I would show the rest of my cast, but the there are a lot of players in this one! The majority of them are from previous and I'm feeling slightly lazy, so I won't re-post them. 



Friday, April 20

Flash Fiction #3

Every Monday Dottie over at Tink's Place posts a picture and on Friday we share a story to go along with the picture. The story has to be at least 350 words, give or take. 

Happy Friday everyone! The original plan was that I wasn't going to share a story this week, because I couldn't think of anything for this picture. However, when I was on the way home from work today the story smacked me in the face! I am giddy and excited to share this story, because this is part 2/prologue to last week's story! ^.^ 

The Man in Her Dreams: The Faery and her Roses
part 2/prologue
by: Carole Rae

The Man of Hanna's dreams kicked a lone pebble across the dirt, lost in his thoughts. Had it really been 600 years? It still felt like yesterday that The Man had finally came home from that dreadful war and found himself in a more dreadful situation? What was he thinking! He was even warned, but did he listen? No! He kicked another pebble, which bounced off into the long, golden wheat field he was passing. He stopped, heaved a sigh and against his will began to relive that infamous moment that changed his life and world forever....

The Man may have just returned from the bloody war from the south that was deemed a necessary war by Pope Eugene III, but he still looked young, eager, and excited for the next step of life. He may have experienced some horrid things, but he still held a bright thought for the future. In his mind he believed he had finally earned his dues to marry a nice Scottish girl and settle down. The only thing actually find a girl he can love.

The day that would forever change The Man's life forever occurred on a nice autumn evening. After eating alone, which was normal since his parents passed years ago, he decided to take his normal walk in the forest. Many feared the forest, but he laughed at those superstitious folk. As he began his journey into the forest, an idea formed in his brain: change things up a bit and go a different route! He decided to follow this idea and walk a new way. 

A few minutes later, he found himself in a clearing with rows and rows of red roses. The Man wondered if he had accidentally stumbled into someones garden. He took a couple steps forward and his gazed then settled upon a vision from a dream. A women in a thin, gauzy dress and golden ribbons intertwined in her hair was dancing among the roses while butterflies danced along with her. There was no music, just the wind making rose petals glide in the air. The Man went speechless and watched. He had never seen something so beautiful in all his days! 

Without warning the woman stopped and looked at him. A mischievous smile formed upon her lips and walked toward him and said, "I would run if I were you." 

The Man shook his head, "You are so lovely and I can't help but watch you dance."

The woman giggled, "You silly, silly little human." She walked up to him, grabbed his face, and kissed him. The Man melted in her arms and was lost in this magic kiss. Once the kiss ended, he felt like a piece of him was torn away, "I'm sorry, but I did warn you."

"What?" The Man asked feeling a black void creep upon his heart.

"You will never have rest. Part of your soul runs free upon the wind until she comes and saves you." She gave him one more kiss upon the cheek and whispered in his ear, "I simply do love curses. Don't you, Adair ?" With a giggle, her and the roses were gone. Adair looked all around for the woman-faery and the roses, but they were gone. Only one petal remained. He slowly picked it up and fell to the ground with the feeling that his life would be forever different.......

Adair snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the woman-faery's laughter and then a large BOOM! He grabbed his sword from his side and ran across the field. He then stumbled upon a woman lying on the ground. Her red hair was spread upon the green grass. Was this some trick that the woman-faery was playing? Adair just stared at the woman with a cold and wondering gaze. The woman fluttered her eyes and sat up, bewildered. He placed his sword upon her throat and demanded, "Who the Hell are you, woman?"

^.^ Hope you liked my story this week! Here's Part 1 for those that missed it.


Thursday, April 19

Book Review: Relatively Close

Author:  Judy Serrano
Title: Relatively Close (Lilly's series #3)
Genre: Drama, Action, Romance, Suspense, Thriller 
Pages: e-book

First Published: Feburary 3rd, 2012
Where I Got It: Read this and reviewed this for Promotional Book Tours at Ever After pr to give my honest opinion.

"Recovering from the latest family trauma has made the Montiago family wake up to the fact that their priorities have definitely been misplaced. With Max throwing himself into the depths of his work as an FBI operative, he inadvertently sends the wrong message to his wife and brothers. In Relatively Close, the third book of the series, Lilly fights for the attention of her husband, until it becomes painfully clear that she is up against a mistress way more powerful than the ones she has fought before. Keeping it relatively close is something with which Lilly is way too familiar. She turns her attentions to another, only to find out that the reality of the business, which has kept her dripping in diamonds and living in mansions, is nothing more than an ugly reminder of El Diablo anda suelto: The devil running loose."

This is the third installment to the Lilly series by Judy Serrano and I'm will not be the last. I believe there is one more book on the way. I'm really looking forward to it! Just as a warning: do not read this book unless you read the others. You will be confused, because a lot of the past events have a LARGE play in this one.

The drama continues and there are more twists and turns and WTF factors at play here. Some old characters glide into the plot and I was surprised at some of the reunions. I didn't expect to see some of these characters again, however, it was pretty interesting how Judy Serrano tied past events into this one. Everything is coming together nicely and I was slightly upset that there will be another book. Personally, I would have ended with this one, but since there will be another one I will have to read it, because I NEED TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS! This series is highly addicting.

My heart broke in this one...I lost my love for Hector. I hate to give this little spoiler, but I'm upset at Judy Serrano for doing this, but some unpleasant characterizations of Hector was brought on stage and it ruined him for me. I'm now on the Max-Lilly team. I'm still not a huge fan of Max, but he's "proved" to be the best of all three brothers for Lilly. I must be honest though...I have a slight resentment towards everyone in this book, because I feel like the are horrid role-models for their kids. Those poor kids are going to have serious complexes when they get older! Especially Junior, because he is the eldest and as been there since day uno. It makes me feel bad for them. I can't imagine seeing my mom flip-flop between my dad and my uncle. I would be have to find me a good therapist!

Anyways, I found the drama in this a little cheesy at points and I would find myself rolling my eyes, but I love it. I love every minute! I still don't understand why these men fawn all over Lilly, but I am slightly envious of all these extremely hot men being in love with her. I wouldn't want to live such a crazy life-style of gangs and drugs and etc, however it would make me big-headed if hot men like these three fawned all over me....

Besides for some cheesy points and a few grammar issues, I can not complain much this book. I finished it in just a couple days and I can't wait for the next one. Out of all the others in the series, I believe this one is my favorite so far. Well, I would recommend this to those that love a good book stuffed with drama, gun-play, gangs, hot men, and a good suspense/thriller. I've been fighting with myself on what rating to give this I'll give it 5 stars. It's more like 4.5 stars, but like you know I always round my ratings. ^.^

Favorite Characters: Hector (at the beginning), Diego (he redeems himself at every page), Julia and Junior
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Juan, Victor, Max, Lilly (uuuuuggggghhhh), and Hector (at the end)

Wednesday, April 18

Wordless Wednesday #20 & Linky Followers

The Mad-Hatter

Jefferson, The Mad-Hatter in "real" life

(sorry for another Once Upon a Time picture, but I think I may be addicted to the show and in love with the Mad Hatter)


I almost forgot to post this Linky Followers Blog Hop post. I know, I know. I've been bad, but the new work schedule and school is kicking my butt. However, I'm getting use to everything so things are falling into place. ^.^ Better late than never I always say!

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Tuesday, April 17

Book Review: The Scarlet Letter

Author:  Nathaniel Hawthorne
Title: The Scarlet Letter
Genre: Drama, Historical Fiction, Classical, Gothic Romance 
Pages: e-book

First Published: 1850
Where I Got It: From (for free *shushs and looks around*) 

"Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter reaches to our nation's historical and moral roots for the material of great tragedy. Set in an early New England colony, the novel shows the terrible impact a single, passionate act has on the lives of three members of the community: the defiant Hester Prynne; the fiery, tortured Reverend Dimmesdale; and the obsessed, vengeful Chillingworth.

With The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne became the first American novelist to forge from our Puritan heritage a universal classic, a masterful exploration of humanity's unending struggle with sin, guilt and pride."

I had two reasons why I read this: 1) I've been interested in reading this book for a LONG time and it was finally time to do it and 2) I had to read this for my American Literature class. I'm so glad I had the #2 reason arise to finally give me motivation for reading this. Now, I'm kicking myself for avoiding this tale for so long...

I will say it here and now before I continue: SKIP THE INTRODUCTION! Your eyes will bleed and you will want to find the nearest cliff! It is the longest and most DRY piece of writing I've read in a long time. I really like Mr. Hawthorne, but if I saw him walking past me I would trip him in revenge. 

Alright, I got that out of my system. Once I was done with reading the introduction the rest of the book held my undivided attention and I could barely put it down! Yes, at times it was a little hard to read, just because it is in old English. No matter how much you read in old English it still slows you up a little bit. At times I would have to shut to turn off my Kindle and contemplate the events that just occurred.

I loved Nathaniel Hawthorne's view on humanity. There are many shades of grey and this story is a great symbolism of this fact. Some people do "evil" things, but are they really "evil"? If they seem to be "good", are they really "good"? Yes, Hester had slept with a man and had his baby, while she was married, however does that make her damned and an "evil" person as the people believed? Chillingworth is a doctor and considered a wise man and a scholar, but revenge and hatred is his core meaning in life. Everyone in town claims to be better than Hester and good people, but they shun her and curse her. They claim to be good, christen people, but are they really?

Hester and Pearl were the only characters I actually liked in the entire book. Everyone else is selfish and hypocritical! They all shun Hester and force her to wear that letter upon her dress, but does she hate them? Does she out her fellow sinner and ex-lover? No, she takes the "crime" upon herself and doesn't want to ruin her ex-lovers high esteem amongst the people. Whilst her ex-lover is selfish and remains hidden. Every character, besides for Hester and her child, are horrible people in my opinion. Yes, Hester made a mistake, but she is still a good person. However, Hester isn't innocent of selfishness, she remains in town to let her child grow into a world of hatred and being an outsider. If I had been Hester I would have taken Pearl and ran. Maybe to the Native or back to England or to another settlement. I don't know, but Hester didn't want to be bothered. I don't know.

I could go on and on about this book. I can't wait to discuss this book in my class on Wednesday. ^.^ I really liked this book and I think that any avid reader should read this someday. It certainly is a classic and one of my favorites now.  However, I must eliminate a star because of the this book will be getting 4 stars. 

Favorite Character(s): Hester and Pearl
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Everyone else in town 


Saturday, April 14

A Very Pink Cast that Book: The Betrayal of the Blood Lily

Hi everyone! Sorry about forgetting to post this last Saturday, but as you all recall I was slightly out of it. Anyways, this week I'll be sharing my cast for the sixth book of the Pink Carnation series. This was slightly different from all the rest. Why? Well, part of the setting was set in India. Lauren Willig did a wonderful job creating this beautiful land! I was in awe the entire time. Not only was the setting wonderful, but the characters and the story was pretty good too. ^.^ Well, without further ado, here is my cast:

Penelope - Talulah Riley (again, redder hair)

Captain Alex Reid - Orlando Bloom (^.^)

Freddy Staines - Ryan Hurst

Colonel William Reid - Brian Cox

George Reid - Deniz Akdeniz

Charlotte - Emilie de Ravin

Robert - Shane Taylor

It took me a LONG time to find the one I wanted for George Reid. I randomly stumbled upon my current choice and I'm stunned on how well he fit the image in my head. 


Friday, April 13

Book Review: Hunter Moon

Author:  Cait Lavender
Title: Hunter Moon
Genre: Contemporary, Drama, Action, Fantasy, Comedy 

Pages: e-book

First Published: March 1st, 2012
Where I Got It: Given to me to read and review for Ever After Pr

"Bawling cattle tore Shelby Flint from her bed. With lawyer fees to pay in her struggle to keep her ranch from the clutches of her greedy cousins, she couldn’t afford the loss of even one calf. When she sees a large wolf circling her cows, she aims and fires. While the wolf escapes, Shelby can’t seem to get away from her troubles when a marijuana grower sets up shop on her land, sabotaging her property and eventually coming after her. Adding to that, a handsome game warden is poking his nose into her business and working his way underneath her skin. Shelby will have to fight harder than she ever fought before to keep from losing heart and everything she ever loved."

Like earlier stated...I read this for Ever After Pr for my honest opinion.

The cover may be slightly crappy, but don't let that keep you away from this book! Just summary alone makes me want to re-read this. Perhaps it was the promise that all the reviews I've for this book was positive or I'm a huge werewolf kick right now. Well, I love those werewolves, but lately I've been wanting read non-stop werewolf fun!

The story began off a little slow and it made me groan slightly. Once the game warden appeared in all his yummy-ness I was instantly hooked. After introducing his character and a few tense moments, the story died a little for four chapters, but then it picked up again. Perhaps Cait Lavender did this on purpose; the calm before the storm? I don't know, but once I got past those four or so chapters I could NOT put this down. I even stayed awake WAY past my bedtime and had to force myself out of bed for work in the morning. I'm a bad kid, I know.

On surface both Shelby and Cash (the game warden) seem like they would be shallow, 2D, perfect characters, but they aren't. I was so happy that Cait Lavender avoided that ditch and made all her characters very believable and 3D. Even the side characters had some very good depth. Even the womanizer brother of Cash had some depth. ^.^ I really liked Shelby (the main chicka), because she was kick-ass. She could handle herself and I would be a lucky gal if she were to be my friend. I loved her sarcasm and her sassyness. She doesn't take anyone's crap. In some odd way, she reminded me cowgirl version of my friend Anee. I loved Cash too...he is the only man alive that can keep up with Ms.Sarcastic-cowgirl-who-could-kick-your-rump.

Not only did the characters have some nice realness to them, but the story also had a lot of depth and complex parts. I wasn't expecting the story to have so many layers, which it did and I loved it! I thought I had everything figured out, but Cait Lavender would throw another curve-ball to the story.

There was a lot I loved about this book and I don't have enough time or energy to do so, so I'll just skip to part I hated. The ending made me want to scream! I nearly killed my poor Kindle Fire. I kept trying the next page, but nothing appeared! I kept sliding the screen, but there was no more! Many people have had this situation occur to them when they ended the book. I feel like Cait Lavender just pushed me off a cliff and I'm hanging by a piece of string. It was a great cliff-hanging ending, don't get me wrong, but WHY CRUEL FATES!? WHY? *clears throat* Sorry, but now I'm dying to get my hands on the second book. I believe this is going to be a trilogy. Mhmmm. Not 100% sure, but I know there is another one coming out someday.

Anyways, this was a wonderful read and I'm simply dying to read the sequel. My eye is slightly twitching, because of the ending. Cruel author! Very cruel. Well...besides for the ending I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend this for those that love a nice love story, action, drama, a smoking hot game warden, and a kick-ass heroine. I grant this one 4 stars.

Favorite Character(s): Shelby, Cash, James (even though he was pain in the rump), and Jesse
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Shelby's cousins