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B's Monday: True Love Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan

Narrated by: Coleen Marlo

Length: 8 hrs and 55 mins

Release date: 08-24-21

Publisher: HarperAudio

Romantic suspense Contemporary romance

To review

I have listened to her a few times, and I like her style. She fits well with this western romance, and does it really fell. Voices, style and drama

Jon and Trinity meet and fall fast and hard, and yes I believed it. He knew what he wanted, she knew what she wanted. But the road there has some bumps.

Jon wants a new start with his daughter, though their ex comes along (ugh she was the worst!), cos she wants a new start too. Horrible horrible woman! But he is such a good guy and just wants his daughter to have his mother near too.

Trinity suffer from ptsd, from a previous book, but she pretends it's all fine. She is busy with work.

Yes, like I said, they fall fast and hard. They are so perfect together, and she fights for him and his daughter.

But the drama is there, his stupid ex, and some other thing I will not mention. Life is not always easy.

Romance, suspense and true love. All you need

Jon Crawford has returned to Montana, determined to take over his father’s ranch and raise his daughter in Big Sky Country, leaving the big-city life behind once and for all. He doesn’t have time to fall in love, but he doesn’t count on stubborn but beautiful Trinity McGrath, who arouses his protective instincts even as she tries to push him away.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Trinity, but now she has everything she needs—her family, friends, and a safe and secure life. With a business to build, Trinity doesn’t have time for romance…until Jon comes barging into her life and all her intentions are turned upside down! 

Still, an attraction like theirs is too powerful to deny, and sometimes true love comes along when you least expect it. But when someone from Jon's past comes back with a vengeance, Trinity and Jon will have to do everything they can to save themselves and their new love...

Saturday, August 28

Saturday Movie Night: The Kissing Booth 3 (2021)

This month we decided to discuss 'The Kissing Booth 3' (2021).

Blodeuedd is in red and Carole is in blue.

Title:  The Kissing Booth 3

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Released: Aug 2021
Length: 1h 52min




Movie 3!!! I never thought we’d get this far ;) 

KB getting a third, then damn it the princess movie can get a 4th, what was it called? I have the flu, my brain is dead

Isn’t this based off a book? So maybe they had a contract that they had to do ALL the books? Oooooo and the Xmas Prince or something another. I love those.

Yes xmas prince! Mooore. And oh, did I know, or did I forget. Checking them now. At least book 2 seem to follow the story, now what about 3. Oh book 3 hasn’t even got a blurb?!

That’s weird...maybe it hasn’t come out yet??? Now that would be strange indeed if the movie came out before the book lol. 

The only thing I find that is is the script, ok that makes sense. Anyway, least fav of the 3. The guys were so needy and aholes

Looks like book 3 was JUST released on the 26th………….huh. Weird……...and YES all the guys sucked. Even Lee,her bestie. What babies! Let the girl live her life. 

Like yes, Lee was such a baby! Omg, she is doing her best and you are all up in her face. SHEESH, spend some time with your girlfriend instead! And she was being too nice, trying to be nice to them, go where you want to go, if they are being such dicks about it then you do not need them. This one just made me sad, friends should respect each other and not be all boohoo, go to my college.

RIGHT! Like I can understand WHY Lee was worried that their friendship would fall apart. I can get WHY Noah, the BF, would wanna be selfish and have her with him. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT they were such asshats. Isn’t there a number that Lee should be happy for her successes? Shouldn’t Noah want her to be happy and TRUST her? SIGHS. I’m so happy Lee’s GF and Elle did what they wanted in the end and went to school and everyone broke up temporarily. They were all too immature and needed to find themselves. I cheered. Is that wrong of me to cheer? LOL

I guess someone would say, but they are kids! Ehh, I did NOT get that pissy cos no one came to uni with me. Sure you can be sad, but this?! And Noah, tsk, I was mad at him in movie 2 I think, and they are not right for each other. And if I was Lee’s GF I would break up too cos obvi he never spent time with her ;)

Agreed. I have been pissed at Noah since movie 1. Sure he can be a good BF, but I feel like Elle ALWAYS has to tip-toe around his feelings. I like Chloe a lot (Noah’s gal pal), but I still wonder if he kinda like-likes her. And poor Lee’s GF….I woulda dumped Lee a long time ago even though I think Lee is super cute. Way cuter than Noah ;) OOOH and none of my friends went to the same college as me. Some went out of state or hours away. Grow up kids. 

I liked the summer house, the list, but yes it felt like there was too much unnecessary drama, and you can’t blame it on them being teens. They are just assholes. Also the ending, yeah not a fan of that. It felt like these movies were for nothing. The ending just felt sad

Shame on the parents for letting 4 teenagers (granted Noah is like 19-20 now) just stay at that house all summer….alone….2 couples….weird. When I was 20 I had to BEG to let my BF spend the night while my parents were home. Sighs. And yesssss there was a lot of unnecessary drama. The ending did feel sad. It made me wonder what the point was. :/

Ha, yes I thought about that too, it’s like no one cared! They just threw lots of parties and everyone was all lalala.

Yup, what was the meaning. I guess we should believe that maybe they fall again? But I did not feel that. I wish it had ended before, no instead of romantic movies it felt a bit depressing. And like she had met  no one else? You can meet other people. That would have made me happy. She with someone deserving, and he with someone. Like oh there you are, we were happy, now we are happy again :)

I kinda wanted Elle and Chloe to end up together. Hehe. F off Noah! ;) But I think they do or will end up together based on them riding their motorcycles together. Maybe the whole point was that they needed to grow up and maybe JUST maybe be mature enough for each other and blahblah. 

Omg yes, that look when she left and what she said. They totally should be together. And yes I assumed so too, or it was a flashback, i just do not want them together anymore. Lost love can suck it, all they did was fight.

Chloe was the only logical one and had to remind Noah of stuff. SMH. I want Chloe to find love with Elle or someone. She was a doll. Lee and Noah are big babies and deserve to be alone for a hot min. I even liked Lee’s GF (what is her name? I keep forgetting). She deserved someone that wasn’t a child. Maybe I woulda felt better if we could’ve seen Noah and Lee be adult MEN...not babies. 

I can’t remember either, maybe cos she was never there, no one spent time with her. And yes I really liked Chloe in this one, though her whole arc felt weird, only there for drama, as with Elle’s old fling. They missed out when Chloe and Elle didn’t show up at the end, damn, you nailed it. 

Ugh, stupid male babies.

Yesss. Stupid male babies. Mmmm. I just felt tired at the end. I wish I could’ve liked this more, but it really bummed me out about how childish those men were and how Elle and that other GF just tried to cater to them. Glad they woke up and got all “I AM WOMAN I SHALL DO WHAT I WANT.” Maybe that is the point? You have to make yourself happy first before you can be content in a relationship? 

Make yourself happy first, and do what you want. But does it have to be so depressing.

Agreed. I was so sad for Elle. I would’ve pushed Noah off that Hollywood sign LOLLLLL. It was depressing and so SO SO SO SO the point I was wondering if they even slept or would that hurt someone’s feelings “OH DARE YOU SLEEP!” 

On top of that we had to have some oh no my dad found someone else drama. Elle did not need more drama in her life, though that drama at least felt real.

OOOO. Yes. I get that drama. Those hurt feelings. Poor thing. 

I could have done without this last one. It was still fun to watch, but….sad

Agreed. They could’ve skipped over this and done a quick summary at the end of movie 2...and have them remeet 6 years later or whatever. This just seemed like an odd filler of the inevitable. Sad. But there was some fun stuff that had me dead of laughter. IE the Mario race ;) *cough* which Noah had to ruin bc jelly *cough*

Noah! Manbaby!

Ok so I looked again and this seems to have been a novella after book 2, maybe they filled it out with all this drama. Who knows. But I wish they had not

Eeee that would make sense. Sighs. Dang Netflix!!! But yaaaa - I enjoyed it overall and it was fun, but it was too extra and that’s me saying that and I’m usually about that drama and cheese life. 

I love all that cheese! Speaking of cheese, did you see what I RT you on twitter? Xmas movie?

MMmmmm I don’t remember. I’ll have to jump on twitter!! *looks* I don’t see it!

Arghhhh, ok it was Brooke Shield goes to Scotland to buy a castle? Grumpy Scot(Cary Elwes) is all no, and they fall in love! Also Princess Switch 3

Found it! I’m not good at the twittering I guess ;) Awwwww!!!!!!!! Let’s watch it! I can’t wait for NOV!

Nov planned! Now we just need September something first ;)

Hehehehe. We’ll find something. Maybe we’ll do a book? We haven’t done a book in a hot min. 

We need to find something interesting!

The end?

We shall find something interesting! Yess, the end! I gotta get back to work. SIGHS 1.5 hours left of my day. Feel better!

SO is hoving, after midnight. Gnight!

Night night!

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Audiobook Review: Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper

Author: Molly Harper
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Title: Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs
(Jane Jameson #1) (Half-Moon Hollow #1)
Genre: Paranormal Romance, UF, Fantasy, Humor
Format: Audiobook
Published:  March 31st 2009
Where I got It: Audible

Maybe it was the Shenanigans gift certificate that put her over the edge. When children's librarian and self-professed nice girl Jane Jameson is fired by her beastly boss and handed twenty-five dollars in potato skins instead of a severance check, she goes on a bender that's sure to become Half Moon Hollow legend. On her way home, she's mistaken for a deer, shot, and left for dead. And thanks to the mysterious stranger she met while chugging neon-colored cocktails, she wakes up with a decidedly unladylike thirst for blood.

Jane is now the latest recipient of a gift basket from the Newly Undead Welcoming Committee, and her life-after-lifestyle is taking some getting used to. Her recently deceased favorite aunt is now her ghostly roommate. She has to fake breathing and endure daytime hours to avoid coming out of the coffin to her family. She's forced to forgo her favorite down-home Southern cooking for bags of O negative. Her relationship with her sexy, mercurial vampire sire keeps running hot and cold. And if all that wasn't enough, it looks like someone in Half Moon Hollow is trying to frame her for a series of vampire murders. What's a nice undead girl to do?

This author for sure has me hooked to her books AND this narrator rocks....I'm addicted ;)

Jane is a children's librarian and self-professed nice girl.....until she is fired by her terrible boss and handed a 25$ gift card instead of a severance check. She goes on a drinking bender that goes south when she is mistaken for a deer, shot, and left for dead. Thanks to a mysterious stranger she met at the bar, she wakes up as a vamp and will have to alter her lifestyle and try to find a new job all at the same time. Add onto that she can see her aunt's ghost AND someone is out for her blood. 

This was a lot of fun!!!! I really adored Jane. I wish she was my friend! I would take her dead or alive as a friend. She is sweet and funny and we would have a load of fun talking about books and history and all of that. Cute!

Grrrrr her granny and mom can take a hike. BOOO on them!!!! *shakes fist*

Gabriel....mmmm....I'm on the fence with him so far. I guess we'll see how he is in book 2. 

I liked her bestie Zeb and his new gal. They are an adorable couple! 

I like Dick. That is Dick Cheney. LOL Not that old politician. He was a hoot. No - no I do NOT want a love triangle. I just want Jane and Dick to be pals. I hope he finds a good girl who ISN'T Jane. *fingers crossed* I smell a love triangle and I would not be happy with that. 

OOOooOOooOOOoo that twist on the baddie was fabulous. I had zero idea on who was doing what and why!!!

No issues. I loved this book. The narrator kicked ass. I adore her. She is def top 3 on my list! She makes all the characters come to life. I love her accents!!! They are spot on. 

Overall, this was a hoot. Funny and cute. I can't wait for book 2. MORE JANE PLEASE!!! This is the heroine all of us would love ;) 5 stars from me. 

- #49 for Audiobook challenge

Wednesday, August 25

Audiobook Review: When a Duchess Says I Do by Grace Burrowes

Author: Grace Burrowes
Narrator: James Langton
Title: When a Duchess Says I Do
(Rogues to Riches #2)
Genre: Historical Romance, Mystery
Format: Audiobook
Published:  April 2nd 2019
Where I got It: Library

Duncan Wentworth tried his hand at rescuing a damsel in distress once long ago, and he's vowed he'll never make that mistake again. Nonetheless, when he comes across Matilda Wakefield in the poacher-infested and far-from-enchanted woods of his estate, decency compels him to offer aid to a lady fallen on hard times. Matilda is whip-smart, she can read Duncan's horrible penmanship, and when she wears his reading glasses, all Duncan can think about is naughty Latin poetry.

Matilda cannot entrust her secrets to Duncan without embroiling him in the problems that sent her fleeing from London, but neither can she ignore a man who's honorable, a brilliant chess player, and maddeningly kissable. She needs to stay one step ahead of the enemies pursuing her, though she longs to fall into Duncan's arms. Duncan swears he has traded in his shining armor for a country gentleman's muddy boots, but to win the fair maid, he'll have to ride into battle one more time.

Couldn't wait for book 2! I did book 1 first so I didn't skip. Look at me trying ;)

We follow Duncan Wentworth who tried his hand at rescuing a damsel in distress once...long ago and everything went wrong, so he vowed he'll never make that mistake again. However, Matilda saved him from a poachers and he's vowed to protect her and employ her when finds out she is whip-smart and can read his terrible penmanship. Matilda doesn't know if she can entrust Duncan with her secret without embroiling him in the problems that had her fleeing from London. 

I loved Duncan. I loved Matilda. They were simply PERFECT for each other. Super cute!!! I love when they play chess. They are both "nerds" and so smart. 

But omg when we find out Matilda's secret...I wanted to smack her. How could she be so daft? Yes, yes, I get she ran to save her and her dad's neck, but if she took a second to maybe CONFRONT her father FIRST....sighs. I will hold my tongue because I know I'll spoil, but yes, I was annoyed.

The big twist made sense and I'm glad the author went this route. The baddie was obvious but too obvious that you won't catch it right away and even if you do you won't catch WHY and HOW and WHAT. I'm amused there. Still annoyed at Matilda being dumb and running off. 

Grrr to her Dad and to that colonel fella. 

I cheered at the end. GO MATILDA! WHOOT WHOOT!

I enjoyed this overall. I loved watching these two fall in love. Sure there is lust (duh), but they fell for each other's minds. It was nice. Can't wait for book 3! I'm liking this series so far! I'll give this 4 stars. I was annoyed with Matlida, but I enjoyed this. 

- #48 for Audiobook challenge

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TMST: Fur-Babies

8/24/2021 Do you have any pets? Tell us about them (past or present)

I have always been a huge animal lover even when I was a wee one. So many pets are waiting for me when I go to Heaven. 

I've had a range of animals...cats, dogs, chickens, turtles, fish, lizard, birds....and that is just what I remember. Sooo many furbabies. This post would be so long if I typed up each one. 

Currently I have three pets, so I'll share some about them: 

Toki - my first chinchilla. He's 7 now. His birthday is in May. We adopted him from a breeder along with his twin brother, Roah. I had always wanted a chinchilla and it felt like a good compromise since we were not ready to pay for a cat or dog. At the time JP (Future-hubby) were in an apartment and it costs an arm or leg! Sadly, his brother, Roah, passed away shortly after we brought them home. The vet believed he had a heart condition. A couple weeks later,  we brought him a brother so he wouldn't be alone. They loved each other. Sadly Rei passed a few months ago. Toki is doing okay alone, but you can tell he's sad still, but he has us and his other furry siblings. 

Mamyia - My darling and bipolar kitty. She's turning 6 this year in October. I call her my Halloween kitty because we saved her on Halloween. She was barely old enough to be away from her mom. She had been left alone (not sure how) and my parents found her shivering on their porch. We took her and raised her as our own. She was a tiny thing and now she is our own Pusheen kitty! She is for sure a mama's girl. She is bipolar I swear and she is super picky on who she likes. Typical cat for sure ;) 

Ralph - Our "newest" additional. He's turning 4 in January. We decided we wanted a dog when we finally bought our own house. We originally had our eyes on a golden lab pup, but that didn't come to be. We found this lil guy at our local Shelter. He was the sweetest thing. They had found him roaming the hills of West Virginia (I think...was it Kentucky? I can't remember now. It was one of those southern states). They shipped him to the shelter by us and there we found him. The name Ralph was what the shelter gave him. They said we could change the name, but we kept it. He is goofy, sweet, and super loving. He loves everyone and everything. He is anxious though and gets scared at the most random times. Love him to bits. 


Monday, August 23

B's Monday Review: Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline


Format: 278 pages, Paperback

Published: April 2, 2013 by William Morrow Paperbacks

Historical fiction /Fiction


It takes place in the early 1930s and 2011. Vivian becomes an orphan and is sent on an orphan train. Just shipped off to anyone who says yes. Horrible, as she goes from bad to worse. Before she finally finds a home.

In 2011 Molly meets Vivian. Molly is another orphan who gets community service and is sent to help Vivian sort through her attic. And soon Molly sees that they are not that different.

I liked Vivian's story. It was sad and I kept hoping she would find a home. Molly was harder to like because she had edges. From being sent from family to family, just like Vivian in fact.

Interesting book and it shows friendship can grow anywhere.

Nearly eighteen, Molly Ayer knows she has one last chance. Just months from "aging out" of the child welfare system, and close to being kicked out of her foster home, a community service position helping an elderly woman clean out her home is the only thing keeping her out of juvie and worse.

Vivian Daly has lived a quiet life on the coast of Maine. But in her attic, hidden in trunks, are vestiges of a turbulent past. As she helps Vivian sort through her possessions and memories, Molly discovers that she and Vivian aren't as different as they seem to be. A young Irish immigrant orphaned in New York City, Vivian was put on a train to the Midwest with hundreds of other children whose destinies would be determined by luck and chance.

The closer Molly grows to Vivian, the more she discovers parallels to her own life. A Penobscot Indian, she, too, is an outsider being raised by strangers, and she, too, has unanswered questions about the past. As her emotional barriers begin to crumble, Molly discovers that she has the power to help Vivian find answers to mysteries that have haunted her for her entire life - answers that will ultimately free them both.

Sunday, August 22

Book Review: Project Duchess by Sabrina Jeffries

Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Title: Project Duchess
(Duke Dynasty #1)
Genre: Historical Romance, Mystery
Format: ebook
Published: June 25th 2019
Where I Got It: My shelf - Amazon

A series of stepfathers and a difficult childhood have left Fletcher “Grey” Pryde, 5th Duke of Greycourt, with a guarded heart, enviable wealth, and the undeserved reputation of a rogue. Grey’s focus on expanding his dukedom allows him little time to find a wife. But when his mother is widowed yet again and he meets the charmingly unconventional woman managing his stepfather’s funeral, he’s shocked to discover how much they have in common. Still, Grey isn’t interested in love, no matter how pretty, or delightfully outspoken, the lady . . .
Beatrice Wolfe gave up on romance long ago, and the arrogant Duke of Greycourt with his rakish reputation isn’t exactly changing her mind. Then Grey agrees to assist his grief-stricken mother with her latest “project”: schooling spirited, unfashionable Beatrice for her debut. Now that Beatrice is seeing through Grey’s charms to his wounded heart, she’s having trouble keeping him at arm’s length. But once Grey starts digging into her family’s secrets, she must decide whether her loyalties lie with her family . . . or with the man whose lessons capture her heart . . .   

This cover caught my eye and I had a few bucks left on my gift card from Xmas so I decided to grab this and a couple of other cheap ones on Amazon. Plus B had read this last year and I was curious about this myself. 

After a series of stepfathers and a tough childhood, Grey is guarded. Sure he has enviable wealth since he became a Duke....but he has gained an undeserved reputation of a rogue. He decides to focus on expanding his dukedom and business ventures so he has little time to find a wife, but when his mother becomes widowed again, he meets a charmingly unconventional woman managing his stepfather's funeral. He's shocked to discover how well they get along, but he wants to keep his heart guarded. Beatrice Wolfe gave up on the idea of romance long ago, but she knows she may have to make a match. Grey agrees to assist his grief-stricken mother with her latest "project" to school Beatrice before her debut. Both have secrets and a terrible childhood and guarded hearts. 

I loved, loved, loveeeeeeeeeeed the sound of this! Grey is a guarded man and Beatrice is guarded too, but she knows she has to make a match but she will need to be trained for her debut. Duh they fall for each other, but how fun!

Except........I struggled quite a bit with this at the beginning. Not sure why. I enjoyed the banter between these two.....but it took too long for anything to happen. There is some lust. Some secrets. Some mistrust. Some mystery. It all sounded fun, but I was bored. Simply and utterly bored the first half of this. Why? I'm not sure 

Things DID get better for me after the first half. The last half had me glued. I was curious how they were going to get past their childhood traumas (especially poor Beatrice *shudders*). Lots of feelings to get through and Grey was an arse hat for a hot min there at the end. I was annoyed that Beatrice seemed to forgive him SO easily, but I can see his point...kinda.

I AM curious about this mystery. There seems to be more at play here, so I am curious about book 2. Someday...maybe...if I can find a free copy ;) 

Overall, the first half had me yawning from boredom, but the second half was fantastic! I couldn't put it down. These two really needed each other and I cheered when they finally got together. The banter was fun, but my goodness did I want to quit at the beginning. I'm glad I stuck it out though. In the end, I'll give this 3 stars. 

Wednesday, August 18

Audiobook Review: Love Hard by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Narrator: Justine O. Keef
Title: Love Hard
(Hard Play #3)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports
Format: Audiobook
Published:  March 10th 2020
Where I got It: Library

Jacob Esera, star rugby player and young single father, has worked hard to create a joyous life for his six-year-old daughter. After the death of his childhood sweetheart soon after their daughter’s birth, all Jake wants is safety and stability. No risks. No wild chances. And especially no Juliet Nelisi, former classmate, scandal magnet, and a woman who is a thorn in his side.

As a lonely teenager, Juliet embraced her bad-girl reputation as a shield against loneliness and rejection. Years later, having kicked a cheating sports-star ex to the curb, she has a prestigious job and loyal friends—and wants nothing to do with sportsmen. The last thing she expects is the fire that ignites between her and the stuffed-shirt golden boy who once loved her best friend.

Straitlaced Jacob Esera versus wild-at-heart Juliet Nelisi? Place your bets.

Yayy Jacob's story!!!!

So yes, we follow Jacob Esera who is a rugby star and player. He is a young, single father who has worked hard to create a good life for his daughter. After the death of his sweetheart soon after their daughter's birth, all he wanted to do was have safety and stability. No risks. No wild changes. That includes Juliet Nelisi. Juliet had been his former classmate, scandal magnet, and a childhood friend to Jacob's late wife. She had always been a wild child and now he can't get her out of his mind. Juliet was a lonely teenager, so she embraced her bad-girl reputation throughout her childhood and young adult life. After finally kicking her cheating hubbie to the curb, she is ready to flourish. She has a prestigious job and loyal friends. She is done with dating sportsmen...until the stuffed-shirt golden boy comes back into her life. 

This was simply ADORA-FREAKEN-BLE. I loved Jacob and I loved Juliet. He is too stuffy and she is a wild card. They simply mesh perfectly together!

Even with the complete opposite thing going on and the fun banter, they really didn't have any drama and I was okay with that! There was enough external drama to deal with because of Juliet's stupid ex. Grrrr. I loved it. 

I do wish they had spent more time dealing with the weirdness....I mean....Jacob was in love with AND had a baby with Juliet's bestie. I feel like it would be awkward. Maybe because the girl died so young and it has been many years that they were able to grow and mourn? IDK. Seems like it needed more of a conversation between the two. They talked about it a tiny bit...but not enough for me I guess. 

Other than that. I loved it. The characters are fun. I love his fam and friends. I love her. I loved that kid. It was fun. CAN I MOVE TO NEW ZEALAND ALREADY???? Gah. I watched a movie and now this....please let me go there. I still want an Inn by darnit. 

The narrator was fantastic. The accents were flawless. I'm so glad I decided to shake it up a bit and try the audio. I adore this narrator and she sounded like what I envisioned. Fun!

Overall, I enjoyed this. The characters and the story were fun. I do wish we spent more time on a certain issue BUT there was a lot of external stuff going on so I can see why it wasn't a main concern. The narration is fun. I wonder if she did the other two??? MMM. I cannot wait for the next book! Hopefully soon! 4 stars from me.

- #47 for Audiobook challenge

Monday, August 16

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: One of Us Is Next by Karen M. McManus

Series: One of Us Is Lying (#2)

375 pages, Paperback

Published: January 7, 2020 by Penguin

YA Fiction mystery


I did not feel this one was as strong as the first. I felt too adult this time around. Like omg, last time someone killed himself and then framed people for his murder. So when it starts again 1 year later then maybe talk to the cops, or teachers, or parents. Instead some are all fun! And some are all, not playing! Well, someone dies and I blame everyone in this HS. Stupid kids.

Ok, so missed the character change even though their name is on top. The characters were not as strong as in book 1. Maeve who went all detective should have been as cool.

How did this person find all secrets in the end?

Eh, not much to say, I know I am all negative, but it was still good, fast and easy. Just, stupid teens. Everyone deserve to be in jail

It is a year after the action of One of Us Is Lying, and someone has started playing a game of Truth or Dare.

But this is no ordinary Truth or Dare. This game is lethal. Choosing the truth may reveal your darkest secrets, accepting the dare could be dangerous, even deadly.

The teenagers of Bayview must work together once again to find the culprit, before it's too late . . .

Sunday, August 15

Book Review: A Scot Mess by Caroline Lee

Author: Caroline Lee 
Title: A Scot Mess
(The Hots for Scots #1)
Genre: Historical Romance, Novella
Format: ebook
Published: April 9th 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf - Amazon

Laird Oliphant's sons have to get married. Without an heir, he's gathered his sons—his six illegitimate sons, all born in the same year—and declared whoever presents him with a grandson first will become the next Highland laird.

Reactions are...mixed.

But to Finn Oliphant, this is exactly the news he's been waiting for. He's already chosen his wifely candidate: his love, the vivacious and intelligent Fiona MacIan. And since she loves him in return, this whole "marriage ultimatum" thing should be easy-peasy. He'll invite her to the Oliphant keep to sign all the betrothal contracts, and Bam! Done! They can get on with the babies!


It's not that Fiona is getting cold feet, exactly. She's fairly certain she loves Finn. Mostly. Well, verra likely, at least. But she's never been the most self-confident of women, especially compared to her sister. Her identical twin sister, whom Finn mistakes for her upon arrival, which is super-awkward all around.

The idea of marrying Finn makes her warm and giddy—hopefully that's just lust, not the ague—but how can she be certain he wants her? It's hard enough to be certain of anything on Oliphant land, what with mad Aunt Agatha spreading rumors, five potential brothers-in-law offering terrible advice, and a mysterious ghostly drummer keeping them awake at all hours.

And mayhap Finn should've mentioned his identical twin brother, too? That would have saved everyone a lot of headache...and heartbreak.

Finn and Fiona have plenty to learn about themselves and one another before they can be certain this marriage is a good idea. But unfortunately, they're running out of time

Seen this for really cheap so I picked it up and I've enjoyed a different series (so far) by this author. Plus....Highlanders and whatnot ;)

Laird Oliphant's sons have to get married. Without an heir, he's gathered his only sons—his six illegitimate sons, all born in the same year—and declared whoever presents him with a grandson first will become the next Highland laird. The reactions are mixed. Finn is excited. He has the perfect candidate for a bride but he accidently mistakes her for her identical twin and maybe should've mentioned he too has a twin brother. Lots of confusion, headache, and potential heartbreak. 

This did get a few chuckles out of me. Esp the scenes with Finn and his brothers. They were a hoot. I was also hoping for errors and twin mistakes though. 

I wish there had more....conflict? It felt very...short? Yes, yes, I know this is a novella, but I felt like this was a rough outline. I think there was a potential but it needed more. Not a crazy amount more...just a hair more. 

Honestly, I feel like Finn needed to fight more for her. Fiona, also, needed to make him earn her more. It was all insta-love but I didn't buy it. A hair too short for me to really connect with these two. I seen the lust, but I didn't buy the love between them.

Overall, I did enjoy this. It was quick and it had me chuckle a few times. I do wish it had more. Maybe some more scenes between them. I didn't buy their love. Nope. It needed more, but it was still entertaining overall. I wouldn't mind reading book 2, but only if I find it at the library or free. But yes, I'll give this 2. I wanted more overall.

Saturday, August 14

Movie Review: Falling Inn Love (2019)

Film Title: 
Falling Inn Love
Length:   1h 38 min
Released: 2019
Genre:  Comedy, Romance
Rating: PG
Where I Got It: Netflix


When city girl Gabriela spontaneously enters a contest and wins a rustic New Zealand inn, she teams up with bighearted contractor Jake Taylor to fix and flip it.

I need a cheesy, lovey movie and this has been on my TW list for a while so I dived in. 

We follow Gavriela who's life has fallen to shambles and she suddenly wins a contest and wins a rustic New Zealand Inn. It turns out to be too much work for her so she teams up with contractor Jake Taylor to help her. 

Okay...ya'll....I want to win an Inn in New Zealand and live my best life. I want that goat too!!!! It's a lot of work since the Inn was trashed, but still. I WANTS IT! I WANTS IT BAD!

Gabbie was adorable. She is spunky and funky and an independent woman. Dean wasn't bad but he doesn't want to commit to you sweetie. I would've jumped ship a long time ago esp after we meet Jake. *drools* He was adorable and big hearted. 

Now...this is super Hallmarkie and cheesy and SO unrealistic. It's fun though! 

Is it wrong I felt bad for our "baddie" Charlotte? She isn't really bad. Just..selfish and wants that Inn something bad. I did feel bad for her but I wanted to kick her when she did something (not spoiling). 

Overall, very cute and great with a glass of wine! I recommend this. 4 stars. 


Friday, August 13

Audiobook Review: Miss Frost Chills The Cheater by Kristen Painter

Author: Kristen Painter
Narrator:  Hollis McCarthy 
Title: Miss Frost Chills The Cheater
(Jayne Frost #6)
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Published:  November 5th 2018
Where I got It: Audible

Jayne takes Sinclair on a much needed visit to her winter wonderland home, the North Pole. She wants him to see what her royal life is truly like. She knows the protocol and regulations that define her existence as heir to the Winter Throne aren’t for everyone and worries that it will be more than he wants to handle.
All seems well until a weird coincidence in a toy contest has some of the citizens of the North Pole giving Sinclair the side-eye. He’s a necromancer, and not everyone is okay with that.
Jayne vows to prove his presence and the apparent cheating are unrelated, but digging deeper uncovers all kinds of strange occurrences that only complicate things and make another perfectly clear. Someone doesn’t want Sinclair around.
When that someone cracks and takes action, Sinclair is in danger of losing more than his good name. Can Jayne chill the rumors that threaten the royal family and keep Sinclair from being permanently iced?

Eeeek. I couldn't stop myself. I wanted to save this for closer to Xmas, but I needed to hear Jayne. 

Jayne takes her maybe-fiancĂ© to a much needed visit to her winter wonderland home, the North Pole. She wants him to experience and see her royal life, because one day she will be the Queen and will have to move back before she says yes to his proposal. All seems well until a weird coincidence in a toy contest has some citizens of the North Pole blaming Sinclair since he's a necromancer and that is "Dark" magic. Jayne vows to clear his name and find out what really happened. After digging she finds all kinds of strange occurrences that only complicate things and makes it perfectly clear someone is trying to get rid of Sinclair. 

This was so good. I was so excited to finally get to see the North Pole!!! Thus why I wanted to wait until Xmas, but oh well ;)

OOOooOOOOOooOOOoo that mystery was dang good. I had ZERO idea. Anytime I had a suspect it was quickly resolved and made even more confusing. The ending twist and the big whodunnit revealed...I was shocked to say the least. Yayy!! I'm happy. The last couple were easy guesses. This will stump you and leaving you itching to find the answer. 

Okay. Okay...I adore Sinclair. I can't wait for them to get married (psssh not a spoiler you know esp if you see what the next book is called). They adorable and he has earned my love. He has always been a great guy...don't get me wrong...but I was on Team What's-his-name (now I'm blanking on his name hehe).

The narrator is AMAZING as per normal. I want to listen to more by her after this series comes to a close. 

In the end, this was really good. I loved it. The mystery, the romance, the adventure, the cats. Fun for all! 5 stars. 

- #46 for Audiobook challenge