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First, let me state that all these "reviews" are of my own opinion and I'm honest. Even if an author or publishers bestows a book upon me, my honor code stays true. Every book will be given 1-5 stars. To contact me click HERE :

5 - Great book. Loved it!
4 - I really liked it!
3 - Eh, it was okay
2 - Errr...not my cup of tea but go ahead and try it out
1 - Not the book for me AT ALL.



Redcoats and Sleigh Bells


Abadzis, Nick - Doctor Who
Abdo, Kenny - Camp Terror
Ahern, David - Madam Tulip Madam Tulip (Madam Tulip #1)
                           Madam Tulip and the Knave of Hearts (Madam Tulip #2)
                           Madam Tulip and the Bones of Chance (Madam Tulip #3)
Albom, Mitch - The Time Keeper
Ali, Amie - Whispers from the East
Allende, Isabel - The Japenese Lover
Amore, Elisa S - Touched (Touched #1)
Andersen, Lauren - The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy #1)
Anderson, Laurie Halse - Speak (Guilt)
Andrews, Ilona  - Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
                               Magic Burns (Kate Daniels #2)
Ann, Brooklyn - Bite Me Your Grace (Scandals with a Bite #1)
Ansari, Aziz - Modern Romance
Arikawa, Hiro -  The Travelling Cat Chronicles
Aston, Elizabeth - The Exploits & Adventure of Miss Alethea Darcy (Darcy #2)
Auel, Jean M - The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth's Children #1)
Austen, Jane - Sanditon
                        Lady Susan
                          The Watsons
Austin, LynetteMust Love Babies (Must Love Babies #1)

Bacht, Mary Lynn - White Chrysanthemum
Bailey, Elizabeth - The Gilded Shroud (A Lady Fan Mystery #1)
Barnett, Jill - Just a Kiss Away
Barrett, LM - A Reflection of Sophie Beaumont
Barrett, Susan - White Lies
Barry, Brunonia  - The Lace Reader
Bartlet, Liv - Off Script
Bates, Sarah - The Lost Diaries of Elizabeth Cady Staton
Bedier, Joseph - The Romance of Tristan and Iseult
Bell, Serena - Rescue Me
Benjamin, Ann - Life After Joe
Bookmark, RBN - A Minger's Tale
Bordet, Katharina - The Coffee Legacy (Wiener Blut #1)
                               Danube Waves (Wiener Blut #2)
Borman, Tracy - The King's Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy #1)
Brannan, Julia - Mask of Duplicity (The Jacobite Chronicles #1)
Brashear, Jean - Texas Secrets (The Gallaghers of Morning Star #1)
Bray, Libba - A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle #1)
Brazil, Ana - Fanny Newcomb and the Irish Channel Ripper
Brockmole, Jessica -Woman Enters Left
Broday, LindaTo Marry a Texas Outlaw (Men of Legend #3)
Brooke, Thomas MD - Roman Mask
Brown, Carolyn - Cowboy Bold (Longhorn Canyon #1)
Brown, JKTAP - The All Powerful
Brown, Pierce - Red Rising (Red Rising #1)
                            Golden Son (Red Rising #2)
                            Morning Star (Red Rising #3)
Browne, SylviaThe Other Side and Back
Brownley, Margaret - Left at the Altar (A Match Made in Texas #1)
Buck, Pearl SThe Good Earth
Burnham, Bo Egghead - Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone
Burrowes, Grace -   Tremaine's True Love (True Gentlemen #1)
                                Too Scot to Handle (Windham Brides #2)
Butler, Ruadh - Lord of the Sea Castle


Cairn, Carolyn - Forever Hers (Spirits of Saoradh #1)
                             Forever and One Week (Spirits of Saoradh #2)
Caldwell, Jack - The Last Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel
Carosella, Amalia - Daughter of a Thousand Years
Carr, Carol K. - India Black (Madam of Espionage, #1)
Charbonnier Rita - Mozart's Sister
Chastain, Rebecca - A Fistful of Evil (Madison Fox #1)
                                     A Fistful of Fire (Madison Fox #2)
                                     Magic of the Gargoyles (Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles #1)
Chevalier, Tracy - Girl with the Pearl Earring
                                The Lady and the Unicorn
China, Max - Don't Turn On The Light
Christiansen, Rebecca - Maybe in Paris
Collier, Christopher & James - My Brother Sam is Dead
Cook, Kristina - Unlaced (Undone by Love #1)
Connelly, Michael - The Lincoln Lawyer (Mickey Haller #1)
Cooney, Caroline B. - For All Time (Time Travelers #4)
Cooper, Isabel - Legend of the Highland Dragon (Highland Dragons #1)
Corbett, Elizabeth Jane - The Tides Between
Cornick, Nicola - The Phantom Tree
Cousins, Amy Jo - Full Exposure
Craney, Glen - The Spider and the Stone
                           The Virgin of the Wind Rose
Crosby, Tanya Anne - The Things We Leave Behind (prequel to 'The Girl Who Stayed')
                                       The Girl Who Stayed
Crusie, Jennifer Fast Women
Cullars, Sharon - Gold Mountain
Currey, AlexandraThe Courtesan

Damron, Will - The Tercentennial Baron
Davis, Helen R - Cleopatra Unconquered
Davis, Kaitlyn - The Golden Cage (A Dance of Dragons, #0.5)
Dean, Cate - More than a Feeling (Claire Wiche Chronicles 0.5)
De Lacey Davidson, Matthew - Please Don't Forget Me
                                                       Roses in December
                                                       What Souls Bear
De Rosnay, Tatiana - The Rain Watcher
Demick, Barbara - Nothing to Envy
DeMille, Nelson - The Lion's Game (John Corey #2)
Demuth, Josie - A Thousand Salt Kisses (Salt Kisses, #1)
Diener, Michelle - Mistress of the Wind
Doherty, Julie - Scent of the Soul 
Dotta, Jessica - Born of Persuasion (Price of Privilege #1)
Douglas, Elyse - The Christmas Eve Daughter #2
Draven, Grace - Radiance (Wraith Kings #1)
                             Eidolon (Wraith Kings #2)
Dray, Stephanie - America's First Daughter
Ducharme, DiannThe Outer Banks House (Outer Banks House #1)
                                   Return to Outer Banks House (Outer Banks House #2)
Ducote, Lee -  Across Border
Dunant, Sarah In the Company of the Courtesan

El, Maya - Twin Flames Rising
Ellsworth, Jeana - Hope For Mr. Darcy (Hope Trilogy #1)
English, Christy - To Be Queen (Eleanor of Aquitaine #2)
Evanovich, Janet - One for the Money (Stephanie Plum #1)
Erickson, Carolly - The Favored the Queen
Essex, Karen - Dracula in Love
Evans, NicholasThe Smoke Jumper

Fernsby, April - Murder of a Werewolf (Brimstone Witch Mystery #1)
Ferrer, Samuel - The Last Gods of Indochine
Fielding, Hannah - Indiscretion (Andalucian Nights #1)
                                  Masquerade (Andalucian Nights #2)
                                  Aphrodite's Tears
Finch, Meredith - Xena - Penance
Fischel, Harold J - Anthony
Fisher, Mary Frances - Paradox Forged in Blood
Flynn, Gillian - Gone Girl
Flynn, Mac - Highland Moon (#1 Scottish Werewolf Shifter Romance)
                       Moon Chosen (Moon Chosen #1)

Foer, Jonathan Safran - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Foley, Gaelan - Princess (Ascension Trilogy #2)
Follett, Ken - Hornet Flight 
Forman, Gayle - If I Stay (If I Stay #1)
Fox, Angie - The Accidental Demon Slayer (Demon Slayer #1)
Franco, Ana - Down the Wormhole
Fraser, Susanna - Freedom to Love
Frazier, Charles - Cold Mountain
                                Thirteen Moons

Gabaldon, Diana - Outlander (Outlander #1) 
Gaiman, Neil - Stardust
Gagnier, Josh - The Demon Within
Garner, Deborah -  Mistletoe at Moonglow (Paige MacKenzie Mysteries #2.5) 
Gaughran, David - Mercenary by David Gaughran 
Gaskell, Elizabeth - North and South
Gates, Kimberly - Gather the Stars (Culloden's Fire #1)
Gillbridge, Patrick - Steering to Freedom
Gleason, Colleen - The Rest Falls Away (The Gardella Vampire Hunters #1)
Goldman, William - The Princess Bride
Gonzales, Shauna - In Harm's Way (Live, Love, Repeat Book 1)
Goodwin, Daisy - The American Heiress
Gortner, CW - Marlene
                          The Romanov Empress
Green, Bronwyn - Unexpected Gifts
Gregory, Philippa - The Lady of the Rivers
Grey, Juliet - Becoming Marie Antoinette (Marie Antoinette #1)
Grey, Sondra - Love on the Range
                        Surrendered Love (Rogue Highlander #2)
Grossenbacher, Gini - Madam of My Heart by Gini Grossenbacher
Grover, Tim S. - Relentless
Gunthrudge, Jack - Mr Darcy in Wants of a Wife (Pride and Prejudice Revisited #1)
Gyasi, Yaa - Homegoing

Haag, MJ - Depravity (Beastly Tales #1)
                     Deceit (Beastly Tales #2)
                     Devastation (Beastly Tales #3)
Hammer, Wendy - Cross Cutting The Trilogy
Han, Jenny - To All the Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before #1)
Harper, Karen - The Queen's Governess
Hart, Payton - Highland Secret
                          Thief in the Light
Hatcher, Robin Lee - Keeper of the Stars (Kings Meadow Romance #3)
Harris, Joanne M -  The Gospel of Loki (Loki #1)
Hayes, Rob J. - The Heresy Within (The Ties that Bind #1)
Hemingway, Collins - The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen
Higgins, Marie - Haunting Secrets
Hildebrandt, Johanne - The Unbroken Line of the Moon (Sagan om Valhalla #4)
Hills Orford, Emily Jane - Queen Mary's Daughter
Holmes, Fred - The Ugly Teapot
Hopkins, Linda K - Bound by a Dragon (The Dragon Archives #1)
Hosseini, Khaled -The Kite Runner
Howard, AG - Splintered (Splintered #1)
Humphreys, CC - Vlad The Last Confession
Hutchinson, AC - Be Careful What You Wish For

Ivey, EowynTo the Bright Edge of the World
                         The Snow Child


James, Jessica - The Lion of the South
Jenkins, Mark - Ebola Virus 
Jennings, Phillip - Nam-A-Rama
John, Thomas - Never Argue with a Dead Person
Joy, Jennifer - The Honorable Mr. Darcy (Meryton Mystery #1)

Kaine, Margaret - Dangerous Decisions
Kamoie, Laura - America's First Daughter
Kate, Lauren - Fallen (Fallen #1)
Kay, Guy Gavriel - Children of Earth and Sky
Kelly, Mira Lyn - May the Best Man Win (The Wedding Date #1)
Kemp, Laekan Zea - The Girl in Between (Girl in Between #1)
                                      Pen & Xander
Kennedy, Joanne - Cowboy Crazy
Kent, Alison - Call Me (Barnes #1)
Kincy, Karen - Shadows of Asphodel (Shadows of Asphodel #1)
King, Emily R - The Hundredth Queen (The Hundredth Queen #1)
Knight, Ciara - Homecoming in Christmas Falls (Return to Christmas Falls #1)
Knight, Jude - Raging Madness (Redepenning #2)
Krinard, Susan - Once a Wolf (Historical Werewolf #2)
                              Secret of the Wolf (Historical Werewolf #3)
                              Bride of the Wolf (Historical Werewolf #6)

Lang-Slattery, K - Immigrant Soldier
Lark, Jane - I Still Love You (Starting Out #1.5)
Lee, Mackenzie - The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue
Lee, MJ - The Irish Inheritance
                  Samuel Pepys and the Stolen Diary
Lee, Rebecca Haggan - Barely a Bride (Free Fellows League #1)
                                           Merely the Groom (Free Fellows League #2)
Liebe, Vanessa - Smuggler's Bounty (The Blakeney Brothers Adventures Book 1)
Lister, Dionne - Westerham (Paranormal Investigation Bureau #1)
London, Laurie - Assassin's Touch (Iron Portal #1)
Loraine, Elizabeth - Katrina, The Beginning (Royal Blood Chronicles #1)
Lovecraft, HP - The Call of Cthulhu
                            The Cats of Ulthar
                         The Doom That Came to Sarnath
                         From Beyond
                            In the Vault
                         The Outsider
                            The Statement of Randolph Carter
                         Under the Pyramids
                         The Unnamble
Lovell, Katy - Three Men and a Maybe
Lucas, Karlie - Key Keeper (Tarragon #1)
                        Dragon Mage (Tarragon #2)
                           Dragon Bane (Tarragon #3)
Lutz, LisaThe Spellman Files (The Spellmans #1)


Mack, Karen & Kaufman,Jennifer - Freud's Mistress
MacKenzie, Lily Iona - Freefall - A Divine Comedy
Maetani, Valvynne E - Ink and Ashes
Marquitz, Tim - Dawn of War (Blood War #1)
Martin, Annika - Dark Mafia Prince (A Dangerous Royals Romance #1)
Martin, James Conroyd - The Boy who Wanted Wings
Maus, Tegon -The Gift - The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield
                          My Grandfather's Pants
May, WJ -  Rae of Hope (The Chronicles of Kerrigan #1)
                    Seventh Mark (Hidden Secrets #1)
McClymer, Kelly - The Fairy Tale Bride (Once Upon a Wedding #1)
McIntosh, Fiona - Royal Exile (Valisar #1)
McGuire, Jamie - Beautiful Disaster
                                All the Little Lights
Mentink, Dana - Love at First Bark (Love Unleashed)
Menon, Sandhya - When Dimple Met Rishi
Milan, Courtney - The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister 0.5)
                               The Duchess Wars (Brothers Sinister #1)
                                A Kiss For Midwinter (Brothers Sinister #1.5)
                             The Heiress Effect (Brothers Sinister #2)
                                The Countess Conspiracy (Brothers Sinister #3)
Miller, Madeline - The Song of Achilles
Milton, John - Paradise Lost
Moning, Karen Marie - The Immortal Highlander (Highlander #6)
Moran, Michlelle Cleopatra's Daughter
                             Rebel Queen
Morgan, Rachel - The Faeire Guardian (Creepy Hollow #1)
Morris, Mary - Gateway to the Moon
Morton, AlisonAurelia (Roma Nova #4)
Moser, Nancy - Washington's Lady (Historical Ladies #3)
Moss, Elizabeth - Wolf Bride (Lust in the Tudor Court #1)
Moyes, Jojo - The Girl You Left Behind
                       Me Before You (Me Before You #1)
                         After You (Me Before You #2)
Mullins, Debra - Prodigal Son (Truth Seers #1)
                             Heart of Stone (Truth Seers #2)
Murakami, HarukiHard-Boiled Wonderland & the End of the World
Murdoch, Kate - Stone Circle

Neumeier, Rachel - House of Shadows
Nicholls, JulieDemon Within (Fallen Angels #1)
Niffenegger, Audrey - The Time Traveler's Wife
Noble, Kate - The Dress of the Season (The Blue Raven #4.5)


O'Brien, Dan - Sixth Prime (The Gates of Kastriel, #1)
O'Connell, Kevin - Beyond Derrynane (The Derrynane Saga, #1)
                                 Two Journeys Home (The Derrynane Saga #2)
O'Malley, Tricia -  Wild Irish Roots (Mystic Cove #.5)
                             Wild Irish Heart (Mystic Cove #1)
                                Wild Irish Eyes (Mystic Cove #2)
                                Wild Irish Soul (Mystic Cove #3)
                                Wild Irish Rebel (Mystic Cove #4)
                                Wild Irish Roots - Margaret & Sean (Mystic Cove #5)

Palaniuk, Chuck - Choke
Parr, Peter - Escape to Redemption
Pebbles, Chrissy - Crush (The Crush Saga #1)
                              Eternal Vows (The Ruby Ring #1)
Pelzer, Dave - A Child Called "It"
Pillitteri, Joseph  - Courage Between Love and Death
Poe, Edgar Allan - The Fall of the House of Usher
                                  The System of Dr Tarr and Professor Fether
Poe, K.A - Twin Souls (Nevermore #1)
Polk, CL - Witchmark (Witchmark #1)
Pope, Christine - Darkangel (The Witches of Cleopatra Hill #1)
Powell, EM - The Blood of the Fifth Knight
Price, Kendall - 221 BC - Scroll 1 of the Narmer War
Putney, Mary Jo - The China Bride (The Bride Trilogy #2)
                                Loving a Lost Lord (The Lost Lords #1)

Quincy, Diana - The Duke Who Ravished Me (Rebellious Brides #4)
Quinn, KateEmpress of the Seven Hills (The Empress of Rome #3)

Rabbani, Waheed - Doctor Margaret in Delhi
Rash, Ron - The Cove
Reasor, Teresa - Breaking Free (SEAL TEAM Heartbreakers #1)
Relin, David & Mortenson, Greg - Three Cups of Tea
Remarque, Erich Maria - All Quiet on the Western Front
Riggs, Ransom - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Peculiar Children #1)
Rincaid, Victoria - Mr. Darcy to the Rescue
Ring, Phyllis Edgerly - The Munich Girl
Robards, Karen - Superstition
Robbins, Tim - Still Life with Woodpecker
Robson, Cecy -  A Curse Unbroken (Weird Girls #5)
                          Of Flame and Promise (Werid Girls #6)
                             Of Flame and Light (Weird Girls #7)
                             Of Flame and Fate (Weird Girls #8)
Roberts, Lillie J - Haunting Nathan (Haunted Dreams #1)
Roberts, Victoria - X Marks the Scot (Bad Boys of the Highlands #2)
                                 Kilts and Kisses (Kilts and Kisses #1)
Rose, Jordan K - The Demon Mistress (Eva Prim #1)
Rose, MJ - Tiffany Blues
Rosenberg, Rebecca - The Secret Life of Mrs. London
Rowland, Laura Joh - Shinju (Sano #1)
                                   The Iris Fan (Sano #18)
Rowling, JK -   The Casual Vacancy
                        Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter #1)
Ruddick, Jessica - Birthright (Legacy #1)

Sandberg, Jason - Candy and the Cankersaur
                                  The Wondrous Kite
See, Lisa - Shanghai Girls (Shanghai Girls #1)
Sepetys, Ruta - Salt to the Sea
Schlink, Bernhard - Flights of Love
                                   The Reader
Schmicker, Michael - The Witch of Napoli
Schimpf, Christine - A Christmas Kind of Perfect
Schwarz, Christina  - Drowning Ruth
Schweighardt, Joan - The Last Wife of Attila the Hun
Scott, Susan Holloway -  I, Eliza Hamilton
Scribes, Rich - Dragon Wars
Scrieva, Nadia - Drowning Mermaids (Sacred Breath #1)
Shannon, Samantha - The Bone Season (Bone Season #1)
Sharratt, Mary - Ecstasy
Shepherd, Marion - Mask of Innocence
Shusterman, Neal - Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #1)
Siegrist, Amanda - Follow Me, Sweet Darling
Sloan, Tamar - Make it Count
Smith, Keri - Wreck This Journal 
Smith, Tom Rob - The Secret Speech (Leo Demidov #2)
Smyles, Iris - Dating Tips for the Unemployed
Sophocles - Oedipus at Colonus (The Theban Plays #2)
                      Antigone (The Theban Plays #3)
Sparks, Beatrice - Go Ask Alice
Sparks, Nicholas -  The Choice
Spann, Susan - The Ninja's Daughter (Shinobi Mystery, #4)
                          Betrayal at Iga (Shinobi Mystery #5)
                          Trial on Mount Koya (Shinobi Mystery #6)
St. Vil, Lola - The Girl (Guardians #1)
Starkey, LA - Deceived (Soul Keeper #1)
Stasse, Lisa - The Forsaken (Forsaken #1)
Stern, Philip Van Doren - Secret Missions of the Civil War
Stevens, Erica - Captured (The Captive #1)
Stevenson, Robert Louis - The Body Snatcher
                                           The Bottle Imp
                                           The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Stewart, David O - The Babe Ruth Deception (Dr. Jamie Fraser & Speed Cook #3)
Stoneley, ZaraA Very Country Christmas (Tippermere #2.5)

Tahir, Sabaa - An Ember in the Ashes (An Ember in the Ashes #1)
Thomas, Angie - The Hate U Give
Thorland, Donna - Mistress Firebrand (Renegades of the American Revolution)
                                 The Turncoat (Renegades of the American Revolution)
Tod, MK - Time and Regret
Todd, Ted -  Doubtful Inheritance
Tolstoy, Leo - Anna Karenina
Trollope, Joanna - Sense & Sensibility (The Austen Project)
Turnquiest, Sara R - The Lady Bornekova
Tyler, PaigeHer Perfect Mate (X-Ops #1)

Unknown - Beowulf

Van Basten, TD - The Egypt of Cleopatra
Vasquez, Lisa - The Unfleshed: Tale of the Autopsic Bride
Veletzos, Roxanne - The Girl They Left Behind
Vosika, Laura - 221 BC - Scroll 1 of the Narmer War

Waid, David - The Conjurers
Walsh, TF - Cloaked (Cloaked #.5)
                    Cloaked in Fur (Cloaked #1)
                      Cloaked in Secrecy (Cloaked #2)
Walters, Lousie - Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase
Ward, Eucharista - A Match for Mary Bennet
Warren, Dianne - Juliet in August
Weiner, Jennifer - Good Men (#.5 Cannie)
                                Good in Bed (Cannie #1)
Wiesel, Wiesel - The Judges
Willett, Maureen - Near the Wild
Willig, Lauren -  The English Wife
                             The Lure of the Moonflower (Pink Carnation #12)
Williams, Reina M. -  Most Truly (Love at Pemberly #1)
Winters, Robin - Watch the Shadows
Winters, Sky - Bear of the Highlands
                       Betrothed to the Bear
                          Clan of the Dragon
                          Clan of the Werebears
Wray, Sarah - Reported Missing
Woodbury, Sarah - Daughter of Time (After Cilmeri 0.5)


Yancey, Rick - The 5th Wave (5th Wave #1)
Young, William Paul The Shack

Zerndt, James - Brailling for Wile
Zewan, Suzanne -  Shadow by the Bridge

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