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Blodeuedd's Monday Review: A Thousand Miles to Freedom by Eunsun Kim

Eunsun Kim was born in North Korea, one of the most secretive and oppressive countries in the modern world. As a child Eunsun loved her country…despite her school field trips to public executions, daily self-criticism sessions, and the increasing gnaw of hunger as the country-wide famine escalated.
By the time she was eleven years old, Eunsun's father and grandparents had died of starvation, and Eunsun too was in danger of starving. Finally, her mother decided to escape North Korea with Eunsun and her sister, not knowing that they were embarking on a journey that would take them nine long years to complete. Before finally reaching South Korea and freedom, Eunsun and her family would live homeless, fall into the hands of Chinese human traffickers, survive a North Korean labor camp, and cross the deserts of Mongolia on foot.
Now, in A Thousand Miles to Freedom, Eunsun is sharing her remarkable story to give voice to the tens of millions of North Koreans still suffering in silence. Told with grace and courage, her memoir is a riveting exposé of North Korea's totalitarian regime and, ultimately, a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

My thoughts.
Now and then I read a memoir. I have read some good ones, I could not put down Malika Oufkir's book, Wild Swans moved me, and Leaving Mother Lake was so interesting. While this book failed in that aspect, it was the simplicity of the book. It was just too simple for what it was about.
I wanted more horror, misery. Ok so that might sound bad, but I just expected more from a book about North Korea. But then the book was not really about North Korea, it was about trying to survive in China.
I was told about starvation and how relatives and friends died left and right. Yes that is horrible, but that was the only horrific part she ever knew. I learned they were given 1 kg of candy on their glorious leader's birthday and how the capital was the most wonderful place ever. But then she could not tell me about prisons, work camps and executions cos she only knew a good life, the starvation and then China. In that aspect I was not really moved by her tale. A simple YA like tale. Where things were mentioned that we had already been told before. I also did not like how she totally dissed Mongolia and how they lived there. So that is worse than North Korea then?
So do not expect to learn more about North Korea. Maybe she was not critical of NA enough for me.
BUT, it was still a good and short book. Interesting in those early NA parts and later the China parts that made me angry. They are just throwing them back into that hell.

Hardcover, 228 pages
Published July 21st 2015 by St. Martin's Press (first published March 8th 2012)


Sunday, August 30

Book Review: The Virgin of the Wind Rose by Glen Craney

Author: Glen Craney
Title: The Virgin of the Wind Rose
Genre: Historical Fiction, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, & Action/adventure
Pages: ebook
First Published: 2014
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

While investigating the murder of an American missionary in Ethiopia, rookie State Department lawyer Jaqueline Quartermane becomes obsessed with a magical word square found inside an underground church guarding the tomb of the biblical Adam.

Drawn into a web of esoteric intrigue, she and a roguish antiquities thief named Elymas must race an elusive and taunting mastermind to find the one relic needed to resurrect Solomon's Temple. A trail of cabalistic clues leads them to the catacombs of Rome, the crypt below Chartres Cathedral, a Masonic shaft in Nova Scotia, a Portuguese shipwreck off Sumatra, and the caverns under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Intertwined with this modern mystery-thriller, a parallel duel is waged:

The year is 1452. One of the most secretive societies in history, Portugal's Order of Christ, is led by a reclusive visionary, Prince Henry the Navigator. He and his medieval version of NASA merged with the CIA scheme to foil their archenemies, the Inquisitor Torquemada and Queen Isabella of Castile, who plan to bring back Christ for the Last Judgment by ridding the world of Jews, heretics, and unbelievers.

Separated by half a millennium, two conspiracies to usher in the Tribulations promised by the Book of Revelation dovetail in this fast-paced thriller to expose the world's most explosive secret: The true identity of Christopher Columbus and the explorer's connection to those now trying to spark the End of Days.

The first four chapters had me really worried. There was so much going on and I was unsure how I felt. The POV jumped around so much and the language was so stiff, that I had a hard time connecting to the story. However, I am one to never give up.

Once things settled down a bit and the language loosened up and I was able to get a grasp of what was going on this was entertaining. I actually really got into the story and was not sure what the outcome was going to be. There were multiple mysteries/conspiracies running around that were all connected somehow. I really wanted to figure out the connection between the past POV in the 1400s/1500s and the present day POV. I had a theory and I was close-ish.

As I mentioned the writing style at first was extremely stiff, but once the action really took off then the writing loosened up. It flowed nicely and it was a quick read. Yes, there is a lot of information pouring out at some points, but due to the language used it was easy to grasp and keep going. I worry about historical mysteries and thriller novels, because it can be overwhelming sometimes and rather boring I'll admit. However, the author kept my attention and kept me hooked to the story. 

UGGGGHHHHHH the ending! Not a fan. Not happy. It's a cliffhanger and I hated the fate of one of the characters. PLEASE FIX IT! I just grew to like that character. :( SO SAD. SO TRAGIC. I cannot say, but UGH the feels.

DO NOT TRUST ANYONE! No one and nothing is as it seems. Messed with my brain! It was good that it kept me on my toes. 

In the end, this had a rough start for me, but it got better. I'm weary of thrillers and mysteries, but the author made it easy to grasp and it flowed nice and quick. I managed to get this done in a matter of a couple days. I HAD TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT! The ending made me mad and sad, but I am curious to see what happens next. PLEASE, PLEASE FIX IT!! 

Well, I recommend this to those that like historical mysteries mixed with modern espionage. In the end, I shall stamp this with 3 stars. 

Friday, August 28

Movie Review: Jurassic World (2015)

Length: 2 hr & 3 min
Released: 2015
Genre: Action/Adventure, Mystery, & Sci-Fi
Rating: PG13
Where I Got It: Seen it in theaters


Located off the coast of Costa Rica, the Jurassic World luxury resort provides a habitat for an array of genetically engineered dinosaurs, including the vicious and intelligent Indominus rex. When the massive creature escapes, it sets off a chain reaction that causes the other dinos to run amok. Now, it's up to a former military man and animal expert to use his special skills to save two young brothers and the rest of the tourists from an all-out, prehistoric assault.


First I must say....loved the old movies....second.....those movies made me terrified by dinosaurs.

This movie made me scared of genetically modified dinosaurs EVEN more. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!??????!!!!!?????!!! REALLY????!!! There is a secret gene that they added to this beast to make it scarier and smarter. Its a spoiler and I shall not say. BUT I WAS PISSED! It was a great twist to the story, but I WAS PISSED AT THE SCIENTISTS AND OWNER OF THE PARK! YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR DAMN MINDS!!!!!!

This was a fantastic movie. It does well by the other movies. It is a sequel to the original storyline. A new owner hires the old scientists to continue their work and make it into a theme park with rides and attractions and so forth. Beautiful special effects. Especially with the huge prehistoric whale thing (I apologize for my lack of dino knowledge and names). If this park existed, I would NEVER go even if it was all expense paid. NO WAY! Nope. 

I loved the Hot Guy. I can't remember his name, but he was hot, funny, and good with animals - even the scary raptors. I thought it was genius to have him be the alpha since he pretty much raised them. It was a nice add to the film. I especially loved the "hunting scene" when he gets on his bike in hunting down the baddie dinosaur who is creating a rucus and murdering - yes murdering - other dinos/humans. YES, the damn creature doesn't kill to eat, it is a sociopath & psychopath, it kills for fun and because it can. WHAT THE HECK! 

Oooooooooooooooh the ending was wonderful!!!! I wish I could say, but I can't. But I wanted to stand and applaud. But that would have been awkward bc there were only a handful of people there.

My only complaint was the main girl. I wanted to punch her. >___> You are a terrible aunt. AND you do not deserve Hot Guy. Meeeh.

In the end, this one was of the best films of the year. It did justice as sequel to the original movie. The ending was amazing, the story great, and the acting pretty good. Especially Hot Guy (Owen, I think?). I think I shall stamp this with 5 stars.

Re-watch?: Yes, even tho it give me nightmares.

Monday, August 24

Blodeuedd Reviews: Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands

Roundhouse Publishing editor Kate C. Leever's first letter to her new author was meant to impress upon him the growing demand for vampire romances. And even though he'd expressed little-to-no desire for any publicity, book tours, or similar, it was clear this was an author just waiting to be broken out - despite himself, if necessary.
When she suggested attending a romance convention his response - unusually quick to arrive - was succinct: 'No.'
But Kate was adamant: Mr Lucern Argeneau was going to attend a romance convention and meet his fans. By hook or by crook, despite his reclusive nature and odd sleep patterns, the surly yet handsome author would attend. And she was sure that, once there, he would reveal himself to be a true charmer.
Of course, that was before she realised that his 'romances' were more like biographies, and it's literally her neck on the line...

My thoughts:
I have reached that conclusion before, but funny pnr still works for me! Why? Well it doesn't take itself so seriously. You know the epic. "OMG we are soulmates, but alas I am betrothed to the evil witch queen of Agrabad and you are only a human. But we shall be together, and do it like 100 times a day. This I promise thee my tasty human." So, this was not that. There was no instalove. She found him So annoying. He just thought she might be tasty to drink. There wasn't even any instamating. Sure, he could not hear her thoughts, but that does not mean she was the only person in the world this would be true for.
The story is about Luc, a "vampire" (ok so he is not really a vamp, he is Atlantian and the nanos inside him makes him live longer, heal fast, and he needs blood for them to work.) He is a romance writer (he wrote biographies ;). His editor Kate is hounding him to go to anything really to meet his fans. So he will. And they will fall in love and live happily ever after.
I do like the humour. It made me giggle.

Paperback, 369 pages
Published February 25th 2010 by Gollancz (first published September 1st 2003)
Argeneau #3
Paranormal romance


Sunday, August 23

Joint Review - House of Shadows by Rachel Neumeier

This month Blodeuedd and I will be reading "House of Shadows" by Rachel Neumeier

Author: Rachel Neumeier
Title: House of Shadows
Genre: Fantasy, YA, Fiction, & Sci-Fi
Pages: July 10th, 2012
First Published: 352
Where I Got It: My shelf (Dollar Tree)

Orphaned, two sisters are left to find their own fortunes. 

Sweet and proper, Karah's future seems secure at a glamorous Flower House. She could be pampered for the rest of her life... if she agrees to play their game.

Nemienne, neither sweet nor proper, has fewer choices. Left with no alternative, she accepts a mysterious mage's offer of an apprenticeship. Agreeing means a home and survival, but can Nemienne trust the mage? 

With the arrival of a foreign bard into the quiet city, dangerous secrets are unearthed, and both sisters find themselves at the center of a plot that threatens not only to upset their newly found lives, but also to destroy their kingdom.

B: Yay! First, thank you for picking a great book! I think this has been the best so far, at least for me

C: It was a random find and it sounded interesting and different. LOL Thank my local Dollar Tree!

B: So, did you enjoy it as much as I? I thought it was great, though the end was lacking a bit.

C: I did like it a lot! I was bummed that there were was a lot of POV changing and the ending was lacking a bit. I want to know what happens neeeeeeeeeext!

B: Yes. I would have liked it better with more focus only on the girl, I felt like one of the POVS took over. So make it about her instead then. And at the end I did want more. I felt like it was not finished. But there is no more *sobs*

C: I did like Leilis, but I really wanted to focus more on the two sisters. I know! I want more of a solid end. I know the author prolly wanted to leave it up to the reader to decide what happens next. It was left as “open ended”, but I hate those type of endings. I like solid and concrete endings. BUT this was certainly good. Maybe a short story or another novel would make me happppppy!

B: I did. O Leilis too, her end, I can see that. She lives happily ever after with her guy. But I want to know!! Karah’s end, I do not like her ending. Seriously! How can she ever be happy!? Her daughter’s growing up like her. Her always second to his wife, kids. Good that we got no ending there. But Nem, I can not see her ending….she becomes a great magician. But I want to read about that journey, and maybe she meets a guy too *whistles*.

C: I feel bad for Karah, because I do not think she will be happy in the future. And I agree….what about Nem? What is going to become of her? *sighs* Hopefully she gets a HEA! I have a question….if you had the choice what would you choose? A mage or a keiso/dasia flower?

B: To become? A mage. I could not become a keiso. Yes yes, they are geishas, but that is just a fancy word. In the end they do sell themselves to a man. Sure they can get a house and stuff for their kids. But they will never be a true wife. And I certainly did not like that daughter’s followed in their mother’s footsteps. Mage it is.

C: I will be honest…I was undecided until I realized that the guy keeps the sons and the daughters become keisos like their mom. I was not happy with this, so mage it is for me as well. At least I can travel and do what I will. I may be poor, but I will be happy. 

B: Yes good choice. And if I want to become a rich man’s mistress I still can, but then I can also leave him and marry someone if I want to ;) 
But we both agree that the daughter thing was...creepy in a way. They are a bit brainwashed in my opinion.

C: It was kinda creepy!! It was like a cult! BTW I hated that Lily girl. I wanted to punch her! She was a snot and malicious. >___> Where is the “sisterly” love and all that?

B: Aye, that sister thing was a joke at times! And Lily was a bitch, grrrrr. *hits her* Now I got so mad at her that I forgot what I meant to say next ;)

C: Hahaha sorry.. ;) But yes she was an evil little thing. Did you expect the twist that happened? The true bad guy? I did not and I was certainly bummed! I was hoping he would change his mind and be good again. :/

B: I missed that too. But then the end came upon us so suddenly and everything got thrown out of the window. I was all what, oh, what, oh no. I wanted more explanations. We got some yes, but just...more.
And I remembered what I meant to say! So I gotta say it now ;)  This book was YA. Yes I saw it in the language and more. But what kind of YA has sisters selling their own sisters into sexual slavery? Not cool.

C: Yeaaaah a very strange YA. They seemed to glorify that women should be “perfect” to be able to sell themselves. I do not think I would have liked this book as much as I did if Nem’s story wasn’t there. She choose the less glamorous life and she (so far) is happy. It seemed strange that this was considered a YA. I wish it wasn’t in that genre. hahahaha

B: I do think it would have done better as an adult book. The grim side of the lesser flower houses. Some action and so forth. As YA now it is what you say. And with Nem it would just have been pretty and happy Karah who is happy even though she is sold into prostitution and must make a lot of money to get out. But by then she will be so brainwashed that she will not want to.

C: Agreed. Having it be an adult book would have been better. More explicit scenes and what not. hahaha. BUT what did you think of the world? I liked it. I am glad we slowly got to learn about the world and not have it ALL thrown in our faces at the beginning like some stories do.

B: To me it was a bit eh, I love good worldbuilding. I want more and more and more. BUT I liked what we got here. I did not need more cos I liked the story. So it was enough for now. But she should totally write Nem’s story and give me more world ;)

C: Another book needs to be written! It was a good opening and now we need a book or two now! 

B: Agreed. A Nem trilogy! She can travel and meet old friends, and we can see what becomes of the rest of her sisters. Listen up, more please :)
Hmmm, I do not have a lot more to say. I really enjoyed this book.

C: Nothing more on my end. I liked it. It was a good random find! :D I mainly picked it because the cover caught my eye and knew we needed a change up in our joint reading!

B: Oh no, my turn next *bites nails* Will I pick another fail? *scared*
On another note, BF is telling me to wrap it up, dinner is ready

C: Hehehehe go eat dinner!!!! I will go back to studying. Thank goodness BF is at work today (poor guy), but I have soooooooo much to do! And heck...I’ve had a few bad choices ;) I have faith you’ll get a good one!!!!!!!!!!!

I will let ya know!


****Carole's Conclusion****
Overall, I really did like this book. It had an interesting set of characters and intriguing storyline. I do wish that the ending was not an open-ended type ending. I wish that it was more concrete. What happens to Nem? That is my biggest question! There needs to be a short story or more novels! That would be glorious! I want to explore this world and the characters more. I also wish that the book was written as an adult book, not a YA. I think it would have gotten a solid 5 out of me if that was the case. Speaking of which...I have been very undecided on what I want to stamp this book with. HOWEVER, there are dragons in this, so I shall give it a solid 4 stars! :D

Tuesday, August 18

Book Review: The Demon Mistress by Jordan K Rose

Author: Jordan K Rose
Title: The Demon Mistress (Eva Prim #1)
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, & UF
Pages: ebook
First Published: September 2013
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon freebie)

What’s a girl to do when she discovers her husband, who happens to be the Master Vampire for the New England Region, has been lying to her for, oh, say a hundred and eighty years? 

Well, it all depends. If she’s accidentally released forty demons from some creepy old book, unintentionally announced the existence of vampires on The Internet, kidnapped a werewolf, enraged a lovesick vampire by stealing his approved mate, and attracted the attention of The High Commander for The Vampire Federation, not to mention gotten stoned and mastered the forbidden art of demon calling, she might be willing to call it even.

Or, she might plead her case at an Inquisition and hope like all hell, she isn’t staked before sunrise. Eh, a slightly busier night than usual, but nothing Eva Prim can’t handle.

I think for this review I will divide and conquer (it's been a while this I've done this format! Changing it upppppppppp!)

The Good

-It was a quick read. I finished it in a couple days.

-It was HILARIOUS! So much goofiness going on. The main character was a hoot; a total snotball *cough* bitch* cough*, but I certainly enjoyed her.

-The demon duo was PERFECT and they were even more hilarious then the main character.

-THANK GOODNESS there was much more going on than just a bored vamp owning a blog. Heck, even the blog played a MAJOR role later on the story. I was quite worried.

-Even though I guessed the ending, it was still good and it made me happy. I am curious to see what is next for this vamp. May not read the sequel until it is at my library a freebie on Amazon like this one.

-It does fall into the "PR" genre, but honestly there wasn't TOO much love going on. They are already married and so forth, so the romance wasn't annoying and taking away from the story. It seemed much action-y/drama-y/comedic then PR

The Bad and the Ugly

-The beginning had me worried. There wasn't too much drama going on yet. I was SO worried that it would be just about a vamp being bored and owning a blog about being a vamp. However, it turned itself around.

-The cover. Ugh. Cheesy. I don't think she was even a red-head. Can't remember tho...

- "Eva" (her blogger name) was a big ol' snot and big ol' dummy. Yes, funny, but there were times I really wanted to punch her and tell her shut her mouth. REALLY? You can't honestly be that daft and bitchy. SIGHS.

-Stefan. Meh. I would not have stayed with him afterwards....


This was a fun book. Glad it was a freebie though. It was certainly entertaining and it was better than I had originally thought. "Eva" was a hilarious main character, because she was sassy and dumb (yes, an odd mix), but there were times I wanted to punch her. The ending was totally predictable, but I liked it. It made sense. The beginning DID warn me, but it did get better when the demons appeared. Ah. Thank goodness for those lovable and idiotic demons. I honestly think they made this book. Without them it would have been a total meeeeh. I recommend this for those that need some paranormal mixed with some much needed comedy. In the end, I shall stamp this with 3 stars.

Monday, August 17

Blodeuedd Reviews: Only the Animals by Ceridwen Dovey

Ten tales are told by the souls of animals killed in human conflicts in the past century or so, from a camel in colonial Australia to a cat in the trenches in World War I, from a bear starved to death during the siege of Sarajevo to a mussel that died in Pearl Harbour. Each narrator also pays homage to an author who has written imaginatively about animals during much the same time span: Henry Lawson, Colette, Kafka, Virginia Woolf, Tolstoy, Günter Grass, Julian Barnes, and others.

These stories are brilliantly plotted, exquisitely written, inevitably poignant but also playful and witty. They ask us to consider profound questions. Why do animals shock us into feeling things we can't seem to feel for other humans? Why do animals allow authors to say the unsayable? Why do we sometimes treat humans as animals, and animals as humans? Can fiction help us find moral meaning in a disillusioned world?

Ceridwen Dovey is a prodigiously gifted storyteller, an insightful thinker, and a prose writer of great range. Each of the storylines is an opening to a new way of considering the nature of violence and the relationship between human and animal experiences of the world. Only The Animals will ask you to believe again, just for a moment, in the redemptive power of reading and writing fiction.

My thoughts:
This is a book about animals. And they all get a chapter of their own.

The first one about a camel, well ...not a lot happened there.

The second one about a cat was better, and sad! A cat at the Western front. Meeting another cat, thinking about the owner, all while surviving. 

Then we had such a creepy tale about a chimpanzee writing letter to the wife of the man who trained him to act human. I mean it was really good, but creepy.

The next story was about a dog, whose owner was into Hinduism, Buddhism, and the dog started to think about karma. Interesting.

Then came the beatnick mussel on the road. Well written.

After that a sad tortoise who met interesting people before going into space.

Then an elephant story, they are just so sad you know. They try to live their lives while people are at war.

The bear story was not any happier. It took place in Sarajevo. The bear starved while another bear told a story about a prince.

The next one was about dolphins trained for war. All stories start with the death date of the animal, so they are not happy.

And last, about a parrot. The end hit me there, why oh why.

Animals forgotten while people are at war. Animals trained for war. Animals just trying to live. I liked these stories. They are sad, thoughtful and quite wonderful. And they worked as short glimpses into a life of an animal. 

Paperback, 256 pages
Expected publication: August 18th 2015 by Atlantic Books 
For review

Sunday, August 16

Book Review: Whispers from the East by Amie Ali

Author: Amie Ali
Title: Whispers from the East
Genre: Historical Fiction & Drama
Pages: ebook
First Published: June 2015
Where I Got It: My shelf (From author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

Ammi, a pregnant 24-year-old, flees New Delhi with millions of Muslim migrants in the early hours of the 1947 Partition of India, clawing her way through a controversial caste system and into the heart of Lahori society.

A family broken by betrayal.
Two of Ammi's beloved sons immigrate to the United States and secretly marry dazzling, contemporary American brides. One bride converts to Islam. The other commits apostasy, the sin of all sins.

Three women who stand to lose everything.
The collision of two belief systems—two worlds—come to a head as Ammi, Carolyn, and Ivy fight to keep their own marriages, families, and futures secure.

Where to begin? 

First, this was an addicting book. I could hardly put it down. It was a quick read, but it was also a good read. I wish that Ammi's POV was longer, because I really liked her a lot. I loved how it began with the past and her being a young mother. It was nice to get to know her then before all the drama of her two sons began. 

Now, Carolyn needed a slap in the face. She was a snot from the moment she moved in with Nazar. I just don't understand. I feel the majority of the issues came from her. He added his share, but the majority of it was on her. Especially near the end. There is a thing called therapy....maybe suggest that instead....Granted Nazar should have communicated better and not try to shove things under the rug and "let it be". No. You need to just be honest. I just don't get her at all and she was a snot the entire time. She honestly needed to think before she spoke. 

I liked Ivy and Lut. They were cute and I'm glad their drama wasn't marriage shattering. 

Ooooooooooooooh the ending. Not happy with it. There needs to be a sequel. I am very distressed and not happy. If there is a sequel then I will be content, but it simply can't END THIS WAY! NOOOOOOO! CAROLYN!!! UGH! It was written good and as I writer I applaud, but as a reader I shake my fist! haha. Poor Nazar! So horribly sad. 

All-in-all, this was a good read. It was quick, but written well and certainly entertaining. I loved the blend of POVs, it was done well. I'm glad there was at least one HEA so far. I am not happy with the ending if there is no sequel to come. At least give me a short story! I don't care about Carolyn, but I do want Nazar to have his HEA. He was a nice guy who did SO much for Carolyn. So sad, so sad. I highly recommend this to those that like a little drama in there life. It was an interesting story and it gave me more understanding about Muslims and their religion. Out of 5 stars, I stamp this with 4.

Friday, August 14

Movie Review: Vatel (2000)

Length: 1 hr & 43 mins
Released: 2000
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG13
Where I Got It: On Netflix


In 1671, Francois Vatel, a master chef, entertainer and steward, is hired by the Prince de Conde to prepare an important feast for the upcoming arrival of King Louis XIV. However, it will take nothing short of a miracle to prepare a fete fitting for royalty while Conde's provinces rest on the verge of financial ruin. Vatel, however, is a culinary genius possessing a heightened sense of resourcefulness with which to resolve each new crisis that threatens to damper the festivities. He is caught off guard by only one unforseen factor -- the ravishing beauty of royal newcomer, the regal Anne de Montausier. Not only has she caught the king's eye but also those of Vatel and the king's nasty aide the Marquis de Lauzon. To the monarch and the marquis she is but a sexual conquest, but Vatel and Anne recognize the decency and honesty in each other, qualities in short supply in the rarefied world in which they exist.



A random find on Netflix. It's historical, has some good actors in there, the Sun King's reign, and I was bored. It seemed like a good mix. But alas....'tis not amazing and profound like many reviews had promised. 

Was it something that entertained me? Sure! Was I overly impressed? No. 
The acting was decent, besides for the lovely Uma Thurman. Please, please stick with action flicks. Dramas are not your strong suit my dear. It really isn't. It's like Brad Pitt attempting comedy. Please stay away from my dramas and my historical films. I BEG YOUUUUUUU!

The romance between Vatel and Anne was awkward as all Hell. I love the guy who played Vatel and he did a wonderful job. But ugh...maybe if Anne was played by someone NOT Uma Thurman. Was the romance even real? If not then please don't add it. NOT every movie needs a romance. I would have been fine with Vatel's story. If it was a real SUPER impossible love. I must research this......

The shining glory of this film was the fact that it was told in Vatel's POV. He is one of the best in Europe and everyone, including the King, wants to hire him. However, Vatel is loyal and dedicated to the Duke. It was lovely to see what it takes to enchante the court of France during the Sun King's reign. It was hard to please that fellow as everyone knows. It was rough and tough, but the results that Vatel and his crew made was beautiful!

NOT THE BIRDS! GAH! I cried during this scene. I cannot say what happens, but I was NOT pleased. Anne is NOT WORTH IT VATELLLLLLLLLLLLL! *sobs*

The ending was good, but it done very cheesy. A wonderful actor, but the scene was done cheesy. 

In the end, this was okay. My expectations MAY have been to high and it let me down. Plently of good actors (except for one who needs to stay with action films), and an interesting story line, a great time period for a drama. The romance was awkward. The ending was cheesyily done. I was bummed. It was entertaining and I LOVED it was set in Vatel's POV, but it let me down on a whole. In the end...I shall stamp this with 2 stars.

Re-watch?: No

Monday, August 10

Blodeuedd Reviews: Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach

Devi Morris isn't your average mercenary. She has plans. Big ones. And a ton of ambition. It's a combination that's going to get her killed one day ­ but not just yet.

That is, until she just gets a job on a tiny trade ship with a nasty reputation for surprises. The Glorious Fool isn't misnamed: it likes to get into trouble, so much so that one year of security work under its captain is equal to five years everywhere else. With odds like that, Devi knows she's found the perfect way to get the jump on the next part of her Plan. But the Fool doesn't give up its secrets without a fight, and one year on this ship might be more than even Devi can handle.

My thoughts:

I did say I wanted to try more sci­fi, and this was more of the kick­ass variation. I know some said it was romance too, but I would not say that. The "romance" was such a tiny part. Even a kick­ass woman can have some fun too.

Devi is a merc who wants to rise in the ranks. She went from soldier to mercenary and she is aiming high. The king's guards. But do get there you have to spend like 20 years showing your worth. And a mercenary never lives long. I did like her drive. And when she got the opportunity to work 1 year on the most cursed ship in the galaxy she took it. So she was driven. She loved her guns, armour. She loved her job.

What I liked about the book was that mystery why the ship was so cursed. How did they always end up in sticky situations? What is going on with the crew? The hot guy? I kept rooting for her.

And wanting to know more.


In the end what we have is a kick­ass sci­fi book. Mysteries, a tiny but of romance and an interesting world. Her homeworld was the best. I loved the whole feudal, godking advanced society. Very cool.

Paperback, US edition, 320 pages

Published November 5th 2013 by Orbit

Paradox #1