Tuesday, July 25

Time for TV Tuesday #6

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An interesting show for sure. It follows a few different characters living in the wild Frontier. The thing that connects all these characters together is the booming fur trade and the threat of the Hudson Bay Company who has pretty much monopolized the fur trade in the area. 

The characters were interesting and I love the fact that everyone is so dynamic and complex. I am in love with Captain Chesterfield. He is technically a baddie, but I have hope he may switch sides especially in the last scene of the last episode. 

Now, the first half of the season was a little worrisome. It started off a little shaky, but once things got going it got better. The storyline seemed very clique and shallow, but now things are getting more complex and deep.

THAT ENDING!!!!! NOOOOO! YOU CANNOT LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!! GAH! *shakes fist* So good, so good. 

I do recommend this show if you like historical fiction. Out of five stars, I'll give 4 stars. 

Currently Watching: 
This is a random find on Netflix...I am mainly waiting it because I love British humor and I like Taylor Launter. 

Halfway through Season 1. I forgot how much I loved this show. I do have to roll my eyes out the writing sometimes. 

Monday, July 24

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson

Adele Harris can't even begin to answer that question. She's had so many lousy dates that she's sure she's cursed. Why else would every man she goes out with suddenly act like he's lost his mind--and his manners? Adele thought life couldn't get any more confusing . . . until she learns the marriage of her seemingly Miss Perfect sister is on the rocks. So she goes back to their hometown to give her a shoulder to cry on, only to run smack into Zach Zemaitis . . . the one who got away.

Zach, a former pro star, knows all about football. As for the other two, well, he's doing his best. But when Adele comes charging back into his life--still all lush curves and beautiful, big blue eyes--he wonders if his best is good enough. After all, he did her wrong. Can a woman with her track record ever really believe that he's serious this time . . . or is he destined to be another bad date?

My thoughts:
Adele and Zach used to date, then they broke up and honestly, the reason why?! Why do you doom yourself to a life of miserable? Honor, ok. Sure, do the honorable thing and spend a life in misery, I am sure that makes every happy. So yes I did not like the reason they broke up. It was honorable, but in the end so stupid.

Adele and Zach meet again. He is a widower with a kid. He used to be a professional football player. He is a total hunk. While Adele is there to care for her sister and niece. And NOT meet him again.

But meet they do. She wants nothing to do with him. He thinks she is still hot.

There was a ghost too, I did not care for that aspect. It was weird.

They talk, they flirt, slowly things start to happen. It was light and funny. Though he did act like an ass at times. I get you got issues man but sheesh!


looks cheap

Paperback, 384 pages
Published May 27th 2008 by Avon
Writer Friends #4
Contemporary romance

Sunday, July 23

Book Review: Breaking Free by Teresa J. Reasor

Author: Teresa J. Reasor
Title: Breaking Free (SEAL TEAM Heartbreakers #1)
Genre: Romance & Mystery
Pages: ebook
Published: June 2011
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon Freebie)

When LIEUTENANT ADAM “HAWK” YAZZIE rescues ENSIGN BRETT “CUTTER” WEAVER during a mission in Iraq, his faith in his team’s loyalty is shaken. Someone in the team attacked Cutter and left him for dead. But who? 

ZOE WEAVER races to her brother Brett’s bedside. He stood by her while she fought her way back from a devastating injury, and she’s determined to do the same for him. Though drawn to Hawk’s good looks and steady strength, she’s reluctant to get involved with a man in uniform. But with Brett lying in a coma, Hawk may prove the key to what happened to her brother. 

Hawk is torn between loyalty to his men and his need to see justice done. When he tries to save a troubled teammate’s career, he unwittingly puts Zoe’s life in danger. Can he lead the rest of the team in a rescue operation to save her? Or will one of Hawk's brothers in arms destroy the woman he loves? 

Ooooh Amazon freebies...it is such a hit-or-miss. I feel like I say this all the time, but it is so true. 

This story follows Adam/Hawk/Yazzie and Zoe. Adam/Hawk/Yazzie is a Navy SEAL and while out on a mission one his brother-in-arms, Brett/Cutter/Weaver, is injured mysteriously and is now in a coma. They believe a fellow member of the team is to blame so now he is ordered to figure out what really happened over in Iraq. At the same time, Brett/Cutter/Weaver's sister, Zoe, comes to town to take care of him. Sparks between Adam/Hawk/Yazzie and Zoe while they hunt for the truth. 

Interesting story. I liked the mystery part and the romance was okay. It was insta-lust, but it took a while for them to actually fall in love especially Zoe. Not only does she not want to be a military bride, but she also had a horrible injury years before which has ruined her leg and so she doesn't think she is "hot" enough for Adam/Hawk/Yazzie. Which...I get. I would feel the same. 

Now..I enjoyed the journey, but there were some major issues I had with the story. 

One...too many nicknames and actual names flying around. Yes, yes I get that is real life and real life people have a million names for their friends. My group of friends are like that. I think I have a grand total of 3 names in my group of friends...BUT it is hard to follow sometimes while reading. I kept getting confused on who was who. 

Two....I just flat out did not care the first 50+ pages. I wanted to claw my eyes out. It took forever for the story to get interesting. A lot of this had to do with my confusion on the whos. But once I got everything straight and the plot started to get interesting, I was able to enjoy what was left of the book. 

In the end, this was okay. I liked the mystery and I had no idea what the truth was. The characters, especially Zoe, were interesting. There were a slow beginning and a lot of confusion. Not horrible, but not great. Just okay. I'll give this 3 stars. 

Friday, July 21

Book Review: Betrayal at Iga by Susan Spann

Author: Susan Spann
Title: Betrayal at Iga (Shinobi Mystery #5) 
Genre: Historical Fiction and Mystery
Pages: 248
Published: July 2017
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher)

Autumn, 1565: After fleeing Kyoto, master ninja Hiro Hattori and Portuguese Jesuit Father Mateo take refuge with Hiro s ninja clan in the mountains of Iga province. But when an ambassador from the rival Koga clan is murdered during peace negotiations, Hiro and Father Mateo must find the killer in time to prevent a war between the ninja clans. 

With every suspect a trained assassin, and the evidence incriminating not only Hiro s commander, the infamous ninja Hattori Hanz, but also Hiro s mother and his former lover, the detectives must struggle to find the truth in a village where deceit is a cultivated art. As tensions rise, the killer strikes again, and Hiro finds himself forced to choose between his family and his honor.

This is the fifth book in the series. I read the 4th one (I still need to back track and read the others) and I think you should at least read that one before this one. 

The mystery duo Hiro and Mateo continue. We get to learn more about Hiro and that made me happy. It was nice to see where he came from and how he became who he is. It was nice to get to know more about one of our heroes. I do admit I have a wee crush on Hiro. ;D

I liked the mystery too. It took a long time for me to guess who the murder is, but I did figure it out. Lots of subtle, under-the-table hints and clues. Looking back I am mad at myself for not figuring it out a few pages sooner. Kuddos for the author. 

I love the writing style of the author. She really knows how to weave characters, mysteries, and the world. Beautiful and I want to read more. 

My only issue with the story was how dragged out it felt. There was a lot of repeating information that we, the readers, already knew. But that is my only complaint. 

I can't wait to read more. I need to back up and read the other ones. I encourage reading book 1. Out of five stars, I'll give this 4 stars.