Wednesday, June 30

Audiobook Review: When Birdie Babysat Spider by Kristen Painter

Author: Kristen Painter
Narrator:  B.J Harrison
Title: When Birdie Babysat Spider: A Jayne Frost Short
(Jayne Frost #4.5)
Genre: Paranormal romance, Fantasy, UF, Mystery
Format: Audiobook
Published: November 25th 2017
Where I got It: Audible

Jayne Frost is a lot of things. Winter elf, Jack Frost's daughter, Santa Claus's niece, heir to the Winter Throne and now...private investigator. Sort of.

But none of that matters at the moment, because Jayne is headed back to the North Pole to visit her family, and leaving everyone’s favorite werewolf, Birdie Caruthers, to watch her cat, Spider.

With the heartfelt promise that all will be well, Birdie follows Jayne’s instructions to the letter. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop Spider from getting into trouble.

It takes the help of a gentlemen friend (and a few others), for Birdie to make things right again. But not before her love life takes a very interesting turn…

Birdie!!!!!!! Yayy!!!!!!

In this short-story Jayne is gone for a few days and Miss Birdie is set to babysit the adorable Spider. After Spider accidently gets out, Birdie must find this kitty before Jayne gets back. She turns to some friends and a special beau of hers to find him. 

I adore Birdie. I was so excited to see she gets to have some spotlight! I want her to find her own HEA. She has been the town's beloved Auntie for a while. She needs to be spoiled rotten and loved by a great person. 

I liked her guy friend and he seems great. He's been so patient with Birdie because he understands how hard it is to lose a spouse.

This was a fun and sweet and cute. A fun little mini-mystery trying to find Spider asap. Loved it. 

I would love to see Birdie more. She is fun. 

My only meh was the narrator. He wasn't bad....but it wasn't the same. Not sure why they switched out the narrator for this one because the normal narrator does book 5. Mmm. I've gotten spoiled with Hollis!

In the end, I really adored this. I'll give it 4 stars. It wasn't the same with this different narrator sadly BUT still good and fun. 

- #37 for Audiobook challenge

Tuesday, June 29

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Mid-Year Update - What Have you Been up To

6/29: Mid-year update: what have you been up to?

HOW ON EARTH IS IT ALMOST JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like this year is getting away from me. So insane. 

Gah. I am behind in my overall reading goal but I know I'll catch up. I do not read as much in the summer and spring especially since we bought the house a couple years back. Lots of chores outside which that is mainly what we have been doing in-between wedding planning and seeing family/friends. 

I've been catching up on my shows and movie list. Still wish I had time to watch more!

Recently got myself a smartwatch to monitor my steps, heart rate, sleep, and etc. I'm trying to make sure I get my steps in and keep active-ish even while I work. It's helped! It has a fun function that reminds me to get active if I've been sitting for more than 45 mins. 

Let's see.....what else......

Not much else.... 

OH! I haven't had time to craft or paint, but I've done some tinkering around. Even tried my hand at oil pastels. Eee. That will take practice but it's been fun. 

That's all I got I think. :) 

Enjoy my recent project. My dad made me a shoe rake/table for this little cubby I have in the front room. I tried my hand at wood staining and I painted this little sign too. Also, found this adorable fake plant set-up at Michaels. ^_^ #proud. 

Monday, June 28

Joint Movie Discussion: AWAKE (2021)

This month we decided to discuss 'Awake' (2021). A touch late since we couldn't meet up to discuss until Sunday morning! Whoops! ;) 

Blodeuedd is in green and I am in purple.

Title:  Awake

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Released: June 2021
Rating: TV-MA
Length: 1h 36min



Sooooo that was intense!!!!!! Dang!

I was not sure what to expect, but omg, I have had insomnia, so to think about this, ugh, scary. And yes it got INTENSE

Same here. I had no idea what to really expect. The trailer and the summary are very vague. I watched this late at night and then I was up until 3 am because I could not sleep. Sure my insomnia is bad and all BUT I think this had me up thinking. Could you imagine??? Not being able to sleep and just knowing you only have about 6 days before your brain pretty much explodes???

I can promise you though, that I would not be as effed up as some of these people. Like omg, wtf is wrong with you all!?

I’m sure a lot of them already had major issues to begin with. Esp the soldiers...mental illnesses and whatnot probably get doubled in a brain when it can’t sleep. Pills can only do so much!! 

True, but ok so that first place where you notice that people are crazy, they had lost one night of sleep, ONE! And ok I can’t go into it, but omg, omg, people are evil

TBH - some people need only the smallest excuse to lose their minds and riot and kill people. They figured “ brain will explode so might as well loot and pillage while I can!” People are evil 100000000% 

It was scary, so very scary. I would rather not think about it cos I might have trouble sleeping again. But it was also good, what else can people do, die is the only option.

I wouldn’t last the whole time knowing that there might be no cure. Last as long as I can to wait, but at one point I couldn’t handle it. I was so scared for her and her kids. Esp the girl because she could sleep!! I can’t fathom how terrified she was. All of them. And then the solution was pretty dang simple. Don’t wanna spoil it...but I thought the world’s smartest people would figure it out…..smh

After I finished I thought that the Russians and the Chinese def figured it out. Cos they probably went overboard at once and was all, aha! Sorey US, but you need some torture.

Oh, I’m sure they had it figured out by day one. It sort of made sense. I jokingly said the solution out loud and then I was right. I was kidding! I’m sure if this REALLY happened the US gov wouldn’t figure it out at all. 

And since nothing works, nobody could tell anyone anything. Not that they would, they would be all, we will survive ,mowuahahahah

TRUE. I didn’t think of that...with the power being out other country officials wouldn’t be able to talk and share info (as if they would). How scary! Esp if your loved one was traveling for work or something! Scaryyyy!!!! This whole concept was scary and some believe that a big enough solar flare would indeed knock out power. *shudders*

As long as it doesn’t knock us out! My brother would be ok in the new world, he has a really old car, better store that for later. Need transportation ;) prepare!

Hahaha! I know some people with old cars but I’m sure they would be gone by the time I walk to them! Hahaha. 

True. He does live very far away from walking. Dunno where one would go anyway. I am already in the middle of nowhere.

You would be safe for a while until those that survive the city start making their way away from the city. I’m in the country but only about 10 mins from a decent city SO we would need to pack and get outta here and head to my parents. Or just stay here and fortify. Scary to think that people lose their minds so quickly. No bonding to survive. Everyone for themselves! I would like to think movies like this are wrong, but we know that is how it would play out FOR sure. 

I am pretty far out bike-wise, but when I think about it, yes better go even further. Just pack everything on bikes and go. But then what, wait and die? Ugh, these things are scary to think of. Zombies are one thing, but people, normal people when they lose their shit?! Yikes

Scared people are scarier and more dangerous than any Zombie or monster. Like that cop at the church! Was he already 2 or 3 days in from not sleeping? Did he pull an all-nighter at work? He lost it PRETTY dang quick. 

I thought the woman was scarier, who even thinks of that??!?! But yes the cop lost it, maybe he had done a night shift before it all so he was already 2 days in, but still!

Yessss I forgot about her! What a psycho!! The first thing she says…” Let’s sacrifice the girl!” Whaaa??? It’s been 24 hours CALM down lady. 

Psycho! Not the first thing I would think that would solve it

I would immediately start trying different things like pills or foods or drinks. People just panicked first. Except for those youths. LOLLL they had a block party. That did make me chuckle. Of course, the college kids are all “WHOO HOO LET’S MAKE FIRE AND DRINK!”

And then, how can you drive your cars? Ehh, what the hell do you learn there in the school? Stupid kids

Hahaha. Right???? Made me laugh! 

Now - I do wish we had more backstory about the mom and the kids. That would’ve been nice. I still rooted for them, but I feel like I would’ve liked the mom more if I knew their backstory more. We got little snip bits and whatnot here and there. But I wanted more. 

I did feel that what we were given, when so little was actually not even necessary. She could just as well have been a hard-working mom who had to leave her kids at their gran cos she had to work nights. Because now we did not learn more than I guess drugs cos of PTSD?

I would’ve been fine if they kept it simple. Dad died, mom worked 80 hours a week, kids are mad they never see But they hinted that mom has issues from the war and the dad dying (I guess in the war too?) and she maybe had drug issues? They didn’t really elaborate and I think we needed that. Don’t beat around the bush and tease us. 

Yes, exactly, just keep it simple. And I do wonder, what happened then? How many survived in the end? Did all animals die too?

Yess the ending pissed me off a bit. You can’t just leave it like that unless they do a sequel which would be dumb at this point. I think they hinted that the animals are fine except for the monkeys because they are similar to us and share the same DNA or something. They were not clear on that either. 

So many questions. But in the end, good movie :D Watch it, and prepare to lose some sleep. Haha

Agreed! More details would’ve been nice, but all around a good movie! Makes you think and wonder. Don’t watch when you are about to go to bed!!! Hahaha. 

The end?

Good pick! ;) And yesss the end!

Sunday, June 27

Audiobook Review: How to Catch a Devilish Duke by Amy Rose Bennett

Author: Amy Rose Bennett
Narrator:  Catherine Bilson
Title: How to Catch a Devilish Duke
(The Disreputable Debutantes #4)
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Audiobook
Published: February 11th 2021
Where I got It: Audible

Lady Charlotte Hastings—already branded a hellion by polite society—is in a terrible scrape, courtesy of London's most notorious blackguard. One thing is certain: her name cannot appear in the gossip rags... again. However, Charlie's bold attempt to extricate herself from the fine pickle she's in takes an unexpected turn, when the devilishly handsome Maximilian, the Duke of Exmoor—the rakehell she's secretly loved for years—comes to her aid.

Upon discovering the irrepressible Lady Charlotte—his best friend's younger sister—is in danger, Max Devereux feels duty bound to offer assistance. Only, he soon realizes he's also mired in deep trouble, when an entirely inconvenient desire for Charlie sparks to life. If that's not enough to contend with, Max's manipulative mother is busily engineering his betrothal to a perfectly polished debutante. A hardened rake with an armor-plated heart, Max has absolutely no intention of becoming leg-shackled to anyone. At least, not this Season.

When unforeseen disaster strikes, plunging both Charlie and Max headlong into a new public scandal, Max proposes a deal: to restore Charlie's good name and to help Max avoid his mother's machinations, they'll enter a temporary engagement-of-convenience. But, even the best laid plans can go awry. As passion flares between Max and Charlie, their arrangement doesn't seem like make-believe anymore... and hidden enemies intent on ruining Charlie, once and for all, are waiting in the wings. Will a happily-ever-after ever be within their reach?

Sighs. We have reached book 4. Sounds like it might be the last one because she was the last girl of the group to finally find love. 

The story follows Lady Charlotte and Max Devereux. Lady Charlie has been on the edge of polite society since she was kicked out of the girl's school for unladylike behavior and since she is seen as the leader of the trope, she is seen as even more of a hellion. But now she is in trouble again...and Max might be the only person who can help.

I am in loveee with that cover! That dress...the colors. Beautiful indeed!!

Yayy! I've been rooting for these two to get together since I seen them first interact. I knew they would be perfecccctttt together. And Charlie deserved love. Max too especially when we learn about his terribly sad childhood. Poor guy :(

The mystery was fun and unexpected. It blew my mind for sure when all the reveals came out at the end. It all made sense though! Loved it!

This was one of my favorite of the series. Max and Charlie are perfect together. Max is damaged and Charlie is struggling to fix her image. It starts with a convenient engagement to help both of them and then actual love. 

I do hope we get more in this world. I loved the stories and the people. I really want to see a couple side characters find happiness like Max's sister-in-law. Poor girl. So sad.

They did change up the narrator in this one. I was nervous, but this narrator did well! Her voices fit. The Scottish accents were a little rough at first for some of the characters, but I liked her. It worked well. 

In the end, this was one of my favorite of the series. I loved Charlie and Max. They deserved happiness. I hope we get more! Too sad to say goodbye! I'll give this 5 stars.


- #36 for Audiobook challenge

Saturday, June 26

Movie Review - Fatherhood (2021)

Film Title: 
Length:   1h 49min
Released: 18 June 2021 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Where I Got It: Netflix


A father brings up his baby girl as a single dad after the unexpected death of his wife who died a day after their daughter's birth.


**1/1/2022 Edit - I rewatched this over the Xmas holiday....and I am uping this score to 5**

I couldn't wait to watch this film! I love Kevin Hart. He's hilarious and this just looks so good. Sad and funny and heart-warming. 

The story follows a father who brings up his baby girl as a single father after his wife passes away. 

This gave me all the emotions. Sadness, happiness, anger, and laughing til I was crying. 

It drove me insane how everyone doubted Matt and if he could raise her. Even his own friends and mother. Like WTF? He might be an idiot and partially immature....he's still that girl's dad. It's all he has left of his wife. Instead of doubting him and telling him that he can't do it MAYBE, JUST maybe be there and help him. I get the MIL is sad and upset but HOW rude. 

That little girl was adorable. She made me laugh!!!!! 

I get the romantic interest and all, but how weird they gave her the same name as the dead mom and I didn't feel the chemistry there. IDK. I didn't really get it and it didn't jive with me. I wish they had just focused on him and the daughter. Yes, yes, it's important to find love and all and for them to move forward in life, but it shifted the story a little bit too much for me. 

I am really glad the comedy didn't take over this. It felt natural and added at the right moment. The actors did amazing especially the little girl and Kevin Hart. Awesome cast overall. 

In the end, I highly recommend this! It has something for everyone and you will cry. If you don't at least tear up a bit you are a monster ;). 4 stars.   5 stars!

Tuesday, June 22

Book Review: The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Author: Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Title: The Mercies
Genre: Historical Fiction, LGBT
Format: ebook
Pages: 345
Published: February 6th 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Finnmark, Norway, 1617. Twenty-year-old Maren Magnusdatter stands on the craggy coast, watching the sea break into a sudden and reckless storm. Forty fishermen, including her brother and father, are drowned and left broken on the rocks below. With the menfolk wiped out, the women of the tiny Arctic town of Vardø must fend for themselves.

Three years later, a sinister figure arrives. Absalom Cornet comes from Scotland, where he burned witches in the northern isles. He brings with him his young Norwegian wife, Ursa, who is both heady with her husband's authority and terrified by it. In Vardø, and in Maren, Ursa sees something she has never seen before: independent women. But Absalom sees only a place untouched by God, and flooded with a mighty evil.

As Maren and Ursa are drawn to one another in ways that surprise them both, the island begins to close in on them, with Absalom's iron rule threatening Vardø's very existence.

Inspired by the real events of the Vardø storm and the 1621 witch trials, The Mercies is a story of love, evil, and obsession, set at the edge of civilization.

A couple of friends had read this so I wanted to check it out. Made my mini book club read this ;)

We follow Maren in 1617 who watched a storm come out of nowhere and kill forty fishermen. With the menfolk gone, the women of the tiny Arctic town of Vardø, Norway now must fend for themselves. Three years later, something more sinister figure arrives....Absalom Cornet. He has burned his fair share of witches in Scotland and with his wife, in tow, he comes to this town and sees these godless independent women and it must be witchcraft at play. As Maren and his wife are drawn together in ways that surprise them and scares them, Absalom's iron rule threatens Vardø's very existence. 

I never knew about the Vardo storm and the witch trials that happened right after in that town. So dang sad!!!!! That poor town and those poor people. Gah. It feels me with utter rage.

"OH KNOW! WOMEN FISHING?????? WEARING PANTS????? WHA? WITCHES!" LOLL What idiots. What were they going to do? Just starve? "Whelp...there goes our I guess we just crawl in this wee hole and die. Oh wellllll." SMH

Now, the beginning was a little bit of a drag tbh. It took a while to really get...interesting. Yes, it started off with the storm and was sad, but it did drag. 

I also did not feel the chemistry between Maren and Ursa. Can't pinpoint why or what was missing, but it seemed forced at times esp with the tub scene. Maybe if they had more time to build this love I would've bought it more. 

Looking past the issues I had, the author did a wonderful job bringing the world to life and the characters were extremely fleshed out. I enjoyed our journey even though the insanity of the zealous Christians made me want to screeeaaam. It was sad and made me feel all the feelings.

Overall, I had some issues especially in the beginning, but I did like this...I wished I had liked this, but it was okay. It made me feel all the feelings. Those poor people. I'll give this 3 stars. 


Monday, June 21

B's Monday Review: The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths

 Series: Harbinder Kaur (#1)

416 pages, Paperback

Published: May 16, 2019 by Quercus

Fiction Mystery Thriller


I really like her books! This is not my awesome Galloway series, so I was a bit unsure, but she had me hooked from page ! Damn she is good.

The book has 3 povs. Claire, a teacher, who is writing a book about a long dead writer. Her teenage daughter, who is dating someone too old in her mother's opinion (and mine!) And Harbinder, the detective on the case. Because Claire's friend and colleague is brutally murdered, and there is a connection to Claire.

And then she finds a note in her diary, ohhh spooky! Did the murderer write it? How?

I was so into this book, who is the killer? I as always suspect everyone.

It is strange, but Griffiths is the only writer I can truly get behind, I have tried a lot, but I never find anyone in her style. And her style rocks! Next one please

Death lies between the lines. A dark story has been brought to terrifying life. Can the ending be rewritten in time?

Clare Cassidy is no stranger to murder. As a literature teacher specialising in the Gothic writer RM Holland, she teaches a short course on it every year. Then Clare's life and work collide tragically when one of her colleagues is found dead, a line from an RM Holland story by her body. The investigating police detective is convinced the writer's works somehow hold the key to the case.

Not knowing who to trust, and afraid that the killer is someone she knows, Clare confides her darkest suspicions and fears about the case to her journal. Then one day she notices some other writing in the diary. Writing that isn't hers...

Sunday, June 20

Audiobook Review: Peony in Love

Author: Lisa See
Narrator: Janet Song
Title: Peony in Love
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Published: June 26th 2007
Where I got It: Audible

In seventeenth-century China, three women become emotionally involved with The Peony Pavilion, a famed opera rumored to cause lovesickness and even death, including Peony, the cloistered daughter of a wealthy scholar, who succumbs to its spell only to return after her death as a "hungry ghost" to haunt her former fiancé, who has married another

I've been wanting to read this book for a long, long time. Sighs...I was scared to actually dive in because it seems people LOVE it or HATE it. Finally got myself to check it out. I decided to do the audio version since I like the narrator. 

We are in seventeenth-century China and three women like so many others become emotionally involved with the opera called The Peony Pavilion. This opera is rumored to cause lovesickness and even death. This happens to Peony who is the cloistered daughter of a wealthy scholar. She succumbs to the opera spell and after her death, she returns as a hungry ghost to haunt her former fiance.

HEAD'S up...there are some spoilers here because I just could not help myself. I tried to control myself so I avoided BIG spoilers just little ones so move forward with caution. ;) 

Okay...I will admit I struggled tremendously at first. I had issues with Peony, her parents, and the world overall. They want these girls to be pure and be sheltered to the point of madness sometimes. They call it lovesickness....but these girls want love and freedom. They want it so bad that they cannot see past it and just decide that they are done with life. They can't control anything but what they put in their they starve. Poor things. issue was how selfish Peony was. Yes, yes, I get that she can't help but be in love with the first non-family dude she sees because of how sheltered she was. BUT girl legit knew him for 3 days. He thinks he loves her too but they do nothing. "Well - we are engaged to others soooo byeee.", and in protest of marrying another man, she goes all emo. Writes sad poems and starves to death??? SIGHS. Maybe WAIT and see who it is that you are engaged to. You never know!!! And lo and behold it was your dream guy. Tragic so tragic. How dare you do that your beloved father and mother. You are their only child. How could you be so selfish and dramatic about a guy you knew for not even 3 days. You talked for just a few hours overall. GAH.

Of course, everyone blames the opera that she got to watch. "YEP, just another girl who becomes cursed." OKAY...........MAYBE, JUST MAYBE IT IS THAT SHE HATES HER LIFE! Maybe she wants to know who she is marrying. Maybe she wants to go to town or just be treated like a human and not a goat being sold. Crazy thought...maybe talk to her........see what's going on. Maybe tell her who the to-be-hubby is. I know, I know it was the world and it was that bad for these girls so it was realistic. It just drove me insane. 

After she died things got really, really interesting. I couldn't stop listening. I had to know what was going to happen next. It was an interesting view of what the afterlife is like. It was so sad in so many ways. 

I loved when Peony realized as a ghost she has certain abilities. So cool. Wrong on how she used it at first, but we all would do the same thing. I know I would for sure. It was nice seeing her use her abilities for good near the end.  

Watching Peony grow and mature as a ghost was the best part of the story. I honestly wept when she and another ghost (don't want to give away BIG spoilers) did what they did at the end to bring happiness to people who deserved it. It brought a tear to my eye.

This was a really emotional book. I think we are supposed to have strong feelings throughout this which I did. I hated Peony and the human world. I was sad when she died and had to say goodbye. I felt scared for her as she was trying to find her way as a ghost. I wept when her parents seemed to have neglected her and didn't finish the funeral rites they needed to. I felt her anger and pain seeing her love remarry. I felt her desires and wants to be loved and remembered. I felt her despair and her joy. I felt all the emotions. When this ended I couldn't help but smile and wipe a tear away. 

I honestly think the narrator really helped with this. I do not think I would've liked it as much if I had to read it. The narrator is amazing. She really brings so much life to the characters and story. Fantastic! She did great. 

Okay...okay...I'll stop while I'm ahead. I can honestly ramble about this because there is soooo much to discuss. Perfect for a book club I think.

I'll give this 4 stars. It would be 5, but I did struggle at first. 

- #35 for Audiobook challenge

Saturday, June 19

Movie Review: The Kissing Booth 2 (2020)

Film Title: 
The Kissing Booth 2
Length:   2h 14min
Released:   24 July 2020 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Romance
Rating: TV-14
Where I Got It: Netflix


In the sequel to 2018's THE KISSING BOOTH, high school senior Elle juggles a long-distance relationship with her dreamy boyfriend Noah, college applications, and a new friendship with a handsome classmate that could change everything.

Had zero idea the sequel came out so I had to watch it asap.

We come back to Elle and her friends. Elle is trying to juggle a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, fill out college applications, be with her friends, and a new friendship blooms with the new guy.

Oh Elle. Long-distance relationships succcckkkkk but love is worth it sometimes so I get it. But ugh Noah stinks. Boo. Yes - I'm not a fan of him especially by the end of the movie. Curious to see what happens in movie 3. 

I adore Elle and Lee. Lee is adorable. I loved Rachel for him even though I thought she was kinda bitchy here, but I can see why she was upset. I would probably be upset too. 

Marco was a little cutie. I want him to find love and happiness. 

But yes, I enjoyed this. It was cheesy and so drama-filled but so good. I can't wait for the third film. Curious to see how everything works out. I'm sure I know...and I will be mad....but we shall see. Maybe I won't be mad. 3 stars from me. 

Friday, June 18

Book Review: Before You Wake by Erick Erickson

Author: Erick Erickson
Title: Before You Wake: Life Lessons from a Father to His Children
Genre: Autobiography
Format: hardcover
Pages: 224 
Published: October 3rd 2017
Where I Got It: My shelf (Dollar Tree)

In late 2016, prompted by the news that his wife was battling cancer and his own pulmonary medical scare, Erick Erickson posted a piece to his website, The Resurgent. Styled as a letter to his young children, the piece, titled "If I Should Die Before You Wake," was a stirring message--and challenge--about how to live a life of purpose and joy. The essay went viral, shared by figures like New York Times columnist and author of The Road to Character, David Brooks. Now, in a time when our country needs healing and a reminder of our values more than ever, Erickson has expanded the project, composing a total of ten letters, featuring a wonderful mix of the practical, inspirational, and spiritual.

Randomly picked this up at Dollar Tree a while back. The author name sounded familiar and I love life lesson/self-help books so I grabbed it. 

This is a book the author wrote to share some life lessons to his children and to the world. 

I finally realized why the name of the author sounded familiar. He is pretty famous in the political world here in the US. He may lean a little different from my personal beliefs, but I was intrigued. Life lessons are life lessons. 

There were some good stories in there that I could relate to. Some....I couldn't. Like all his travels when he was a kid and his career success. Even with the things you can't relate to there is a lesson there you can apply to something in your own life. 

There were also some parts that were a bit too preachy and Christian-y so be prepared for that. He really did play the God card a lot and make it clear that he wants his kids to hold on tight to their faith. This did drown a lot of the stories. 

I honestly really liked the last couple of chapters and all the amazing recipes he shared. I will need to save them! Yummmmmmy!

I did enjoy learning about the man behind the politics and learning his story. He seems like a nice guy with strong values and wants to share his stories and advise about life. I don't agree with him about a lot of things, but seeing behind the politic-mask was interesting. 

But yes, I did like some parts of this. Some good life lessons and some yummy recipes. It was a little heavy-handed on Christianity and God though so that is something to be aware of. I'll give this 2 stars. 


Wednesday, June 16

Cover Reveal - Burning Ground by D.R. Galloway

Burning Ground by D.A. Galloway

Publication Date: July 1, 2021

Series: Frontier Time Traveler, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction

Does time heal all wounds? Or do some last forever?

Pennsylvania, 1971: Graham Davidson is a young man with survivor’s guilt after the death of three siblings.

Estranged from his father and seeking a direction in his life, Graham learns about vision quests from a Crow Indian. He secures seasonal employment in Yellowstone National Park and embarks on a spiritual journey.

Wyoming Territory, 1871: Under a full moon at a sacred thermal area, Graham finds himself in Yellowstone a century earlier - one year before it was established as a national park. He joins the Hayden Expedition which was commissioned to explore the region.

Although a military escort provides protection for the explorers, the cavalry’s notorious lieutenant threatens Graham. His perilous journey through the future park is marred by a horrific tragedy in a geyser basin, a grizzly bear attack, and an encounter with hostile Blackfeet Indians.

Graham falls in love with Makawee, a beautiful Crow woman who serves as a guide. As the expedition nears its conclusion, Graham is faced with an agonizing decision.

Does he stay in the previous century with the woman he loves or travel back to the future?

If you like the historical time travel adventure of Outlander or enjoyed the movie Dances with Wolves, then you'll love Burning Ground!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the story! I was amazed at the depth of Galloway's research, which extended far beyond the Hayden survey. The details on so many things the protagonist Graham experienced in Yellowstone all ring true. I especially liked the presentation of Henry Elliott, William H. Jackson, and Thomas Moran. Each person was presented in an unvarnished manner that was quite believable. Overall, the characterization of Lieutenant Doane is painfully accurate. The author captured the spirit of a man who felt entitled and was egotistical." ~ Kim Allen Scott, author of Yellowstone Denied: The Life of Gustavus Cheyney Doane

Available for Pre-Order
Amazon | Barnes and Noble

About the Author

David Galloway grew up in rural Pennsylvania near Gettysburg. After a long career in the paper industry and writing a bestselling non-fiction book, Safety WALK Safety TALK, he decided to follow a once dormant dream of writing a novel.Burning Ground was inspired by two memorable summers of his youth.

As a teen, David worked on a fruit farm in Pennsylvania. It is here he met Redfield, a Crow Indian who lived a simple life but had a profound effect on the way David saw the world.

As a young man, he spent a summer in Yellowstone National Park, providing guided boat tours on Yellowstone Lake. When he was not on duty, David explored all corners of that magnificent land, often in the backcountry. His love for our nation’s first national park is rooted in these experiences.

David is currently working on the sequel to Burning Ground, tentatively titled Fatal Ground.

He enjoys reading about adventurers and explorers, traveling internationally, riding a recumbent tandem bike, and spending time with his grandsons.

David lives in Springboro, Ohio with his wife Leesa.

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