Tuesday, October 31

Time for TV Tuesday: Fuller House (Season 3)

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This is the third season of 'Fuller House'. 'Fuller House' is a continuation of 'Full House'. The whole gang is all grown. DJ's is a recent widow and has her three boys she is raising them all on her own. She decides to move into the old house after her dad decides the sell it. After moving in her sister and old best friend move in to assist. So very like the old plot just different genders pretty much. 

Season 1 was really good and season 2 was pretty good, so I was so excited for this season to see what was going to happen next. 

I loved the first few episodes. Some of them were cheesy, but good. I enjoyed the story-lines. I feel like they really did try to balance the story-lines between the adults and kids. It was much better than the last two seasons honestly. 

However...the last episode and the last scene made me gag and throw my pillow across the room. No. Just...no. I know what is going to happen next and I am tempted to not even watch the next season. Horrible. It is SO overplayed. I can't say what...of course...but GAH! I tempted to not watch the next season, but I may have to just to see what they do even though it seems predictable. 

In the end...I enjoyed 95% of the season. The last episode though...NO...simply no. I shall give this 3 stars.

Monday, October 30

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

In every life there is a turning point. A moment so tremendous, so sharp and breathtaking, that one knows one's life will never be the same. For Michael Stirling, London's most infamous rake, that moment came the first time he laid eyes on Francesca Bridgerton. 

After a lifetime of chasing women, of smiling slyly as they chased him, of allowing himself to be caught but never permitting his heart to become engaged, he took one look at Francesca Bridgerton and fell so fast and hard into love it was a wonder he managed to remain standing. Unfortunately for Michael, however, Francesca's surname was to remain Bridgerton for only a mere thirty-six hours longer—the occasion of their meeting was, lamentably, a supper celebrating her imminent wedding to his cousin. 

But that was then... Now Michael is the earl and Francesca is free, but still she thinks of him as nothing other than her dear friend and confidant. Michael dares not speak to her of his love... until one dangerous night, when she steps innocently into his arms, and passion proves stronger than even the most wicked of secrets... (less)

My thoughts:
I SO have not read these in order. I read the 8th first, then I think the 3rd? and then the 1st and now the 6th...oh well, getting to the end...slooowly. I really should read them all.

I almost started crying, damn. But she was SO happy and so much in love and then boom, hubbie dead. What? Nooooo!

So it is four years later. She thinks it is time to move on. In comes Michael, her husband's cousin, and the man who has loved her for years. But he would never go there, neither would she.

But hey we both know they will fall in each other's arms and so they do so that they can live happily ever after.

It was cute and I almost read it in a day, aaalmost, I did start another Quinn book the same day so it took 2 days.


Mass Market Paperback, 368 pages
Published June 29th 2004 by Avon (first published January 1st 2004)
Bridgertons #6
Historical romance

Sunday, October 29

Joint Review: The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

Happy October everyone! 

This month Blodeuedd and I read and discussed "The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue".  Blodeuedd is in black and I am in orange.  
Author: Mackenzi Lee
Title: The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue (Guide #1)
Genre: Historical Romance & Adventure
Pages: ebook
First Published: June 27th 2017 
Where I Got It: Borrowed from Library

Henry “Monty” Montague was born and bred to be a gentleman, but he was never one to be tamed. The finest boarding schools in England and the constant disapproval of his father haven’t been able to curb any of his roguish passions—not for gambling halls, late nights spent with a bottle of spirits, or waking up in the arms of women or men.

But as Monty embarks on his Grand Tour of Europe, his quest for a life filled with pleasure and vice is in danger of coming to an end. Not only does his father expect him to take over the family’s estate upon his return, but Monty is also nursing an impossible crush on his best friend and traveling companion, Percy.

Still it isn’t in Monty’s nature to give up. Even with his younger sister, Felicity, in tow, he vows to make this yearlong escapade one last hedonistic hurrah and flirt with Percy from Paris to Rome. But when one of Monty’s reckless decisions turns their trip abroad into a harrowing manhunt that spans across Europe, it calls into question everything he knows, including his relationship with the boy he adores. 

*waves* Bonjour!!

Aloha! I am happy to welcome you here on this rainy day

It’s rainy there too?? It is freezing and rainy. I’m scared it will turn to ice. X_X

Ugh yes horrid weather. I froze to death when I went out with the baby. I dreamed I was in Santorini with Henry and the gang instead.

Me too! It was nice to read of warmer places and beautiful places

And on our Grand Tour we go then. What did you think of this month’s book?

I’m torn really. It wasn’t HORRIBLE, but it wasn’t amazing like I was hoping it would be. It was simply JUST okay. You?

Same. I hoped for amazing. It was good, but the last part was only ok.

Yes, yes, the last half was not so good. It started falling apart when they got to Barcelona. :/

I did tell you :/ Up until that I could stand Henry who was a drunken wastrel but then Barcelona happened and it got dull and just weird. ...weird

I could’ve handled the weird, but Henry started getting annoying and I couldn’t stand him. He needs to just be a drunk all the time. That is the only way he is tolerable. Just so whiny. Even when the whole Percy secret came out he somehow made it allllll about him. Selfish little snot who complains that he gets to have a WHOLE estate to himself.

Poor rich bastard. I will be rich. I am a Lord. Poor me! My dad wants me to be responsible! Omg get a grip of yourself man. You selfish snot! And yes he so made it all about him. Booohoo, Percy blah blah blah, ME ME ME ME ME. You are right. He was better as the drunk

Yessss gah! I was so frustrated with him. Like I said...the weird and silly parts would have been fine but HE made it worse. I kinda wish the story was told in either Felicity’s or Percy’s POV. OR I wish that Henry would have stayed a drunk and whore running around Europe making me laugh. It just lost its charm when the author tried to get deep and serious. I was expecting a light and fun adventure about a man and his companions.

True. A light adventure about a drunken idiot. But when it got deep, well he has no depth. He was a drunken whiny rich kid who needed a kick in the arse. I certainly did not like it and hell no, I would not wanna spend time with him. I was so annoyed at him when the book ended

Same, same. And that letter at the end was annoying. I mean...I’m glad they found their happiness and whatever, but yeah…

Ugh the letter! Who writes something like that? Even if you are upset? Honestly I was annoyed with everyone at the end. Even Percy. He was just spineless in a horrid way because the author never looked into his soul or whatever. He was just there to be Henry’s bestie and to have a secret. But when it was all about Henry anyway I felt like I did not know Percy. What did percy enjoy to do? I have no idea. Even Felicity had more depth.

Yessss for being the love of Henry’s life I feel like we didn’t know him very well. Normally people in love know as much as possible about that person and I felt like Percy was just there. I knew nothing about him except for his secret and that his family stinks.

At least tell us if Percy enjoys a nice carriage ride, if he likes cat, or even if he drinks coffee. Something! I felt like Henry liked Percy but did not know Percy. Maybe he just fancied his looks just like everyone liked Henry cos he was so pretty. Yes yes, we get it Henry, you are pretty.

Well...let me give some possible kuddos to the author. Maybe she wrote it like that because maybe Henry is SO selfish he wouldn’t know what Percy likes. Henry is a selfish drunk rake who is shallow as sin. Soooooo it would make sense Henry wouldn’t know things on a level like that with Percy.

Might be so...but then she did fail too because I did not like Henry. Percy I did not know. Felicity, well she had depths. She wanted things. Yes I liked her, I could be friends with her.

Yessss I agree. She gave us nothing to really attach to except for a side character. I want a story about her!

Her and those people they met in the latter latter part. Oh that would be awesome!!

Team Felicity!!

It is a series so I mean there must be more

If it is more of Henry’s POV I am not interested. LOLLL But give me some time with Percy or Felicity and I would consider it

Sorry, not sorry. No more Henry. No more Henry.

*does some research* Ooooo the next one IS in Felicity’s POV! :D It is called “The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy”.

*nods* Could be good, just as long as she does not ruin it at the end

Or have her turn into Henry and be a whiny little snot. >_>

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I do fear that.

I’ll throw a fit! I SWEAR! But yes...half of this was good and the other half...just barely okay.

I’d want a new scale of ratings you know. Some word between Ok and Good. Now I rated it good because the first part was amusing and different. I feel ok would be too low for that even if yes the second part was barely ok.

We should come up with our own scale with made up words to express our feelings better

Yes we should!

Woo!!!! So...anything else you can think of that I am forgetting to mention?

Good try, good try. Failed to deliver at the end.

*nods and tips hat* Hopefully book 2 will be better if we don’t have to deal with Henry Mcwhiner.

Hear hear! Ok your turn next. I do think I picked a good one this time *coughs* fine, a first half good one that gave us things to discuss ;)

Not a bad choice though. It was worth a read I think even with the issues at the end. Mhmmmm I hope my choice is good. LOL I’m hopeful. xD

:D Until then then!


About the Authors
Carole and Blodeuedd have been blogging a long while now. The last couple of years the epic duo have been discussing books, watching movies, and even wetting the pen and sharing their stories with the worldwide web. They both love cats, chocolate, and a good story.

Friday, October 27

2-in-1 Short Story Reviews: The Outsider and From Beyond by HP Lovecraft

Author: H.P Lovecraft
Title: The Outsider
Genre: Horror, Short Story, Classic, & Fantasy
Pages: 13 pages
Published: 1926
I Got It: My shelf (From a friend)

 In this work, a mysterious man who has been living alone in a castle for as long as he can remember decides to break free in search of human contact and light.

Listened to an audio version of this and then went and actually read the story. I’m weird…don’t judge me with those judging eyes!

Sometimes stories are good enough to read more. This is the case and I also didn’t pay attention the first half, so I wanted to revisit. Why? Well…the beginning was sloooooooooow on the audio. However, the story-building was beautifully done.

And then the ending happened….holy cannoli. I had to read what I just heard. SO GOOD! So creepy and I honestly didn’t expect the ending to end as it did. I can’t say WHAT for fear of spoilers.

But yes. Creepy man in a creepy castle decides to leave that castle and be creepy. Sure he doesn’t MEAN to be creepy, but he was. However, he is creepy for a reason that you will not see coming.

Not only is this creepy, but it also makes you think. I can for sure see some symbolism there. Some poor student somewhere could use this in a report!

This was quick, but the beginning feels slow since the author spends so much time building the scene. Worth it because of the ending.

I’ll give this 4 stars.

Author: H.P Lovecraft
Title: From Beyond
Genre: Horror, Short Story, Classic, & Sci-Fi
Pages: 15 pages
Published: 1934
I Got It: My shelf (From a friend)

A scientist creates a device that emits a resonance wave, which allows them to perceive planes of existence outside the scope of accepted reality. But the effect works both ways, and allows the denizens of the alternate dimension to perceive humans.

Again, listened to the audio and then read the written version. This time was different than the other time ;) I wanted to reread this simply for the fact it was amazing.

Beautifully creepy and cool.

I loved the whole crazy doctor story. He made the impossible possible. It was for sure unique especially considering the time period when the story was written. This crazy doctor created an electronic device that stimulates a person to be able to see the planes of existence outside of reality. Pretty much he created a way for someone to see a whole different dimension.

Remember…he’s crazy and so…poor staff. LOL! Can’t say much else, but yes. Poor innocents!

I wish I could say more! It is SOO hard not to give away any spoilers. I guess that is the curse of short stories...short reviews. 

But yes, this was a great read. Right mixture of story, plot, craziness, creepiness, and entertainment. I highly recommend this. 5 stars. I honestly want to re-read it again...

Tuesday, October 24

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Time Travel or Teleport?

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion post on Rainy Day Ramblings where Rainy discuss a wide range of topics from books to blogging. Weigh in and join the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments. If you want to do your own post, grab the question and answer it on your blog.

Would you rather time travel or teleport?

Oooooo this is a good one. I want both! WHY CAN'T I HAVE IT ALL!!!!!! I WANT MY CAKE AND I WANT TO EAT IT ALL DANG IT! 

Well...since the fates hate me I shall pick time travel. 

I would love to be able to go to different times and see the world for what it was myself. I would want to uncover historical mysteries and then magically find the answers (*cough* like my own notes *cough*) and become a renowned historian. HUZZAH! Imagine if I could find out the mysteries that have stumped everyone for centuries????? Like what happened to the boys in the tower or who really killed Kennedy. 

I would also like to try and fix things I did wrong a moment ago. Tell myself it was foolish to eat that box of cookies. Past Carole don't be a fool. I would like to also revisit times, places, and people I miss. Due to the laws of time travel, I would have to be careful to not alter anything, but it would be ncice. 

Yes. Time travel is the way to go I think. 

Look at that creeper! 

Monday, October 23

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: The Scotsman Who Saved Me by Hannah Howell

A brutal attack on Emily Stanton's family has left her for dead . . . until she is found in the woods by a handsome stranger with a thick brogue who vows to protect her. There's only one problem: As a woman with a noble English background, she has no business keeping company with such a man. For Scotsman Iain MacEnroy, Emily's high-tone accent is a bitter reminder of the oppressive regime he left behind. The last thing he needs is to be burdened by the needs of a beautiful, blue-eyed Englishwoman. But taking care of elegant, educated Emily begins to transform Iain in ways he never imagined. Could it be that the deep divisions from the old world no longer apply in the new-and that Iain and Emily can share a passion as lush and wild as the Scottish highlands themselves?

Audio CD, 8 hPublished September 26th 2017 by Tantor AudioSeven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #1Historical romanceFor review

My thoughts:
Quite the beginning with Iain and his brothers finding a burned cabin and dead bodies inside. And everyone is so calm with the violence cos sadly it could happen. But yes it starts with a bang.

Emily's sister and brother in law are dead. And what is she now to do? Well luckily she was saved by a sexy Scot who is all kind and nice and brings her to his home. Emily was a survivor and determined to succeed. She may have been gentry but those days are over. I liked her, she had a good head on those shoulders.

Iain hates the gentry since he is Scottish and they sadly kicked out a lot of Scots. But American is the land of dreams. At times I did wonder about things, in listening it comes across as weird at times, I wonder if it is like that in print. He never did ask, just always went for it, and then there are her thoughts. I guess I wanted her to be more yay kisses and more. Cos now it seemed...weird. Which it is so not meant to be. They are swept away by lust, aren't they always.

There is something more but I do not want to spoil it all. The danger that is after her. What happened to her sis and brother in law and more...danger.

And then there is getting a glimpse of all his brothers, and they all seem lovely and I hope they all find love.

Scots in America. Scots are needed everywhere. A nice romance

Narrator Justine Eyre.
I did like her voices, but a woman can never make a Scot sound as sexy as a man can...nope ;) But I still enjoyed her male and female voices. Her voice for Mrs ONeill was perfect, a totally no nonsense matron.

Sunday, October 22

Book Review: Magic of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain

Author: Rebecca Chastain
Title: Magic of the Gargoyles (Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles #1)
Genre: UF and Paranormal
Pages: ebook
Published: October 2014
I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Mika Stillwater is a mid-level earth elemental with ambitions of becoming a quartz artisan, and her hard work is starting to get noticed. But when a panicked baby gargoyle bursts into her studio, insisting Mika is the only person she’ll trust with her desperate mission, Mika’s carefully constructed five-year plan is shattered. 

Swept into the gritty criminal underworld of Terra Haven, Mika must jeopardize everything she’s worked so hard for to save the baby gargoyle from the machinations of a monster—and to stay alive…

I honestly really love this author's writing style. Yes, she writes fantasy books, but there is something she does when she writes that makes the story feel so real and alive. The author has such a way of making you feel like you are there in the story. 

Now, this story follows Mika who has some powers, but she wants to have some sort of normal life. She has a 5-year plan and she plans on keeping it. However, things go whacky and she is sucked into the paranormal world to help this gargoyle. 

Mika was okay. I connected with her on some points, but I felt distant from her. She was super whiny and I get that she wanted something of a normal life, but meh. You have powers that can do real good...use them. Maybe this short-ish story was too short so I didn't really get a chance to connect with her and see her grow some more into her role? Not sure, but I just had a hard time with Mika. 

The rest of the cast was forgettable, unfortunately. I did really like the gargoyles and I want to learn more about these creatures. They were interesting and cuteeeee. 

The baddie was a monster for sure, but very predictable in my opinion. 

The story and adventure was fun, but it did take a long time to get sucked in compared to the author's previous stories. It is not that it was a slow beginning, but I felt it was too quick and I was confused the majority of the time. Once things made sense I got into the adventure. 

I wouldn't mind reading the next one if it was free or at the library. I'm hoping I can connect with the star of the show more so in the next one. 

This was just okay. I'm a little bummed because it wasn't as good as the past books I have read. I'm going to give this a 2. 

Wednesday, October 18

Book Review: Of Flame and Fate by Cecy Robson

Author: Cecy Robson
Title: Of Flame and Fate (Weird Girls #8)
Genre: UF and Romance
Pages: ebook
Published: September 26th 2017
I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Taran Wird, who commands the power to wield fire and lightning, is an oddity in the supernatural world. But neither Taran nor her unique sisters compare to the bizarre entity known as Destiny. And Taran is assigned to protect her.

Born of two witches, Destiny is revered among the supernatural elite for her acute ability to predict the future. Her biggest prophecy involves Taran’s sister, Celia, whom Destiny decreed will bear children strong enough to take on the evil that’s rising. Yet Destiny is not alone in her predictions, or individuality.

When Johnny Fate, a rock star among humans and a male version of Destiny is discovered, his powers and Destiny’s clash, triggering the start of Destiny’s demise and altering the fate of Celia’s unborn children.

Taran, her werewolf lover Gemini, and their allies must determine if it’s Fate who will decide what will become of Celia’s children, or if their lives and the world will perish with Destiny

I was so excited when I realized I had pre-ordered this book. I totally forgot! When I opened my kindle and this started loading I squealed with joy and the moment it was done I dove in. 

Oooooooooooooooooooooooh this was good! 

And look at that cover? BEAUTIFULLLLL!

The beginning started right where the short story left off and I had to try and remember what happened previously. Once I got my footing, I couldn’t put it down. 

There really is no break for Taran and her sisters. Evil never sleeps I guess. So yes. Like normal the baddies are after the sisters, but now the baddies have their sights on some big players for the good guys. This includes Destiny who I simply adore! 

Gemini is still my favorite wolf I think, but he was annoying. Yes, yes, I get he wants to protect Taran, but I feel like he was being a little over-protective in this one. But I guess I get it after their break-up and getting back together. He is scared to lose her again. I get it…but a girl’s gotta do her part in protecting the world and her family. Taran is a tough cookie. 

Yes. This was so good. I loved Fate and his whole story. I want to learn more about the whole Destiny/Fate thing for sure. 

There were a few SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW moments that had me bored. Which happens. 

The ending was something else. I cried in happiness and laughed like a loon. Dang it for feels!

In the end, this was really good. The beginning was a little jarring because it started RIGHT after the short story and it had been a while since I read the last story. Gem needs to calm down. He did get better near the end. I highly encourage reading the past novels before diving into this one. There is a lot of backstory going on and has a HUGE part to play in the story. 

I shall stamp this with.....4 stars.