Thursday, June 27

Book Review: Queen's Hunt by Beth Bernobich

Queen's Hunt (River of Souls, #2)
Author: Beth Bernobich
Title: Queen's Hunt
(River of Souls #2)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 332 
Published:  July 17th 2012
Where I Got It: My shelf (Used book store)

Ilse Zhalina has left to start a new life in a garrisoned fort, leagues from her estranged lover, Raul Kosenmark. The violent quarrel that ended Ilse and Raul's relationship was quite public. And also, quite fake. They hope to mislead Kosenmark's enemies so that he can continue to influence the politics of the kingdom in an attempt to stave off an ill-advised war, while keeping Ilse safe from royal assassins who would kill anyone Raul is close to. Ilse longs for Raul, but is set on her own quest to find one of the three fabled jewels of Lir. One of the jewels is held by King Dzavek, sworn enemy of Veraene, who has used the jewel's power to live for centuries. Ilse seeks one of the other stones to counterbalance Dzavek's efforts to destroy her country.

In her search, she encounters a shipwrecked prisoner from another land, a woman who has a secret of her own...and the second jewel in her keeping. The two women become allies in their quest for the third jewel, because finding and controlling these stones could mean salvation for both of their nations. And their failure the ruin of their peoples.

Okay... I didn't realize it was part of a series until I added it to my shelf in Goodreads. I spent a while looking for book 1 and have never found it. I gave into temptation and read it anyways. What? Look at that cover and that summary! It looks and sounds good!

Soooo the story follows Ilse and Raul. Ilse is on the run I suppose from events of the last book. Her and her lover had a huge fight. She decides to go on a quest to find the three fabled jewels of Lir because they can possibly help in saving her people and Raul's people. 

This started out fantastic. I didn't feel like I was missing anything at all. It was going good and fell apart. I started missing things and not understanding things. There were things about the world and characters I was scratching my head about. I think reading book 1 is the way to go...but I can't find the blasted thing. 

I honestly put the book down for a couple of weeks in frustration and annoyance. I picked it back up and pushed my way through it. 

Honest time? I TOTALLY skimmed the last 80 pages. I just wanted to be done and know what happened at the end. I had really and truly stopped caring to understand. I just wanted to know what happened to the two and the people. 

The ending was eh...okay. Not really intrigued to read book 3 tho...

Overall...I may have to return back to this one day after I read book 1 and maybe I'll love it. We shall see. I got my answers and I am content. I'll give this 2 stars. 


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