Thursday, December 31

2 in 1 - Short Stories Review: The Party by Mona Ingram & Ignite by Hannah Parker

Author: Mona Ingram
Title: The Party
(Dear Santa #2)
Genre: Romance, Novella/Short Story, Contemporary
Format: ebook
Pages: 91
Published:  October 7th 2018
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

He’s the town’s most eligible bachelor. But he’s more than that… much more

Exhausted after catering a high-profile company Christmas party, Paige accepts an invitation to relax with the man in charge of the clean-up crew. He’s handsome and intelligent, but most of all he’s a good listener. When they say goodnight, she has no idea that the meeting will trigger consequences that will change her life.

A random find on Amazon. Gotta love my freebies!

Jake and Paige are from completely different worlds. Jake is the town's most eligible bachelor and owns one of the biggest companies. Paige owns her own catering company. She is hired to cater a high-profile company for an Xmas Christmas party. After the party she accepts an invitation to relax with the man in charge of the clean-up crew. He is handsome and intelligent, but he seems like a good egg. Little does she know that this man is Jake. 

I believe this is book 2? Not seeing book 1 listed in Goodreads, so I am unsure if that is a typo or what? Not sure if they are all tied in together or not, but it didn't feel like a book 2. So no worries there. However, I am curious about the other books now! 

This was quick and cute, but it worked and I loved our two. I was a little concerned about Jake, but he was a sweetie and he actually cared about Paige and her brother. Adorable. 

The little side romances were very cute too. 

So yes - another cute and short story for the holiday season. I'll give this 4 stars. 

And here is the 2nd. Such a genre shift...I know. LOLLL. Whoops. 

Author: Hannah Parker
Title: Ignite (Skyborn #1)
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Format: ebook
Pages: 72 
Published:  January 19th 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Ever since her village burned, Alina has been afraid of fire. But when she discovers a mysterious gem inside dying embers, she becomes enthralled by the strange object. Where did it come from? Who left it there? And why, just for a moment, did she forget her fear?

When an army of marauders attacks her new home, intent on finding the stone and destroying all who stand in their way, Alina soon finds herself thrown into a world of danger and uncertainty.

Determined to keep the stone from the army, and with nobody but her friends at her side, she must travel to the Ethereal Realm to uncover the origins of the gem – and with it, the truth about herself.

Forced to face her fears, and the only one who can hope to stop the army’s rampage, will Alina be able to harness the power of the stone? Or will her new life burn just like her village?

Haha. Went from Xmas to a YA fantasy. But I oddly was craving something like this because I have been reading SO much romance and xmas books these last couple of weeks. Time to end the year with a fantasy hehe. 

We follow Alina who is terrified of fire because her entire life and family went up in flames years ago. Her whole village burned up and she is the only survivor. But everything changes when a mysterious gem appears like magic in dying embers. She becomes enthralled by this gem. When an army of marauders attacks her new home, she soon finds herself in a world of danger and uncertainty. Determined to keep the gen away from those who would use it for evil, she travels to the Ethereal Realm to uncover the origins of the gem and about herself. 

This has the makings of an exciting world and story. I am curious to see what happens next especially how this one ended. Oooo mama. That was an ending...I was left mouth agape. WHA? NO!

It is short, but there is a lot of content but I do want to learn more about this world. I feel like something is missing. Maybe book 2 will have the answers I seek. 

Poor Alina. I just want her to be happy and live a good life. She keeps getting tossed into crazy situations. 

This was a fun way to end the year. My last book of 2020. Fire and dragons and battles! It was a freebie on Amazon and it is short so I do recommend it. I'll give this 4 stars as well. 

Wednesday, December 30

2021 Romance Bingo Reading Challenge

Hosted by: Blodeuedd @ Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell
                                                                            Carole @ Carole Rae's Random Ramblings

Blodeuedd and I decided to host our own reading challenge again this year! 

We are doing a bingo sheet to mark our reading progress! The rules are below. 


- It HAS to be a romance novel. 
- One bingo box per book (if your book meets a couple of these you have to pick just one)
- You can try and read all of them or just do one BINGO line. 
- There is one FREE SPACE
- Bingo Starts 1/1/2021 and ends 12/30/2021
- Join whenever

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

Tuesday, December 29

Audiobook Review: Silent Vows by Catherine Bybee

Author: Catherine Bybee
Narrator: David Monteath
Title: Silent Vows
(MacCoinnich Time Travels #2)
Genre: Historical Romance, Time Travel, Fantasy, Sci Fi
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 302
Published:  September 3rd 2010
Where I got It: Audible

Myra, a medieval virgin druidess, flees five hundred years into the future to escape death at the hands of a cursed witch and lands in the arms of a handsome but cynical twenty-first century cop. Officer Todd Blakely knows Myra is hiding something, but can't resist her innocent charms. Destiny throws them both into a world of intrigue and mysticism. Can Todd be the true white knight she needs? Or will magic and the winds of time tear them apart?

Couldn't wait to get started on book 2! Book 1 was so good and it left on a cliffie of sorts. 

We now follow Myra who was sent to the future to hide from the evil witch who wants her virgin druid blood. Also, Myra needs to find her sister-in-law's sister, Liz, and nephew to warn them and let them know that Tara is okay. She finds herself in the path of Officer Todd Blakely who knows Myra is hiding something and may know where the missing Tara is. But he is oddly also attracted to her and wants to help her. 

I am loving this series so far. I can't wait for book 3. 

This was good and again slightly different than the a-typical time travel books. We get to see the aftermath of book 1 when Tara left the modern age all of a sudden. The cops are looking for her and Liz is a mess. I am bummed we didn't get to re-meet up with Tara's old friend. Poor thing must be a mess too. We rarely see the ramifications and it made me worried for Myra because the cops know she knows something but she won't say. 

I was a little unsure of Todd at first and it took me near to the end when he finally man's up and admits he loves Myra. I don't blame her brothers for wanting to knock his head off. LOL. But yes - he does finally man up when things get really real. 

This does add more of a witch element. Yes, we have the time travel element, but there is also a lot more magic used in this one. I liked it. I am curious to see how far it goes. 

That evil witch, Grainna, really is true evil and she worries me. She is getting stronger. Oh boy. We get a better look into her powers. I feel bad for her followers who are mind-controlled for sure and/or severely lied to. 

The narrator is the same as before. I like him even though his young American voice still needs a touch of work, but I feel like it was a hair better this time around. 

Overall, I liked this one a lot. I am itching to get a start on book 3! Everything is coming to a head and I need to know what will happen next. Plus we get to see Liz's story with Fin. They have a lot of chemistry but a LOT of differences they will need to settle. I'll give this 4 stars.  

- #63 for Audiobook Challenge


Monday, December 28

Blodeuedd's Monday Movie Review: How to Be a Latin Lover

Finding himself dumped after 25 years of marriage, a man who made a career of seducing rich older women must move in with his estranged sister, where he begins to learn the value of family.

Director: Ken Marino
Writers: Jon Zack, Chris Spain
Stars: Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek, Raphael Alejandro

1h 55min | Comedy, Drama 

This was one I did not expect much from, but it was funny. I enjoyed this one.


Sunday, December 27

Book Review: A White Wedding Christmas by Andrea Laurence

Author: Andrea Laurence
Title: A White Wedding Christmas
(Brides and Belles #4)
Genre: Romance
Format: paperback
Pages: 192
Published:  December 1st 2015
Where I Got It: My shelf (Library book sale)

Reunited at a Christmas wedding

I do two words wedding planner Natalie Sharpe will never utter. The cynic in her doesn't believe in love but the woman in her believes in lust! When a last-minute Christmas wedding reunites her with the bride's hunky brother, Natalie's teenage crush and star of all her fantasies. Natalie wants a second chance for their first time

But Colin Russell isn't a teen anymore. He's all man. And his every touch has her thinking about the F word: forever. Working with him on the wedding is more temptation than she can take. Will one long, hot kiss lead this reluctant bride down her own wedding aisle?

Got this a year or two ago at the Flint Library book sale. Kind of forgot about this one. But it caught my eye on the shelf and it IS xmas time. 

So...we have Natalie who is a wedding planner who doesn't believe in love or weddings. She only believes in lust. We also have Colin who is the brother of Natalie's long-time friend. He tempts her in all the bad ways. Love....Xmas joy....marriage....forever. 

Okay. I knew going in this was a second chance - kinda - story and also a book about a love cynic who gets turned to love love again and to even love Xmas again. Yes...I knew that....but OMG. 

OKAY let's start with YOU Colin. You have a heart of gold. You are a gem among the terrible women in your life. Yesssss you should've just walked away. Screw your sister. Screw Natalie. They don't deserve you. Your sister is a snot - let her have no wedding. She doesn't want it. Natalie is a rude beyotch. YOU deserve a goddess who will love you and not use you. 

Colin's sister....Lily (?) screw you too. Just tell Colin there is NO way and not to waste his money on a wedding you obv don't want. Woman up and don't let him waste his time. 

AND YOU Natalie. You are a dang wedding planner. Yes, there are other tales where the wedding planner plans other people's happiness because they 1) don't deserve love or 2) will ever find it. Read it, watched it. HOWEVER, you are a special crazy because you DON'T believe in love at all and think weddings are dumb and a waste of money. You think love doesn't exist...that is all chemicals and biology and humans only have lust. You sit on your high horse and judge all your couples that you "help" plan their special day. Screw you lady. You don't deserve Colin. Sure your dad left your mom on xmas and I can see you not liking Xmas and not want to trust men. I feel you girl. But then DON'T get into wedding planning. What an illogical career choice. I would be fine with you, but you are just taking people's money and casting judgment on them because you expect them to just divorce and come back to you when they remarry because they are dumb and love is nonexistent. Easy money for you. GAH! Rude!!!!

Sorry. But this book just made me so mad. All the women sucked and Colin was a sucker who should've just walked away from his sister and Natalie. smh. 

Overall, I was not amused and it did not create xmas joy for me even when everything worked out and everyone was happy and in love and having babies. 1 star from me. Bah humbug. 

Saturday, December 26

Saturday Movie Discussion: Christmas with a View

This month Blodeuedd and I are reviewing, Christmas with a View. 

Blodeuedd is in red and I am in green.

Title:  Christmas with a View

Genre: Drama, Romance 
Running Time: 1h 31min 
Rating: PG
Released: 2018

Secret aspirations between a failed restaurateur and a celebrity chef threaten their blossoming Christmas romance.



It was some time ago, and this movie wasn't exactly memorable, but I will do my best.

Agreed. I feel like we delayed this one bc of the holidays and this was not as good as some other of the xmas movies we have watched. 

I was rather meh, I am trying to recall bad or good things now but it leaves me rather….blank.

It did not inspire xmas joy and xmas love for sure. I was sooooo bored, if I am to be frank. The actors were boring. The story was meh and 100% unbelievable. Like at the end how he found that ornament. Like...okay bro. 

It was still better than this other xmas movie I saw that felt so non romance. It is still two people that meet, fall for each other cos they are both hot. Oh oh, gotta save some old inn. And yes random ornament that gave nothing to the story for me

Yes this wasn’t the worst xmas movie, but it for sure didn’t inspire any good feelings for me. LOL. I kept mocking the slow sexy scenes with the food while he was cooking. Those scenes were so crazy. It felt like they didn’t have enough content so they just had to show the food. WHICH it did all look yummmy, but still...cheesy to another level. 

Ha, like in other movies when they just go out and watch the snow or something for ages, here they cooked. I have seen better movies, but for background noise it is totally fine. You can miss 10 minutes and not having missed anything crucial.

OMG right? At least the food looked good and kept making me hungry. I feel like I ate a lot during this movie. From boredom and from all the sexy cooking scenes. At least make him take his shirt off too while he cooks. Hahahahahaha. 

LOL. Ugh, hair in the kitchen! Haha, why not :D It would have made it more interesting. Also, nah whatever, the movie had plotholes, I have watched every xmas movie in netflix it seems by now

You do love those xmas movies ;) Me too but I have not watched as many. I just watched all three of the xmas prince trilogy AGAIN. LOL twice in like 2 weeks. Those are the best. This just fell flat for me. Maybe if the acting was better? They felt bored and didn’t really want to be there. LOL I did enjoy Bonnie and Clive. Maybe they should have their own movie. They made me laugh and Clive was HAWT. A total weirdo...but hawt. 

I liked Bonnie, and Clive! Weirdos :)
But you are on to something, chemistry is obvi so important. The Xmas prince, omg, those are so cute together. Here, eh, did they really fance the pants of each other or not? Also it felt like they brought in her mum  just to give her a movie credit. She did not need to be there either, actually I would rather have seen her find love,

They were adorbs and I want more of them. Sighs. Ya the mom didn’t add anything. Again...more filler and give her a movie credit. She really didn’t have a role. She wasn’t comic relief. She wasn’t the wise old mum. She was just...there to brag about herself and ask the cook BF to get her references lollll. Boring. And yessss it would’ve been fun seeing her find love. 

Yes, she was rather snobby about her things so she would inherit some little cabin (as they always do), go there, and there is some hunky woodsman and they fall in love and she realises that everything does not need to be perfect.

Ooooooo I am liking that idea!! Teach her the simple things in life are much better than her being in some dumb magazine and all her expensive decorations and clothing. Love it. 

That would have been better. Alas, sadly not. But they can’t all be winners or even fun, or good, some are ok, and I am fine with that.

Makes us appreciate the really good the Xmas prince trilogy *cough*. And like you said earlier...a good background noise while you read or do chores lol. You won’t miss much. 

Why oh why did they not give is Xmas Prince 4! You effing bastards! OMG, Xmas Prince 30 years later, the Heir marries, ohhhhhhh. Gimme everything

Would that mean we have to watch 30 years tho???? Or just until the kid is like 18 or something LOLLLL. I want movie 4 asap!

Movie 4 is about another kid, another scandal, movie 5 fast forward 30 years, or so. Movie 6 the other kid finds love. Repeat repeat

A dynasty of movies! LOL Follow the whole family line. OOOOOO they could give us a “prequel” too. The old king and queen meeting and falling in love. *gasps* MORE NETFLIX GIMME MORE!!!

Yes! And some like medieval version too, and a 1800s version ;)

Who do we call at Netflix to make this happen dammit?! LOL. 
Hehehe gotta love how this slowly turned into talking about one of the best xmas romance netflix movies ;) 

So, watch Xmas prince instead is our final verdict

100000000%. That is much better. Heck Princess Switch is better too. Skip this one unless you want background noise to fall asleep to. 

The end :D

The end! :D

Thursday, December 24

Audiobook Review: One Fine Fae by Molly Harper

Author: Molly Harper
Narrator: Jonathan Davis , Amanda Ronconi
Title: One Fine Fae
(Mystic Bayou #4.5)
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Short Story/Novella, UF, Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Published:  August 12th 2020
Where I got It: Audible

Charlotte McBee knows she’s in for a challenge when she accepts a job as midwife for a dragon and a phoenix shifter. Being a fairy herself, it isn’t the supernatural world that scares her. It’s the thought of delivering a giant metal dragon’s egg, which has her gritting her teeth in pain for poor Jillian, the anxious mother-to-be.

While preparing for the big event, a handsome town resident catches her eye. Leonard is kind, charming, and a little bit mysterious. He’s also suffering from a highly unusual condition brought on by an ancient fairy curse, and he’s too wary of Charlotte to allow her to get close.

Back in my favorite town! I am going to be sad when it is all over. SOBS!

But we are back and we are following Charlotte and Leonard. Charlotte has just accepted the job as a midwife for a dragon and a phoenix shifter. Oh dearie. Being a fairy midwife, she has seen it all but even this has her a little nervous. While preparing for the big event, the handsome town resident catches her eye right away. Leonard is a kind and charming man who is suffering from a curse brought on by an ancient fairy curse. This fairy cursed his entire family for generations. He is a little wary of Charlotte but he can't stay away. 

Oh Leonard. I felt so bad for him earlier on, but even more so now when you find out what had caused the family curse. Dang spiteful fairy!! I get cursing the ahole but why his whole family forever until he apologies. WHICH he's been dead for a LONG while...shouldn't everyone else be let off the hook? Sighs. 

I'm so happy he found Charlotte and that Charlotte is sweet as peaches. She is adorable!! I was worried there would be more drama since she is a fairy and all, but they worked well. 

This was quick but perfect. They still have some stuff to work out, but I'm sure we'll see them in the next one since there is another preggo! Won't spoil nothin' more ;) 

The narrators are perfect of course. I love their voicessss!

I can't wait for more! MORE PLEASE!

I'll give this 5. Perfect and sweet for the holidays. 

- #62 for Audiobook Challenge


Wednesday, December 23

Audiobook Review: Binding vows by Catherine Bybee

Author: Catherine Bybee
Narrator: David Monteath
Title: Binding Vows
(MacCoinnich Time Travels #1)
Genre: SciFi, Fantasy, Historical Romance, Paranormal, Time Travel
Format: Audiobook
Published:  December 4th 2009
Where I got It: Audible

Duncan MacCoinnich's task... Travel to the twenty-first century Renaissance Faire, deflower the Druid virgins, and go home. Only his job is not so easily accomplished with the virgin in question, Tara McAllister. Time is running out. The evil is closing in on them both. Tara finds Duncan irresistible after what was supposed to be a mock Hand-fasting binds them. When Duncan whisks her to his home in Scotland she could accept that. But, can she forgive him for taking away her modern life when she finds herself in the sixteenth century? And is it love they feel? Or something else?

Trying to complete my reading challenge so I grabbed this one since it is "time travel". Plus it seems to take a different spin on the concept *fingers crossed*

We follow Duncan MacCoinnich and Tara. Duncan and his family have been given a task from the Ancients to travel to the 21st century once a year and deflower any Druid virgins that go to the Renaissance Faire in order to stop an evil witch from killing them and taking their virgin blood to break her curse. This not so easy when he comes across Tara who is stubborn even though she is instantly attracted to Duncan. After a mock Hand-fasting between the two that binds them, Duncan whisks her back in time to save her. Can she ever forgive him? 

This was a lot of fun. It was not your a-typical time travel romance novel. Sure they have insta-feelings and all that, but there is a lot at play because of that evil witch and the MacCoinnich's task to protect the people of all centuries. Sure it isn't nice to seduce the virgins and never call them again, but they will be killed if they do not. I really did love the reason WHY Duncan dragged her along. He really had no choice at that point and it worked. 

I loved Duncan and his brother. I can't wait for his brother to find his HEA. He is very sweet and wicked. I also want Tara's bff to get a HEA! 

Ooooo that witch is evil. They need to get rid of her ASAP. Evil, but I liked it. What a good baddie! A part of me feels bad when we find out WHY she went totally evil...but damn...she is evil and I do not think they can save her at this point. She has done way too much. 

The narrator was good. I feel like I heard him before. His accents and different voices were really good. Except for his American young woman accent. I had to stifle a chuckle. I think he tried to hard at the beginning because I felt like he relaxed (or I totally just got used to it and it didn't bother me anymore) and then it worked and fit. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this. I can't wait for book 2! Another twist...Duncan's little sis is forced to go to the 21st century. Bound to be a lot of fun for sure! I highly recommend this one. I'll give this 4 stars. 

- #61 for Audiobook Challenge
- #22 Time Travel
Another bingoooo


Tuesday, December 22

Book Review: Christmas in July by Enni Amanda

Enni Amanda
Title: Christmas in July
Genre: Holiday, Novella, Short Story, Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 65
Published:  November 23rd 2020 
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Can you find the Christmas spirit in the wrong place, at the wrong time?

As Riley scores a job on a feature film, she’s eager to prove herself to Damian, the famous director she can’t stop thinking about. When they fly to Queenstown, New Zealand, to film on the snowy mountains in July, she’s ready for any discomfort. What she’s not ready for is a snowstorm that cuts her off from the rest of the crew or an unexpected visitor who seeks shelter in her cabin.

Any other girl would love to cozy up with Jonas, a gorgeous ski instructor carrying bags of party food. Not Riley. She’s desperate to get back to her job, back to Damian. The last thing she’s looking for is a protective Swedish guy telling her what she can and can’t do. But as things start to slip out of her control, Riley is forced to rethink her priorities.

Is she headed down the wrong path? And is it possible she has more in common with the Swedish guy than she thought?

Randomly found this little one on Amazon. Short and sweet Xmas tale. 

Riley scored a job on a feature film with a well-known and genius director! She is eager to prove herself to him and move up the chain and someday direct her own films. They fly to Queenstown, New Zealand to film the final scenes on a snowy mountain. What she's not ready for is a snowstorm that cuts off from the rest of the crew and leaves her stranded with a stranger. Any other girl would count themselves lucky to be stranded with such a gorgeous ski instructor who is carrying bags of party food, but Riley doesn't have time for that. She needs this storm to hurry up so she can join the rest of the film crew. However, things start to slip out of her control so she maybe has to rethink her priorities. 

I really feel like this should've been a longer novel. I would've loved to see them together more. They were adorable together and he was just the dang sweetest. Sure one part made me shake my fist at him, but I loved them together. I really think they needed more time!! Maybe I'm just biased ;) but yesssss I wish this was longer. 

They were adorable though. A very sweet romance. And a pretend Xmas celebration. Super cute and cheesy. 

Gah. I wanted to shake Riley though. How could she be so blind about that dang director???????? Especially after the story Jonas told her!!! Gah. Daft girl. But love/lust is blind for sure. I also really wanted to shake her when she tried to take off in car. Gah again. 

But yes - this was cute and short and sweet. Riley needed a good shaking tho, but they were cute. I really wish this had been longer. The love was too quick for my liking for these two completely different people. I'll give this 3 stars as an overall. 


Monday, December 21

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: The Highlander's Demand by Mary Wine

Narrated by: Tim Campbell

Series: Highland Rogues, Book 1

Length: 7 hrs and 38 mins

Release date: 12-17-20

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Historical romance

To review

Maybe it is the times we live in, but I felt Rhedyn deserved better. I know it got good in the end, but if these times have thought me anything, you do not need toxic people around. You are much happier without them.

Buchanan thinks Rhedyn's dad was behind the death of Buchanan's half brother. So he takes Rhedyn to settle the score. Of course every asshole in the keep thinks she should be killed, like hello, what did she do? Where is the evidence against her dad? So Buchanan is always kind, I do not blame him, he thought he did the best thing cos he did not want to start a war. And he does look after her, but, omg everyone at the keep is horrid. I mean this book had me crying because they were so evil. And at the end everyone is forgiven, like no, I do not forgive you! Rhedyn was way too nice, I would have told them all to shove it and leave, even though Buchanan was a total hottie, and kind, just, the people! Though his sister was nice, and her champion

Oh I rambled, but hello, it made me cry cos they were so mean.

Love conquers everything, and mean people turn nice, and even evil people have happy endings (even though they totally do not deserve it). Only the baddest baddie got what he deserved.

I enjoyed it, but aye, it was sad too. But Mary Wine never disappoints me, her highlanders are always so fierce.

Male narrator! Oh he got me, great voices and a total feel for the story told . He made the accent thick so I had to listen and not stray as I sometimes do, which is a good thing then

Buchanan Mackenzie is a new laird, and he’s about to be tested. When his half-brother is killed, he must seek vengeance or face the rage of his clansmen. Beyond spilling blood, fate offers him another solution. Taking the daughter of his enemy will appease his angry men, but it leaves him struggling to find peace over making a hostage of a woman.

Rhedyn Lindsey has been raised to shoulder her duty. For her kin and clan, she will make the best of a future that will be decided based on alliances. But she never expects it to come in the form of being taken as a hostage.

In an instant, her life is turned inside out. Perhaps for the best, though, for the alternative would have been to see her father's blood spilled. Now she’s at the mercy of a man who has every reason to hate her. Regardless of what fate throws her way, she won’t crumble. She’ll stand up to Buchanan Mackenzie. Just because she’s a woman, doesn’t mean she lacks courage.

Will Buchanan Mackenzie give in to the demands of his men who seek revenge for the death of his half-brother, or will he rely on the wisdom his beloved father taught him, and take his time in deciding what will happen to his beautiful captive—Rhedyn Lindsey—a woman who has captured his attention, respect, and quite possibly his heart?

Sunday, December 20

Book Review: The Thief's Angel by Caroline Lee

Caroline Lee
Title: The Thief's Angel (The Highland Angels #3)
Genre: Historical Romance, Mystery
Format: ebook
Pages: 266
Published:  February 17th 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Lady Rosalind Forbes is an integral member of the Queen’s Angels—an elite trio of spies disguised as ladies-in-waiting—as the brains of the group. However, she’s keeping two secrets from her teammates; one which will endanger this mission, and one which will jeopardize her very place as an Angel. Her teammates don’t know, can’t know, that she’s given herself to the very man who is now their prime suspect in the plot against the Crown.

Cam Fraser used to be the son of a laird, a man with a place. Now he’s just a thief, and a leader of cutpurses. But his mission to find the woman he’s betrayed leads him to his ancestral home, where he encounters Rosa, the dark beauty whose touch he hasn’t been able to forget.

With the help of a matchmaking six-year-old, and a chance attack by bandits, Cam and Rosa have the opportunity to set things right. But that’s not going to help Rosa’s mission, not when Cam doesn’t even realize he’s a suspect. And she can’t give her heart to a traitor…can she?

A brilliant Angel and a charming thief are going to have to work together to discover the truth about the plot against Robert the Bruce, if they want any chance of a future together.

Third book in the series. This has been the one I have been waiting on. Everything is coming together and we are finally getting Rosa's HEA!

We follow Rosa who is sent to follow Cam Fraser who is now suspected of wanting to overthrow the King and Queen. Cam used to be the son of a laird who ran away as a youth and joined a gang of thieves. He is now their leader, but he gave that up to find his beloved adopted sister, Court, who he betrayed. He wants to make it right and make sure she is happy wherever she is. With the help of a matchmaking six-year-old and an attack by bandits, Cam and Rosa have a chance to set things right and get to know each other. A brilliant Angel and a charming thief will have to work together to prove Cam is innocent and find out who really is behind the plot. 

I've been waiting to get Rosa's story and for Cam to finally find peace. I knew he was innocent from the last book. There is NO way he could've done it. I had my suspicion and I was right. HAHA! BUT the WHY was what was throwing me off and not being confident on the who. Ooooo the why was good and added an extra layer to the story. 

I liked Cam from the moment we met him. He is simply adorable! I liked Rosa too. However....I wasn't 100% convinced I liked these two together. I did warm up to them eventually, but at first, I was not feeling the chemistry. Near the end, I was finally okay with it and it finally clicked for me.

The big twist/why had me on the floor! I totally did NOT see that coming. Like I said really added a nice layer of complexity to the story. Perfecto!

Oooo that was a good ending. We shall have more Angels! I am excited. It totally makes sense that the Queen would have more secret Angels to watch over her and Robert the Bruce. Yayy I am excited for more. 

Overall, I enjoyed this. This was a nice way to end this arch of the mystery. It took me 'til near the end to really click with Rosa and Cam as a couple, but when it did click for clicked and I was happy for them. I also LOVED the reveal. I had the who, but not the why. Fun! I am really adoring this series and I am glad there shall be more. Huzzah! I'll give this 4 stars. 


- #11 on THE BAD BOYS OF ROMANCE challenge