Saturday, April 21

Joint Review: The Secret Scripture (2016)

Hello everyone! This month Blodeuedd and I are reviewing, The Secret Scripture. 

Blodeuedd is in red and I am in purple.

Title:  The Secret Scripture
Genre: Drama, Romance
Running Time: 1 hr and 48 mins
Rating: PG-13
Released: 2016

A woman keeps a diary of her extended stay at a mental hospital.



WELL hello stranger! Been a while. Hahaha

Sorry, feeding S. Here :D I will just jump right in. You picked a great movie. Omg, we can actually discuss things here, but first

I will give spoilers, I have to. SO let us begin

It would be IMPOSSIBLE not to spoil a couple of things. SO much to discuss. FIRST. OMG!!! I cried at the end. Happy and sad tears.

I could not cry, I was too mad. Rage rage against the world!!!!!!!!

Maybe it helped that I didn’t watch the last 20 mins until a couple of hours later so I was able to cool off. But F that town. It should burn!!! Rose was such a good girl and they ruined her.

I was all wtf is your problem!?!?! That freaking priest was like stalking her and everyone gave her the eye. He had a problem. Not her fault. Oh and then, omg, I will smite thee! How could he write a letter like that?!

Ugh! That priest! Everyone had seen the scene he made and yet they still blamed her because she was “brave” and looked men in the eye. >_> WHAT! Luckily this was a movie and not a book...I would’ve thrown it. I can’t pick up the TV and throw it hahaha.

Though they sure made it real, cos we all know a Catholic priest has no faults. So it could never be his fault, it was clearly always her fault. And it made me sad and angry. He ruined her life. All those years, all her life. It broke me.

Of course they looked the other way and blamed her. Her aunt was a piece of crap too. How dare she??????????? Yes. Poor Rose. All those years. I can’t even imagine. They made her crazy in that place. The things she went through...I don’t know how she survived.

F that aunt. F her to hell! How could she sign that? But then the priest told her and he is God’s messenger on earth. Sigh. WHat a horrid place to live in. And yes it broke her and those scenes were the worst, because I knew she would spend the rest of her life there.

I loved the way they shared the story. It was well done. Even though you know that is where she ends up there is hope. You hope she gets out. I huzzahed at her attempt at escaping! So sad, so sad.

It was so hopeful when she felt better cos of her baby, but, no, I mean I knew she never got out. But yes I did hope. They kept the “suspense” up. One never knows, even when one knows.. F that priest! I can not say it enough. Now I want to cry! :/
But yes they did it so well.

I never faltered in my belief of her innocence especially when we got to see how much to loved Michael. OOOOH MICHAEL! *stifles tears* I hate that priest and that town. I liked the ending a lot and I did not expect it….but it was bittersweet for sure.

Sniff, Michael! I did not expect that, I thought perhaps the priest would do something. I am glad she found him, even if not for long. Also wtf townspeople! Going after Michael like that, I know Ireland did not want to be on any side the English were but come on! The only guy I could forgive is the guy playing Kili in The Hobbit cos he is so dang cute.

Was that the one who danced with Rose?

Yes, I know I know, but he was so cute! Not like that creepy friend of his!

Okay! I couldn’t remember which one he played. Yes. He seemed to actually like her, but when she turned him down he was all cool like a SANE PERSON. The priest had serious issues. >_>

He was obsessed! Ugh, creepy bastard.
Oh I forgot that you mentioned the end! Yes, did not see it coming.

So good. What are the chances though??? But I guess it makes sense. Michael helped I feel in some way.

Yes, what were the odds ;) But I liked it. I was all FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and that nurse was wonderful!

A part of me hoped that it was reversed and it the was the nurse. She loved Rose so much. *sniff* so beautiful.

I hoped the nurse and him would hook up, lol

Maybe there will be sequel...THE PRIEST’S RETURN! Ruins two more lives. MWUAHAHAHAHA!

Ugh, do not scare me! That man will rot in hell. But...he did do that thing.

Yes. I guess he took off a point from his huge debt of wrong. Horrible man.
What did you think of the bible part? I liked it. It was clever. I wonder how long it took them to trust her with a pen?

Well...she had her entire life so :/ But I liked it, her whole life in there. I am glad this was one of the books you mentioned. I read Barry before, I think it was a WW1 about an Irish soldier and omg so sad.

Her name does sound familiar….I might have read something in the past. I want to read this book someday. My heart can’t handle it right now though. Maybe we’ll get more details? I want to know the fate of that dang priest. I hope the dad punched him the nose when he told him the wrong he did.

The book I read was The long long way, but there is no review so it must be pre Goodreads, dang...but I remember it being good, and cos of that I have this book down as audio so it seems the library has it on audio and I wanted it one day. Maybe more details, maybe not

Mhmmm. But I just looked at Goodreads there are more books about the McNulty family. Maybe there will a story about her parents and the nurse and the guy (blanking on his name). :D

Blanking here too. Meant to check GR too but S is tearing apart books =_0

CHILD!!!! BAD!!!!! She will learn one day. But yes. I want to read the book and maybe some of the other ones in the series……..someday. My heart can’t handle revisiting that sad story.

I have down Days without end for a librarybook so maybe we should give it a go one time and see if he is still good at writing :D

Ooo let me know how it goessss.
Soooo? Anything else to add? I think we did with the spoilers.

Spoilers ahoy!
A movie that was hard to pin down. It was not like I thought it was amazing! But it was good and dealt with a harsh reality. So for that is worth it

Yes, yes. A really great watch. It will make you feel and it doesn’t shy away from the truth of the time. prepared for sadness, happiness, sadness, and FLAMING ANGER!

So much anger. Arrhhh I cannot write, I have a bandaid on my finger and keep messing things up

Oh no!
Well - back to work for meeeeeee.

The end

EEEKKK! The end. Until next time!

Such a good movie. Made me feel so much!! Worth the watch. I'll give it 5 stars.