Sunday, December 27

Book Review: A White Wedding Christmas by Andrea Laurence

Author: Andrea Laurence
Title: A White Wedding Christmas
(Brides and Belles #4)
Genre: Romance
Format: paperback
Pages: 192
Published:  December 1st 2015
Where I Got It: My shelf (Library book sale)

Reunited at a Christmas wedding

I do two words wedding planner Natalie Sharpe will never utter. The cynic in her doesn't believe in love but the woman in her believes in lust! When a last-minute Christmas wedding reunites her with the bride's hunky brother, Natalie's teenage crush and star of all her fantasies. Natalie wants a second chance for their first time

But Colin Russell isn't a teen anymore. He's all man. And his every touch has her thinking about the F word: forever. Working with him on the wedding is more temptation than she can take. Will one long, hot kiss lead this reluctant bride down her own wedding aisle?

Got this a year or two ago at the Flint Library book sale. Kind of forgot about this one. But it caught my eye on the shelf and it IS xmas time. 

So...we have Natalie who is a wedding planner who doesn't believe in love or weddings. She only believes in lust. We also have Colin who is the brother of Natalie's long-time friend. He tempts her in all the bad ways. Love....Xmas joy....marriage....forever. 

Okay. I knew going in this was a second chance - kinda - story and also a book about a love cynic who gets turned to love love again and to even love Xmas again. Yes...I knew that....but OMG. 

OKAY let's start with YOU Colin. You have a heart of gold. You are a gem among the terrible women in your life. Yesssss you should've just walked away. Screw your sister. Screw Natalie. They don't deserve you. Your sister is a snot - let her have no wedding. She doesn't want it. Natalie is a rude beyotch. YOU deserve a goddess who will love you and not use you. 

Colin's sister....Lily (?) screw you too. Just tell Colin there is NO way and not to waste his money on a wedding you obv don't want. Woman up and don't let him waste his time. 

AND YOU Natalie. You are a dang wedding planner. Yes, there are other tales where the wedding planner plans other people's happiness because they 1) don't deserve love or 2) will ever find it. Read it, watched it. HOWEVER, you are a special crazy because you DON'T believe in love at all and think weddings are dumb and a waste of money. You think love doesn't exist...that is all chemicals and biology and humans only have lust. You sit on your high horse and judge all your couples that you "help" plan their special day. Screw you lady. You don't deserve Colin. Sure your dad left your mom on xmas and I can see you not liking Xmas and not want to trust men. I feel you girl. But then DON'T get into wedding planning. What an illogical career choice. I would be fine with you, but you are just taking people's money and casting judgment on them because you expect them to just divorce and come back to you when they remarry because they are dumb and love is nonexistent. Easy money for you. GAH! Rude!!!!

Sorry. But this book just made me so mad. All the women sucked and Colin was a sucker who should've just walked away from his sister and Natalie. smh. 

Overall, I was not amused and it did not create xmas joy for me even when everything worked out and everyone was happy and in love and having babies. 1 star from me. Bah humbug. 


Melliane said...

Oh too bad for this one

Sophia Rose said...

Yeah, I could see a divorce lawyer with her attitude, but a wedding planner? Fail!

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, I know. I was bummed.

Sophia, agreed! It just doesn't make logical sense.

Jen Twimom said...

UGH for the book - but here is another reference to Flint - too funny that I never realized you were so close to my hometown!!

Blodeuedd said...

No thanks to this

Carole Rae said...

Jen, I knooow. I am bummed about thissss! And what a small world!

B, don't blame ya ;)