Saturday, July 13

Movie Review: Jungle Heat (1957) + Blog All About It

This month's prompt is:  HEAT

Been a hot minute since I did a review with the prompt. Did a quick look on Netflix and Hulu (loads of nada). So I turned to good ol' faithful Amazon Prime. Found a few movies with HEAT in the title. Decided on this old time movie. Why not? 

Jungle Heat PosterFilm Title: Jungle Heat
Length:   1h 15min
Released:   1957
Genre:    Action, Adventure, Drama 
Rating: Not Rated (I would say PG)
Where I Got It: Amazon Prime


Japanese fifth columnists create havoc in the industries and plantations of Pre-Pearl Harbor Hawaii, until an American doctor helps defeat them.



I love old time movies. There is something about them. Nothing else screamed my name except this. So why not? It fits the prompt this month. 

I regret watching it. 

Okay - so the story follows this married couple who have moved to Hawaii to take over the running of this plantation. They meet this doctor who is a sympathizer of the locals and the Japanese. At the same time, the Japanese fifth columnists are causing issues and havoc for the industries and plantations. 

The film did not know what it wanted to be. Was it an action film? Romance? A statement pro or against racism? Who knows. It was a mess of a film. Not a classic old time film and should be avoided at all costs.

I did like the doctor and the wife. They are anti-racism and like the Japanese and the other locals. Screw that husband of hers. 

The ending was confusing. Maybe I didn't get it because I was playing on my phone? Gah. I missed it. Oh well. 

Now - what really stamped my confusion on this and its relation with being pro or anti-racism. *SPOILER ALERT* Everything ends all happy and etc. The doctor and the wife (the husband is no longer a problem) are together. They are going on and on how they will be happy in this new world and hopefully, the hate will end. OOOO and then it turns out it is the morning of the bombing of Pearl Harbor....sooo...what message are you giving the viewer? Gah. So confusing. *END OF SPOILER*

This was terrible. The acting was left wanting. The plot was confusing. The action lame. Overacting. And racism scattered about like it was made out of glitter on a windy day. And the ending left me confused about what the message of this film is. 

Overall...avoid. Do not watch. 

1 star. 


Blodeuedd said...

Wait what, yay we are happy, wait, Pearl harbor! That is really weird and climactic

Carole Rae said...

See? terrible.

vvb32 reads said...

Ack! too bad. But did you get some good shots of Hawaii?

Carole Rae said...

vvb32, not really LOL. A couple good shots. Sad.