Sunday, July 21

Book Review: The Book of Lost Souls by Michelle Scott

The Book of Lost SoulsAuthor: Michelle Scott 
Title: The Book of Lost Souls
Genre: UF, Paranormal Romance
Pages: ebook
Published:  May 18th 2019
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author or publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

You don’t have to be in love to fight demons. But it helps.

Ever since demons first made their appearance on Earth, the Protectorate has been working hard to send them back to hell. It’s a dirty war between good and evil, and it gets even tougher when a demonic prophet named Hezbah threatens to smash the gates of hades and release every demon inside.

Unfortunately, the only two people who can stop Hezbah aren’t speaking to each other.

Kia Saunders takes her job as a Protectorate agent very seriously. She thought her partner, Levi, did as well. But after Lev’s disregard for the rules almost gets her killed, she questions everything she knows about the demons…and Levi.

Fearless, swaggering Levi Asche is the best Protectorate demon hunter in Detroit. Or at least he was until he made a mistake that cost him his job, his home, and his partner.

Now, as Lev and Kia work together to stop Hezbah, two things remains clear: Hezbah’s powers are greater than anyone guessed. And even when they’re arguing, Kia and Lev have never been better together.

I couldn't resist this book because of the summary and the book cover. Isn't that one badass cover? 

The story follows Kia and Lev who are Protectorate agents. Their job is to send the demons back to where they came from. A demon prophet named Hezbah threatens to smash the gates and release all the demons back to Earth.

I really enjoyed this. I was able to get this done in 3 sittings. It took a couple of chapters really to get hooked, but once I was hooked I sped through this. A quick but fun read. 

Kia was fun and she kicked butt. I was meh about Lev at first. By the end I did like him...but I am still not the biggest fan of him. I get he does what he does and he gets results, but he breaks too many rules that almost got Kia killed. SMH. Calm down cowboy! lol. But yes, I did like him but I still will keep a close on him in the future. 

The baddie was scary! I wasn't sure how everything was going to turn out. 

I believe there is a 1st book? I would like to read it if is there. There seemed to be some backstory I felt like I was missing. Overall the book did okay as a standalone but I do feel like I was missing some things though. 

I want more of this world though! I want to learn more. It is a fun concept and world. Demons are scary! And I said it already but that baddie was scary but a good baddie!

Now that ending!? SO good. I am itching to see what is next! 

Overall, I really liked this book. The cool cover drew me in and then the story had me hooked. There were some references I felt like I missed, but it still worked out. Kia was awesome, but I am still going to keep an eye on that Lev fella. ;). OooooOOo that ending was really good. Curious to see what is next! I'll stamp this with 4 stars. 



Blodeuedd said...

maybe there is one of those stupid prequel novellas. I hate those

Sophia Rose said...

Oooh, this does look fun. I've done that a few times when I started and felt like the story was missing a previous book.

vvb32 reads said...

Ooo, a scary good baddie.

Melliane said...

Well I confess that I"m not a fan of the cover but the story looks good!

Carole Rae said...

B, maybe! I'd have to look and research

Sophia, :D fun overall for sure.

vvb32, yesss that baddie!

Melliane, really???? I'm in love!