Tuesday, July 16

Time for TV Tuesday: The Last Czars (2019)

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I finished this show in just a couple of sittings. Darn work and having to sleep!

The show is about Nicholas and his downfall of the Czar dynasty. What makes this show unique and different than other shows is that it is a blend of a documentary and a show-show. We get the historical facts from the professional historians. But we also get to see the drama. They have real actors acting out the scenes and making it entertaining and you get to become more attached to certain characters. It was a historically accurate show but also entertaining at the same time. 

BF even liked this show and watched a few episodes with me. He was so enthralled that we stayed up late watching the last 2 episodes together. We were sure tired the next morning, but he wanted to know what happened at the end (even though I spoiled it previously – but we all know what happens. Common knowledge). He was so mad at those them killing the family. Especially the kids. So tragic. 

This was a very sad tale and I knew that going in, but it is always tears me up. I feel for the family. I feel for the people. It was sad all around. It could’ve ALL been avoided. Russia could be like England today.  Heck…sometimes I feel bad for that Mad Monk. He was mad and insane and it wasn’t ALL his fault at the ruination of the dynasty. They all were to blame. Except for the kids. Ugh!!! FEELS!

Some of the characters didn’t look like who they were portraying, BUT they did so well at the roles that it didn’t bug me too much. I also really liked that they added legit film from the time, but we got the actors too. I do wish they ALL had the appropriate accents. The peasants and lower-class people had them, but the royalty didn’t. Annoying. 

Honestly, it was a perfect blend of all the real film, acting, and narration. The people they got to narrate and explain were awesome. They were not stuffy boring history types that but a dark-stain on us history buffs *laughs at own joke*. They were entertaining themselves. I even learned a LOT! There was a lot I knew, but then there was a lot I didn’t. So fun to learn new things. 

Oooo that ending. I cried. I knew what was going to happen. But ugh. The feels. I hope they bury Alexei and Maria soon. They need to join their family and let it be done. 
Now…I will say that there is a small piece of my brain and heart that say someone survived. Maybe it wasn’t Anastasia. Maybe they can’t bury Alexei and Maria because they did survive. Who knows? Can we really trust the Russian government and their scientists? I mean…they have SO much to gain if the family is dead. Everyone has a price. Even scientists. With them all dead there is no chance for any to come back and make a play at the throne. Sure. It would likely never happen. BUT Russia is SO unstable even today. Better to keep the past dead. The only ones who know for sure are the people who were in that room. 

All-in-all, this was a good show. It hit all the emotions, but you also get to learn. I really enjoyed it and I hope we get more shows like this in the future from Netflix. It makes history entertaining even for us history nuts. I'll stamp this with 4 stars. 


Blodeuedd said...

Oh I blame it all on Rasputin.

But hey their loss, our win

Melliane said...

Oh yes that's one I have to try too

Carole Rae said...

B, he was 90% of the problem. LOL they were gilded fools.

Melliane, Yess it is good!

Sophia Rose said...

That is very neat how they combine the documentary part with a movie story. I love books/movies about the Russian monarchy. I'll have to look this one up.

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, I think it worked out well! Yess it is good!