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Audiobook Review: Hope Ignites by Jaci Burton

Hope Ignites (Hope, #2)Author: Jaci Burton  
Narrator: Saskia Maarleveld
Title: Hope Ignites
(Hope #2)
Genre:Contemporary Romance, Western
Pages: Audiobook
Published: March 25th 2014 
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

Logan McCormack likes his isolated life on the ranch, until a movie crew starts filming there. When actress Desiree Jenkins blows into his life, she wrecks it harder than the Oklahoma winds with her brutal honesty and soft touch. Des knows this is a temporary stay, but she loves the open freedom of the land, and for the first time in her life, Des feels like she might have found a place she can call home, with a man she might be falling in love with. But Logan’s heart is tougher than the soil beneath them—can she convince him that they belong together?

Book 2 in the series. I was super excited this one, because I had liked Logan in the last book. 

Logan is rancher who only loves his family and his ranch and his dogs. He accepts a contract with a movie crew to film their movie on part of his land. Why not? Extra cash! He then meets Desiree/Des Jenkins who is an actress. There is lust and maybe a hope of love? 

Logan was a snotball, but I get why. His parents had a crappy marriage because his mom did not want the rancher life. She just wanted to be in the city and be glamorous...sooo a hot actress breezing into town? Lots of flags there. But after a point c'mon man. Get that stubborn head out of your butt. She loves you. You love her. She loves the town. She loves the ranch. She loves the animals. IT IS PERFECT! Sure she may do some movies here and there but you guys can make it work. 

Des was okay. I didn't get a lot of her motives...but I liked her. 

LOVED Colt. He stole my little heart. His relationship with Tony was cute. I would love a little short story for those too. I want more Colt/Tony. 

Now...I did have issues with the length and how long they took to be together. Sure lots of smexy times and lots of hanging out and being couple-y. But it took until the last 10 mins for them to realize they love each other. So frustrating. I would've loved to see them make the commitment and see a touch of their arrangement or something. Just something. It got....a bit boring. Sighs. They kept going on how they don't BS each other and they are honest with their feelings...but they refuse to talk about the elephant in the room. Gah.

The narrator was awesome per normal. She is so fun! 

All-in-all I did like this. I wish there had been some more to see the dynamic once they realized they loved each other. I liked them together, but it was an easy fix and they dragged it out too long. Not as good as the first book. I'll stamp this with 3 stars. 

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Melliane said...

It's been a while since I haven't read a book by this author because in the end they were just ok

Blodeuedd said...

The latest I read by her was just such a disappointment, but I do like her earlier ones

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, she is fun.

B, I haven't been disappointed.

Anachronist said...

Not my genre so, maybe when I feel like criticizing ;p

Carole Rae said...