Thursday, July 18

Book Review: Nolander by Becca Mills

Nolander (Emanations #1)Author: Becca Mills
Title: Nolander
(Emanations #1)
Genre: Paranormal, UF, YA, & Fantasy
Pages: ebook 
Published:  April 2nd 2012)
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Nice girls don't believe in monsters. They're wrong. 

Amateur photographer Beth Ryder is in trouble. She's taking pictures of things she can't see, things that aren't human. Beth has her own dreams, but people like her don't get to go free. She's seized by a dangerous organization dedicated to keeping Earth's shadow world -- and its frightening inhabitants -- a secret. Forced into otherworldly politics and uncertain whom to trust, Beth must come to terms with a radically altered future -- one in which her own humanity seems to be draining away.

This has been burning a hole in my ebook collection and I needed something fresh and different. 

The story follows Beth Ryder who is just a nice girl in a small town. She is a little odd and has anxiety issues. She picked up a camera and decided to become a photographer. Well...she starts taking these pictures and weird things are popping up in the photo that wasn't there when she took the photo. Strange! She is dragged into an organization dedicated to keeping the shadow world a secret. 

Gah! Poor Beth. She just wants a normal life and a happy life. 

But yes - this started out pretty good. I was hooked...and then I started realizing how much everyone in this world sucks. Beth (and the kids of course) are the only ones who don't suck. I wouldn't want a part of any of those people. Screw them. They are jerks. Super jerks. Who do you trust? NONE OF THEM. Grr. At one point I did wanna shake Beth and kick her. But she is a bug stuck in a web. Poor thing. 

The story itself was okay. The world is interesting and it is different and fresh, but I had a hard time getting through the last 50% of the story because it felt forced at one point. It's hard to care about anyone or anything when everyone is terrible. Especially Graham and Williams. They are both crappy. 

Overall, this started strong and ended meh. I liked Beth and you can't hate the kids because they are sweet. But everyone else? BLEH. They are horrible and mean and terrible. No thank you. The world was interesting and it was refreshing from the other PNR/UFs out there. I'll give this a 2. 


Sophia Rose said...

Yeah, that Shadow World does sound interesting and how she got pulled into it. Bummer the characters were mostly jerks.

Carole Rae said...

Yea - I liked the world but my goodness...all of them stunk.

Blodeuedd said...

How should I read that title? I read it in Swedish like a last name and it sounds so weird ;)

Carole Rae said...

hahaha love it

Anachronist said...

Pity the book didn't live up to its potential. does sound like a last name ;p.

Carole Rae said...

I knowwww I am bummed. Such a fun world.