Sunday, August 14

Sunday Ketchup

~'Sunday Ketchup' was inspired by The Muse in the Fog's 'Suddenly Sunday' postings. However, mine are going to be a little bit different. Also when I went to spell 'Catchup' I accidentally spelled it wrong and put 'Ketchup'. I thought it was cute, so I kept it. Also, I'm addicted to ketchup! I want one of those ketchup shirts that says "I <3 Ketchup". Wouldn't that be cute? Every week, or whenever I remember, I'm going to post events that happened this past week, things coming up next week, updates, and news. You can join in and post your own 'Sunday Ketchup' postings, just make sure to mention me...if you want ^.^ ~

Happy Sunday. It's been a tough week, but it's finally over. I did go to fair and it was fun, but working during fair week is no easy task. Even though I prefer not to look back over the week, I shall. I hope your week was better than mine:

Past Week Posts:

What Came in the Store/Mail?
I did receive my very own Awkward Panda stuffed animal! For those not sure what that's one of the many products WongFu Productions makes and sells. They have the cutest things there! I even bought Sarah's birthday present there (her birthday is coming up in a handful of days). For her I bought the Awkward Bunny. To check out their store yourself, click THIS. But other than that I was slightly broke because of the fair, clothes, my parents anniversary, and so on, so I didn't have extra money for books. Carole sad. :/ 

Buuuut, my panda is SO cute. I named him Nicki. 

Here's the bunny I got Sarah...shhhhh don't tell! 

What's Going to Be Posted This Week?:
This week I'm going to be spending some family time with my family, so I can't really say. I'm not sure. I may or may not get done reading 'Revolution', I'm close though. It'll be just a week full of surprises. ^.^

Tim Horton News:
Fair Week is over! Huzzah! However, hunting season is around the corner, so yeah....but we are now selling our Smile Cookies. All the proceeds are going to the Woman's and Childern's Hospital. To learn more about the Smile Cookies click HERE. I'll take some pictures of the ones I make on Monday night (if I'm baking). 

Anything New For the Blog?:
I might be editing the name of the blog. Nothing drastic and the website link will remain the same. Last night while I was mopping the floor at work I was playing with different names with the blog. I've came up with a few and there's a couple I really really like. 

Anything Else?:
Noooope. =) 


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Blodeuedd said...

I love that panda! :D Nothing more to say since I want one too now ;)