Saturday, August 27

Next Movie of the Week....

First of all...happy Saturday! I have exciting news to share (well, you may not think it's exciting, but I certainly do) and I'll share it, PLUS pictures, tomorrow.

Now, for the main event: the announcement of the next Movie of the Week. This is a little delayed, because I was waiting for the movie to actually come to my house. I didn't want to announce this because I could only get this movie through and what if something happened? Because if for some DUMB reason Amazon couldn't get it to me, I would be at a loss. None of the movie places in Imlay City or Lapeer have this movie and neither does any Library in the Eastern part of Michigan. You see why I wanted to wait before I announced it?

Anyways, the next movie of the week is......Shinobi - Heart Under the Blade!

I couldn't resist when I found out what this movie was about and knowing me I can't resist a good fighting/ninja movie. Pah-leeease. And it has romance AND it's set in Japan. C'mon, even I knew it was a hopeless cause when I heard about this movie from other movie reviewers.  Here is a trailer:

I can't wait! Look out for the future review of this movie!


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Blodeuedd said...

Now you got me intersted :D