Thursday, August 4

Childhood Wednesday Part VI

~Instead of posting Wildcard Wednesday posts I want to try a new series of postings. Don't worry Wildcard Wednesday won't be gone forever, but I want to try this. Lately I've been thinking a lot about my childhood. My childhood was far from perfect, but without what I experienced I would not be the person I am today. That's the same with all of us. Without our experiences as kids, we wouldn't be who we are today.

With this new posting series, I want to explore what highly influenced me as a kid. I sort of base this from 'Top Ten Tuesday' and the '30 Day Picture Challenge' from Facebook~

Happy late Wednesday everyone! My internet was being a rebel  all day, so I didn't get a chance to post this. That's life or so they say. So did everyone have a good Wednesday? I did. 

This week I'm going to share what were my favorite 5 games to play as a kid with my friends and family. Like board games/card games. I got this idea from's post about 1990's game flashbacks and me being a '90s youngster fits perfectly! I loved to play board games/card games. My parents didn't like playing as much as I did...they still don't...but I would (will) bugged them until they submitted to my child cuteness. ^.^ Shall we begin? 

Guess Who. It was sort of a rip off of the game Clue, but instead of guessing where/how/who you just had to guess who just what their face looked like. It was a lot of fun.

Go-Fish was everyone's favorite! I was pretty epic at this game...and still am. I challenge you all! Haha.

Snakes and Ladders! I had a love-hate relationship with this game, because I could never win! I don't ever recall winning. I was very competitive as a child, that's one reason why my parents hated playing with me....oh well. 


Sorry!/Pokemon Sorry. I preferred my Pokemon sorry board, but I played with whatever one was available. I was and am pretty awesome at this game! It's a classic!

And at #1
Yahtzee! I have loved this game since I could play board games! It's a little pointless and a game of utter luck, but it's amazing! If you never have played this before...PLAY! You will enjoy it.

What board games/card games did you enjoy has a kid? If you want to check out last week's posting about musicians click HERE!


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