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Childhood Wednesday Part VIII

~Instead of posting Wildcard Wednesday posts I want to try a new series of postings. Don't worry Wildcard Wednesday won't be gone forever, but I want to try this. Lately I've been thinking a lot about my childhood. My childhood was far from perfect, but without what I experienced I would not be the person I am today. That's the same with all of us. Without our experiences as kids, we wouldn't be who we are today.
With this new posting series, I want to explore what highly influenced me as a kid. I sort of base this from 'Top Ten Tuesday' and the '30 Day Picture Challenge' from Facebook~

Welcome to week 8 in the Childhood Wednesday series! There's only a couple more weeks left! It feels like I just started this series! =( Carole is sad again...........ANYWAYS! This week I'll be sharing my top 8 movies that changed my life as a kid. How exciting! Shall we begin? 


Number 8 is....'Devil's Arithmetic' starring Kristen Dunst. This was my first adult movie that had a very serious plot in it. To be honest I had nightmares! It is about the horrors of the holocaust through the eyes of a young girl. However, this movie made me be obsessed with history. I had liked history, but this movie really made me a history buff.

#7 is....'The Wizard of Oz'. This is a classic movie that everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime! Not only is the story great, but the messages being told is wonderful for kids. I really enjoyed the world of Oz, because it seemed like a great place to live.  

#6 is...'Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo vs. Mew'. If you went back in time and looked at my room, it was covered in Pokemon stuff. I even had a huge Jigglypuff pillow pet (yes, there were pillow pets in the 1990s). This movie was epically sad, it even had my mom crying like a baby! It's a great movie, with a great meaning too. 

#5 is....'My Dog Skip' starring Frankie Muniz. Okay, the trailers for this movie tricks you! It makes you think it's a super happy and funny movie, so Dad took me to see it at the theaters and BAM! It was horribly sad! He felt horrible taking little me to see this. He still apologizes when this movie is mentioned. It was a good movie and had a wonderful plot and meaning, but for a young kid it was horrible! Especially when the little kid just got a puppy. 

#4 is....'Mulan'. Okay, Mulan is my role model! I mean seriously, she's the toughest Disney heroine. She's not a pampered princess who needs to be rescued. She saves herself mentally and physically. She should be every little girl's role model.

#3......'McLintock!'. Still a personal favorite of mine starring John Wayne! My mother introduced John Wayne to me at a very young age (not literally, mind you). I think my mother is secretly in love with him....It's loosely based off 'The Taming of the Shrew'. It's a cute little movie and I still love popping this on when I'm in a John Wayne mood.

#2.....'Beauty and the Beast'. A great Disney classic that a lot of people forget about, even though it holds the greatest lesson that you'll ever learn as a child: love yourself and don't judge others by what they look like. 

And at #1 is......'The Little Mermaid'. I really loved this movie as a kid. I couldn't get enough of watching this and I remember watching it at least twice a day. As a kid I would've given anything to become a mermaid, I even use to play Mermaid with my gal pals in the pool. I looked up to Ariel, but I never understood completely why she wanted to be a human instead of a mermaid.

I hoped you enjoyed this week's topic! What movies influenced you as kid so much that you still are influenced by them today? To see part 7, click THIS!


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