Tuesday, August 30

Apologies & News

I must first say....I am sorry. I have neglected to post anything for a handful of days and I lied about telling you my big news on Sunday. However, life got in the way. On Sunday I spent all day with Anee and baby Issac (we dyed her mama's hair too); I went home and crashed because I had work that night. On Monday I helped Sarah bring her car home from the car doctor and then I helped her move into her dorm (sad, I know) and got home at 9pm and watched Family Guy. Plus in between social time I was taking care of the news I had to share. Which brings us to the news..........ready?

I got a new car! ^.^ Yayy! He's a blue-purple 2007 Pontiac G5 4-door from Canada. GM in Canada is the only place that made a 4-door G5. He's so cute! I named him Pierre, because he's French. The insurance is a little insane because I'm 19 and he's technically a sports car even though he has 4 doors. Whatever....but he was only $9000 plus change. Pierre is my baby but without the crying and diapers part. Here's some pictures of Pierre:

My Tiger Smile Ball. =) So when I'm beeping my horn at you and passing you you'll get at least one smile.

Along with that news I wanted to let you all know that I received my movie Shinobi - Heart Under the Blade. So expect a Movie Review from that soon. Other than that I have no more news to report. Again, sorry for not posting certain posts. Well, in honor of Music Monday, I'll post a couple videos...

First, is a video about Lizzy and Mr. Darcy from 'Pride and Prejudice' featuring the song Apologize sung by OneRepublic. This was created by txaggie321

Next is 'How 300 Should Have Ended' by HISHEdotcom:

Have a great Tuesday everyone!