Saturday, June 4

Wonderful News in the World of Carole

Today is a wonderful day! Why? Well......

Anee had her baby today!

I had to work last night, so I was able to be awake all night and she kept me updated. At about 2 am she said that the nurses where going to call the doctor and then there was text silence. I was freaking out until 5:50 am when she sent me:

"He's 7lbs 3oz, and 20 and a half inches. Born at 5:23 am."

At that point I had just got home. I huzzahed my head off and jumped around cheering for Anee, Jon, and the baby! The baby is a boy and his name is Issac. I haven't met him yet, because my parents are off at my Grandma's house (todays her birthday too) helping her with some stuff and I didn't want to go alone. So I'm going with Sarah in a few. I can't wait until I meet Issac! Here's some pictures of Issac and Anee! (None of Jon, he kept eluding me):

Mama and Baby

Anee looking amazing

Baby Issac in Sarah's arms. =)

<3Carole Rae

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