Tuesday, June 7

Top 10 Favorite Book Settings

~Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.~

I've finally had enough time (I'm done with my exams for today) and I have nothing else planned to post today, so I've decided to do this 'Top Ten Tuesday' post. This week the question is: What are your top ten favorite Book settings. After careful and deep thinking I've finally came up with mine:

1) Rohan (From Lord of the Rings) - I just simply love this simple but beautiful land of Rohan. It highly reminds me of the Oklahoma plains. If I had to pick one place in Lord of the Rings I would choose there. I love how horses to them are like crack to crackheads. Bad example, but you understand me.

2) Early 19th Century England (from Lauren Willig's World) - I would to be part of Lauren Willig's world! All the adventure, intrigue, romance, and just plain fun. The world she spins out seems amazing. How wouldn't want to join that world?

3) Hogwarts (from Rowling's Harry Potter) - Do I even need to explain? Brits and magic and castles? Fantastic!

4) 1930s New York - Do I have to explain? =) Fast talking and black and white movies, perfect!

5) La Push, Washington (Meyer's world) - Um, why not? Vampires, werewolves, and adventure, oh my!

6) Ancient Egypt -  Ah, a beautiful place! All the pyramids and the sand. Why not?

7) Oklahoma - A beautiful land. It's not just plains, but they also have rolling hills and beautiful scenery!

8) Medieval or Modern Japan  - Just a beautiful place!

9)  Gondor (Lord of the Rings) - Another Lord of the Rings reference! I can't help but placing this one. I just love the buildings and the White Tree. Also Faramir and Boromir are from here, so why wouldn't I?

10) Versailles, France (before Revolution) - All the big hair and big dresses. I would've loved to been part of Marie Antoinette's court...I just hope I wouldn't lose my head over it. Pun intended.

^.^ I hope you enjoyed today's random posting! I'll try and get at least one review done this week. Stupid exams!!!!



Blodeuedd said...

Oh yes Rohan :D I would go there too, and regency England and Medieval England..please stop me now lol

Carole Rae said...

I love Rohan. It just seems like a fantastic place to live. =D