Sunday, June 5

Sunday Ketchup

~Yet again I find myself adding another weekly posting tradition. 'Sunday Ketchup' was inspired by The Muse in the Fog's 'Suddenly Sunday' postings. However, mine are going to be a little bit different. Also when I went to spell 'Catchup' I accidently spelled it wrong and put 'Ketchup'. I thought it was cute, so I kept it. Also, I'm addicted to ketchup! I want one of those ketchup shirts that says "I <3 Ketchup". Wouldn't that be cute? 

Every week, or whenever I remember, I'm going to post events that happened this past week, things coming up next week, updates, and news. I hope it's a success like 'Music Monday' and 'Wildcard Wednesday'. ^.^ ~

This week has been very eventful! Both on and off the blogging world. It's been a great week! However, next week is going to be a little blah compared to the last couple of weeks, because my finals start Tuesday. Yuck.

This Week's Posts:

What Came in the Mail/Store:
I received a couple of books and I FINALLY got my Sims 2 game! ^.^

Tim Horton News:
There's been a lot of happenings at Tim Hortons too. For example: I finally got the courage to ask Jackie (our head manager) if it would be possible if I could move to mornings, afternoons, or be a day-baker. She said yes, but she needs to find someone to take my spot. I did offer, however, to stay a midnight person for Sunday nights. She said she'll let me know by next week! I'm so excited! Also, we've hired a couple new people (yayy, we need them).

What's New for The Blog?:
I'll have a couple new quotes and I'll update the 'Favorite Songs of the Moment' section, but that's about it. Of course 'Sunday Ketchup' is brand new! I'm looking forward to that!

What's Going to Be Posted this Week:
I'm not 100% sure, I have exams this week, so it's going to be very limited posting week. I hope to at least post one review.

Anything Else:

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first 'Sunday Ketchup' post. I hope that there is more in the future!!

What's new with your Blog?

<3Carole Rae


Blodeuedd said...

Good luck with your exams!

New on my blog, not much, gonna write reveiws

Carole Rae said...

Thanks! I need the luck!