Wednesday, June 22

Wildcard Wednesday: Random Edition

Happy Wednesday! The week is halfway done!

For this week I drew the Joker card which means I'm going to present something funny or something completely random. I kind of love pulling this card, because I'm not even sure what I'm going to post. I usually have an idea, but in the end I pick something entirely different from the original plan.

 For this week, I'm going to show some of the many funny pictures I discovered on Google or ones that people sent me or pictures that I own and I want to share. Also, at the end, I'm going to post a random video from my 'Favorites' playlist on my YouTube account, cxcarolayxc. Enjoy! ^.^

Can you find the ninja cat? haha

IF I was a cat....

I am the great defender of gerbils!


Baby Issac. I don't know why, but this makes me giggle and "awww"

My beloved cousin, her husband, and her kids on Halloween a couple days before her baby was due. This make me chuckle. ^.^


And here's my random video. c: It's adorably funny. It's by Daneboe:

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's 'Wildcard Wednesday' posting. I love randomness. It's good for the soul.

Is there any random pictures you can't help but laugh at? Are there any you think I would like? Go ahead and send them to me at: Or you could just leave a link below. ^.^



Reb Frost said...

Thanks for enjoying my photo of Teddy the Ninja Cat and his "ketchup" episode. He really is my cat and enjoys fine dining.
I'm a Montreal Artist and Urban Photographer, (and i sometimes take photos of my cat who assists me in my studio)
Reb Frost

Carole Rae said...

No, thank you for commenting. I love that picture. Thank you, also, for taking that picture, it's so cute. From what I've seen of your work you do a great job.