Tuesday, June 7

Music Monday & Drama

Happy Music Monday everyone!

~Just for a warning, I vent for a paragraph or two or....four, so feel free to skip it, but in the end it does connect to music ^.^~

Sorry about the delay in post, I studied and hung out with Sarah all day. We went down to Royal Oak and Warren. It was a nice Girl's Day. We then stopped by work to pick up her check (which had to be edited) and a little bit of drama went down there for the midnight shift. Me and this one girl don't get along. We can work together, but there is a deep tension between us. She doesn't respect me because I'm young and not a manager (which by the way, I could've been, but I turned down the offer). Also she's best buds with the regional manager, so she thinks she's better than me. For one, I've been working there longer then she has so I'm more experienced. Second, I've done nothing TO her. Since her first day there she's been trying to get me in trouble. I don't know why.

Well, I was talking to the new midnight Manager (because Anee went to days) about this, because this time she did succeed in getting me in some sort of trouble. I've always been warned not to listen to music while I work with her and I never did. However, my whole time working there when I bake I listen to music while working with other people. No biggie, but I decided to listen to music while I worked with her. Huge mistake! She went and tattled on me, so now music is banned! Why? She says that my music caused me not to hear her call for me to help her up front. However, in all reality I was in the freezer, so I couldn't hear. You can not hear ANYTHING in that freezer. It's horrible!

All-in-all, I talked to the manager of midnights (who I love, she's amazing) and told her the truth about why there is tension and about the music fiasco. So we decided to have a Midnight-shift meeting Tuesday night. In all reality my love of music has created this huge ban of listening to music while working. Fantastic. This is all thanks to me. I hope my chances of going to days is not ruined. =( Carole equals sad.

I'm sorry about the ranting, but in the end it ties into Music Monday. This lady is the #1 reason for my request to move to days. I just can't take all that lady's drama. She only does this to me, if my request for moving from midnights isn't granted I'm going to ask for a transfer or I'll quit. I don't even care. I love that place, but I can't stand her. What are your thoughts about this?

Well, unto the music section!

This is my new favorite song of the moment. It's Rolling in the Deep by Adele:

This one has a double meaning. Whenever I'm mad or sad or whatever (like today) this helps me to smile and be happy! Also, I'm reading The Two Towers which introduces Faramir (my love/favorite) and Eowyn and this video is about the two falling in love. This video makes me happy. The music is A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion and the video created by Sassygermanchik:

I'm absolutely in love with this song! It's a remake, but I like it better than the original! It's hilarious! It sort of reminded me of Sandro from Lord of the Night, but only just a smudge. There are three versions of the video, same song, just different ways they put it together. It stars kevjumba, chestersee, and nigahiga singing "Nice Guys". I love all three equally for different reasons so I'll post all three:




I hope you enjoyed today's selection of videos! Check in next week to lay witness to my next selection.



Blodeuedd said...

Lovely :D perfect music to go around blohopping with

Unknown said...

I absolutely adore and love Adele. She is amazing. LOVE!

Carole Rae said...

Blodeudd, haha it is isn't it?

Allison, I love Adele! She IS amazing! =D