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Movie Review & Apologies

~~I'm not sure what's going on, but somethings not right with Blogger. I'm not sure you're all having issues, but I'm being forced to use the HTML way to post my post today. It won't let me put videos on my post either. I can only use videos that I uploaded, which I don't make videos that often. This has caused me to not be able to post 'Music Monday' for this week. It may have removed 'Music Monday' forever, if they don't fix this problem. I can't really even edit my text without actually using the HTML codes, which I hate doing. This is really upsetting me. So instead of 'Music Monday' I'm going to prematurely post my movie review of 'Anne of the Thousand Days' Enjoy!!~~

Length: 145 mins
Released: 1969 (USA)
Genre: Drama, History
Rating: no rating
Directed By: Charles Jarrott
Where I Got It: Borrowed it from Library

Anne of the Thousand Days tells the story of the rise, the fall, and how Anne Boleyn changed the world. She started out as a silly girl who was in love with Harry Percy but would became an ambitious woman who held the heart of King Henry VIII. She would use that love to remove the old queen and take her place as Queen of England. However, in doing so she lost her heart to Henry and would forever doom herself to the axman's blade.

This is an oldie, but there was a couple of names and faces I recognized, which made me extremely excited to watch this movie. Genevieve Bujold(The Trojan Women, Tightrope, Finding Home) played the clever and ambitious Anne Boleyn, Richard Burton (1984, Hamlet, Cleopatra) as King Henry VIII, and Michael Hordern (Beauty and the Beast, Gandhi, Were Eagles Fly) as the ambitious Thomas Boleyn.

I'm always very judgmental when it comes to books or movies on Anne Boleyn. I'm very protective over this historical person, I'm not exactly sure why. I have a connection with her that I can't quite explain. I try to keep an open mind in all things, but my opinions and thoughts about her story won't change. However, I force myself to give the movie or book a chance.

To be blunt...I enjoyed this movie. It maybe old, but I loved it. Even though some of the time line was a little off, I didn't care. Odd. I just watched the movie in awe-silenced. I believed that it should have won some sort of award. Maybe not an Oscar, but perhaps a Golden Globe or something.

I loved all the actors in their roles. They all did wonderful. It was odd, I actually really like this version of Henry VIII. Usually actors who play the vengeful king play him to be a complete jerk and a heartless man. However, Richard Burton played him completely different. Henry seemed like a cool guy and he was nice to everyone, except when someone made him mad, then the typical Henry came out. I also enjoyed how Anne was portrayed. She was more cold and hateful towards Henry. She made it perfectly clear that she didn't like him, but Henry kept perusing her until she fell in love with him.

The only negative thing I can think off about this film was a couple of the scenes that should have been edited and changed. A couple times I cringed and was tempted to fast forward at. For example, Anne's execution scene. Really? It was extremely cheesy and just...wrong. They didn't even include her speech. Also, the dancing scenes seemed odd and just thrown together at the last minute. I couldn't stand those scenes.

Besides for a couple of scenes I loathed, I really did love the movie. It was cute and different. It told the story from a different view. A lot of the characters were played in a different light, which I highly enjoyed. it was a different look at an old story. Out of five stars I grant this one five stars. ^.^ I recommend that everyone who loves history, the tudors, or just a good old movie should watch this.

Would I Watch Again?:
Yup. ^.^

favorite character: Anne Boleyn, of course!
Not-so-favorite character: Cromwell the lawyer


<3Carole Rae of Imlay


Joanne said...

Everyone is still battling with blogger woes -- I can't sign in or comment still on some blogs and I'm not sure what else is wrong with Blogger.
So don't worry -- you're certainly in good company.

I love this movie, too.

Carole Rae said...

Thanks Joanne. I can't wait for the blogger woes to end. It's an odd issue though.

Yes, I'm glad I watched it! I think it may have landed in my top 10 favorite historical movies. ^.^

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