Sunday, May 1


Yet another giveaway here at Random Ramblings! Tell your friends!

This gift is a gift that's very close to my heart, because it's one of my favorite movies of all time!! The prize of winning this giveaway is....DREAMKEEPER! Yayy!

This movie is about the journey of two boys hundreds of years apart. One is Shane and the other is Eagle Boy. They both must find their way into manhood and find the secret of life: that power is within. To help Shane find his way, his Grandfather forces him to take him to the powwow many miles away. Along the way Grandfather tells many tales of their ancestors and of those of other tribes.

I hope all of you and others apply to win this movie. It's a little used. Movie Gallery has given this movie to me, but it was used a little bit. Just to be safe, I watched this DVD a couple times to make sure it worked. It does, so worry not!

Requirements to enter:
-Must live in the United States (sorry)
-Must become or be a follower (sorry)
-Must have a DVD player
-send an email to me ( ) with your name and address and an answer to the question/activity below
-Tell a friend and tell me who you told, because you get your name in the drawing twice!
-let me know when you recieve it!

Here's the question/activity:
What is one of your favorite stories? It can be a book story, a mythology story, a legend, a myth, anything. If you want you can share it down below in the comments!

Here's my favorite story from the movie, enjoy!(it's in two parts)

The last day to enter into the giveaway will be May 10. The winner will be picked randomly, because it would be too hard for me to pick just one! Good luck everyone and make sure to tell a pal! I'll let everyone know who wins May 12.

<3 CaroleRae

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