Monday, May 2

Music Monday #2

Happy Music Monday!

It's the beginning of a new week and we all need a little burst of happy thoughts and feelings. We all hate Mondays, including me.

However, recent news is bringing forth a flood of patriotic feelings across the world. Yesterday, an evil man's reign is over! It's very ironic that this man was killed on the same day of Hitler's death in 1945. How odd? With this new news, I'm happy because that means or soldiers will be returning home sooner and when I think of that, I certain song comes to mind. Enjoy!

'I'm Coming Home' by Diddy

And as a little spoiler for the next movie of the week (by the way, sorry for the delay. I've been very busy and the review should be posted at latest by Wednesday, maybe I'll post it tonight):

Here's my weekly funny video I can't stop laughing:

'Heavy Metal Cats!' by BarelyPolitical

Well, I hope I made your Mondays a little bit better! ^.^ Happy late May Day, by the way!
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