Wednesday, May 25

Wildcard Wednesday:Music/Movie Edition

I feel bad that I skipped last week! However, I couldn't wait to post my review! If you know anything about me, patience is NOT one of my virtues. =) The moment I finish a book or movie, I have to force myself to wait a couple hours before I rush to my computer to begin writing.

Anyways...this week I pulled the Ace of Hearts, which means that I'll post something that deals with music and/movies!

I believe that I was meant to pick this card. Why? I have two good reasons: 1) I was just given a movie I've been dieing to see and 2) Sarah just won a singing contest the other day (I knew she was going to win). I think this card was fate!

Sarah may stab me for sharing this video...but it wasn't me who uploaded it, her aunt did, so I have every right to share this ^.^ This video is of Sarah singing the song that would win her the contest (she's an amazing opera singer), Somewhere from West Side Story:

I would like to also announce the next movie of the week here and now (again no patience and my strong sense of fate is seeping through my will-power). This week the movie is *drums rolls*....'The King's Speech'!! Here's a trailer:

This movie stars Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter. I can't wait to see this movie! Since I seen the first trailer, I've been dieing to watch it. No one wanted to go with me to see it, so I didn't go. My dad gave me this movie, so I can watch it from the comforts of my own home. Thanks Daddy! 

Well, that's that. I hope you enjoyed this edition of Wildcard Wednesday. =)


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