Wednesday, May 11

WildCard Wednesday: Random Edition

Yet here we are again. The week is halfway over. *cheers*. Well, for this week I drew the Joker card. This means that I must post something funny, silly, or just something random. I have a few things I could show you or discuss, but since Mother's Day just passed I decided to dedicate this post to my mom. This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my mom. I think the looks on our faces are priceless. I was cute back then, what happened? =D:

My mom has been one of the most influential people in my life. We fight a lot, but that's just how things go sometimes. Perhaps we are both too stubborn. Who knows, but I love my mom. She's really funny. She's such a social butterfly and people tend to draw to her, because of her charms and wits. My mom may not be the most book smart person, but her common sense is sharp and her charisma is even sharper. I sometimes find myself envying her, because it's so easy for her to make friends. Even all my friends love her and call her 'Mom'. My mom is 50 something years old, but people tend to be surprised about that! They always exclaim, "I thought you were in your early forties!" I pray that I'm that lucky. That's another thing I envy about her, she was and is so pretty. All the boys chased after her! I wish I looked more like her, but the older I get the more I look like my father, Greg.

Her life as not been an easy one, but she always looks back at her past and says, "There was a reason that I had to go through that." Things like that make me love her more. I love everything about my mom, no matter how much I may complain about her. I will admit, I don't always show her how much I truely love her. I'm a capricorn, I tend to be a little cold sometimes towards the ones I love. I can't help it. However, I do tell her I love her everytime we get off the phone or one of us leaves the house. Since the time I could write, she tells me I should write about her life. I usually just roll my eyes and laugh, but there are those times I highly consider it. Maybe that could be my first novel! :D Who knows?

Well, there's so much more I could say, but I bet I lost many readers at the first paragraph, so I'll just end this post now. My mom may not be perfect, but I love her all the same. Here's a question: what is one memory of your mom you cherish the most? Also, have you hugged your mother today?
One of my most cherished memories of my mom was when her and my dad, Mark, danced to this song at my Sweet 16th Birthday many years ago. This song is my mom's favorite song of all time (it's okay):

I hope the rest of your week flys by quickly, so you can be a party animal this weekend. =D


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