Monday, May 30

Happy Memorial Day! (Music Monday)

First of all: Happy Memorial Day to everyone.
This day is for all the soldiers that never came home. This day is for them. Our family was lucky we've had generations of our boys joining in the wars, but all of them came home. We've been very blessed.

Anyways, since Memorial Day fell on 'Music Monday' I'm going to mix the two together. This post is going to be dedicated to all those soldiers. I even felt the patriotic feel last night when I was working. Last night I had to bake so I decided to try and go all out with my donut decorations! Well, there's only so much I'm allowed to do, but I tried! I was so proud of my accomplishments! Here's the donuts of Memorial Day:

These are Vanilla Cream

These are vanilla dip with the sprinkles I made! Red, white, and blue

These are strawberry vanilla with the red, white, and blue sprinkles

Here's some videos that are in memory of the men and women who never came home:

Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood

In The Arms of An Angel, A Tribute by: Mushafugga

The True Meaning of Memorial Day by hugenuts69:

President Obama Makes a short speech asking Americans to Remember their soldiers:

No matter what country you're from, you should just take about 5 minutes today  to remember those soldiers that died throughout your countries history. Even though Memorial Day is an American holiday, everyone should remember that their soldiers died for them. I can't help but cry any time a folded up flag is handed to a loved one at the funeral. My Grandpa Carol served in WWII. He died a couple years ago from old age. At the funeral, I held up okay, but I really lost it when the army man handed my mom and aunt that folded up flag. It's so sad, because in all reality thats all you have left of that person.

I usually like to end these posts on a happy note, but I won't this time. It may be a holiday, but it's a sad day. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


<3Carole Rae


Blodeuedd said...

We have veteran's day over here. But mostly we just remember the fallen on Independence Day.

Ps. I want those donuts

Carole Rae said...

^.^ I wish I could send you one, but by the time it got there it would be all...hard and yucky. However, it would still look good.