Monday, May 16

Music Monday #4

It's Monday again! And you know what that means: MUSIC TIME!

I've spent all weekend determining what I wanted to share this week. I was still unsure, so my post is a little late today. I knew for sure that I wanted to find something that's related to one of my books I'm reading currently. Since one of those books is 'Letters From Iwo Jima' which inspired my next Movie of the Week, I've decided to show you a video or two about the movie. Here's one created by Rommel5055Returns featuring the song So Far Away by Staind:

Here's another one, but it's by spunkyjp11 featuring the song What If I Died Tomorrow:

Oh jeez, those videos are so sad. I'll now present something happier:

I hope you enjoyed my assortment of music/videos today. =)


1 comment:

Blodeuedd said...

Sad :( So good with a happier one at the end