Thursday, April 7

News: Reading Challenge

On Goodreads I just entered a cute little reading challenge. For this challenge you have to read books that correspond with each letter of your name. ie: If your name is Sam you read Say My Name for 'S'. Abundance for 'A'. Marie Antoinette: A Novel for 'M'.

I'm really excited! I have three months to read 6 books. I just started today, so I have to finish July 7th. I think I can do it...^.^ It's just for fun, so I hope all of you join in! Here's my list:

Crazy Snake for 'C'
Autobiography of Henry VIII for 'A'
Royal Pains for 'R'
Our Hearts Fell to the Ground for 'O' ('o' was a hard one)
Lord of the Night for 'L'
Emma for 'E'.

Wish me luck!


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Unknown said...

Good luck! I am going to Goodreads to check it out... :)