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Movie Review: Australia

Length: 165mins
Released: 2008 (USA) 
Genre: Adventure, Romances
Rating: PG-13, violence, scene of sensuality, and some language
Directed By: Baz Luhrmann
Where I Got It: Redbox

'Australia' is a movie set in Australia (duh). It stars Nicole Kidman as the rich English Rose, Lady Sarah Ashley. Starring next to her is the always amazing Hugh Jackman who plays Drover, the Australian cowboy. It's narrated by the little Aboriginal boy named Nullah (played by Brandon Walter) who works at Lady and Lord Ashley's little cattle station (I guess thats what its called). The story takes place before WWII.

Sarah comes over to Australia to reign in her husband and force him to sell this cattle station. However, once she gets there she finds that her husband had been killed. Her husband's alcoholic accountant convinces her not to sell the cattle station and to live out her husbands dream and end Lesly 'King' Carney's rule over the cattle industry. So she enlists Drover and his small gang to aid her in this. During all this, Sarah somehow manages to unofficially adopt little Nullah.

The story follows Nullah, Sarah, Drover, and their pals on this turbulent adventure in the outbacks of Australia.

The way this movie was filmed reminded me of 'Moulin Rouge'. It starts of hilarious and happy. However, as the story moves along it becomes more and more sad. Near the end I was balling my eyes out! I really enjoyed this film though. It was a different type of movie for me. I'll be honest the only movies I have seen that was set in Australia was 'The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course' and 'Ned Kelly'. I don't know much about Australian history, so this was completely and utterly new to me. I didn't know much about the Aboriginals, who were treated much the same as the Native Americans. 

In my opinion, this movie didn't get enough credit. It was a lovely tale about love, compassion, adventure, cows, revenge, and all that. I also loved how they somehow blended a Wizard of Oz theme into it too. I'm not sure how they managed that without making it seem cheesy. It worked quite well! My favorite part of the movie was when Lady Sarah sang Over the Rainbow to Nullah to comfort him. It was heart-warming and hilarious because Lady Sarah couldn't sing to save her life. The only thing I winced at was how melodramatic some parts were. Like the beginning! Most of Lady Sarah's belongings were destroyed and I thought she was going to have a stroke. I chuckled at those melodramatic moments, but they also made me gag and wince. 

Besides that, I found this movie highly entertaining! I suggest that those who haven't seen it, go and rent it. Even if you're like me and don't know much about Australia, you should give this movie a shot. It's cute, funny, romantic, and full of adventure. You'll enjoy it. Also, I must say this: David Wenham did an amazing job as a villian! Just saying. Alright, out of a possible five stars, I shall grant this movie...5 stars.

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