Thursday, April 28

Wildcard Wednesday

As you have probably noticed I changed the name of the my random posts for Wednesday. I'm very indecisive when it comes to picking and that includes on what I will pick for my random topics. So the idea of Wildcard Wendesday formulated in my mind. I have assigned a topic for each ace card and I also will throw in the Joker card, because I felt bad. The joker is always thrown away and rarely never used for anything.

1. Ace of Hearts: Something to do with music or movies
2. Ace of Clubs: Something of the historical kind
3. Ace of Spades: Something to do with the book I'm currently reading
4. Ace of Diamonds: Something to do with past books read or books I want to read
5. Joker: Something funny and happy or completely random

I'm really going to have fun with this, I think. For this week....I picked the Ace of Spades!!

This week I'm going to give you a little sampler of the book I'm reading 'Crazy Snake' by Robert J. Conley:

I'm only in the third chapter so not much has happened yet. The story is about Crazy Snake and his Creek tribe. Some of my ancestors came from this tribe, so that's one reason why I decided to read this book. So far it's slow moving, but a lot is going on. It's decent so far. Here's a random sentence or two:
"He had also begun to wonder if the Confederate soldiers would actually attack them. He wondered if he would have to fight, and if so, what kind of a warrior he would make."

Could imgaine having to think and wonder whats going to happen to you and your family. He also wonders if he'll die or if anyone he loves will die if they're attacked? He's only 14 years old. Could you imagine having that constently running through your mind at all times of the day? I can't. At 14 years old I would wonder if that cute boy noticed me or not or if I'll have enough lunch money to get a candy bar.

~Here's today's question/activity:~
What are you currently reading? Give me a random sentence or two of that book.


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