Saturday, April 9

Book Review: Queen of Fashion

Author: Caroline Weber
Title: Queen of Fashion
Genre: NonFiction, Biography
Pages: 412
First Published: 2006
Where I Got It: My shelf (Gift from a friend when I turned 16)

"'The Queen of Fashion', Caroline Weber's suspenseful, remarkably well-documented, and surprisingly humanizing account of the role style played in Marie Antoinette's fate and legacy, the author adds texture, shimmer, and depth to an icon most of us thought we knew already."

This is probably the 5th times I've read this novel. I received this book as a gift for my sweet 16th birthday (the theme was masquerade/costumes, which I went as Marie Antoinette). One of my good friends got this book for me. When I got it, I wanted to go home and read it right then and there. However, I restrained myself.

I decided to re-read it once more, because I can't get enough of Caroline Weber's amazing writing style and depth into the world of fashion of that time period. She does a wonderful job explaining how Marie Antoinette used fashion to gain acceptance and approval in the French Court. Also, she does a dazzling job bringing all the clothes to life. This is a dazzling book about fashion and how it was used in every day life.

It's very interesting. If you have any interest in Marie Antoinette or the time period, you should read this. Yes, there are some pictures in there, but they're there to aid you in a visual. I adore the pictures! I think she should have included more. Oh well.

I will warn you does have it moments of dry spots. I think most books have at least one or more of those. Other than that, I adore this book and I have no choice but to give 5 stars.



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