Friday, April 1

Movie Review: Brother Bear

Length: 85 mins 
Released: 2003 (USA)
Genre: Family movie
Rating: G
Directed By: Aaron Blaise and Robert Walker 
Where I Got It: Borrowed it from Library

'Brother Bear' is one of the last true Disney movies that actually having meaning to it. The movie is about a young tribesman journey to becoming a man through love and compassion: Kenai. It starts out with Kenai and his two brothers gathering fish for the celebration of Kenai receiving his scared totem which would be his guide for helping him on his journey to becoming a man. He obviously receives the Bear of Love. What man would really be happy about that?

He all truth, he hates bears. He thinks their monsters and thieves. The actions of one bear stealing the fish, confers his theories about bears. He sets out the hunt down the bear and his brothers follow. His eldest brother sacrifices his life to save their lives, but the bear lives. Again, Kenai believes his theory on bears is proven right. After the funeral, he heads out to kill the bear. He tracks it down and kills it, but to teach him a lesson for his impulsive ways the spirits turn him into a bear to learn about compassion and the true hearts of the bears. 

With this he has to find the mountain with the aurora spirits. Along the way he comes across a cub that had been separated from his mom: Koda. Koda may be annoying, but he knows the way to the mountain with the aurora spirts, so Kenai takes Koda along with him. 

The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix as Kenai (Gladiator, Ladder 49), Jeremy Suarez as Koda (The Bernie Mac Show), Jason Raize as Denahi (The Lion King), and DB Sweeney as Sitka (Hardball, House). 

It was a cute movie. Like I said earlier its one of the last true Disney movies. It teaches kids love and compassion for those around them. It also teaches how to be forgiving to those that have done wrong to you. I loved the meaning behind it and all the characters. It has the typical Disney humor behind it. There's not much else to say about it. It's a typical Disney movie. Cute, funny, made for all ages, and full of life meanings that we can all that to heart. 

I hated the ending though. He decides to stay a bear (this is not a spoiler, because we all know they came out with a second movie) and I wished he and Koda would've been turned into human. Kenai was cute as a human. haha. Oh well. I highly doubt that I'll go out of my way to see the second movie though, they should've left it at that. This movie is granted 4 stars. 

Would I Watch Again?:
I don't think so...


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