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Movie Review: Yo-Kai Watch Movie (2014)

Yo-Kai Watch Movie: It's the Secret of Birth, Meow! PosterFilm Title: Yo-Kai Watch Movie
Length:  1h 37min
Released: 2014
Genre:   Animation, Action, Comedy 
Rating: Unrated (I would say a PG)
Where I Got It: Netflix


When the evil Yo-Kai Kin, Gin and Bronzlow makes the Yo-Kai Watch disappear from time so they can help Dame Dedtime prevent humans and Yo-Kai from being friends, Nate Adams finds help in the Yo-Kai Hovernyan, who takes Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan 60 years to the past, when the Yo-Kai Watch was first invented by Nate's grandfather, Nathaniel Adams, while he was a boy. Together, the 2 boys fight Dame Dedtime and her evil Wicked Yo-Kai minions to save the world from her evil plans



Image result for oh my swirls
OH MY SWIRLS! Okay - sorry - I had to start this review with my favorite character's catch-phrase. He is adorkable.

This is such a cute show and I actually adore watching it with my friend's little girl. It's hilarious and heart-warming. Such a good show and I was excited when we saw that it was a movie too. 

The movie follows Nate who is a boy who owns a special watch that can see yōkais running around. They are essentially ghosts, but not always the ghosts we think of. They have powers to influence us humans and the earth. Sometimes they are people or animals who die and get powers. Sometimes they just are. Before you scratch your head and wonder why this is a kid show. This is not dark but very light-hearted. Nate helps these creatures and they become friends. When he calls one to help they jump to it.

In this film, Nate's watch disappears. For some reason the past is changed and his grandfather who made the watch decides not to. The only way to get it back is to go into the past and convince his grandfather to make the watch. 

Such an adorable movie! I like Nate and his pals. I'm bummed my favorite yōkai didn't really pop up til near the end for a few seconds, but I did adore it. 

I do encourage watching the show first. Lots of references to the show, but even if you just watched one episode you'd be able to really get what is going on. 


This is funny, but it is also meaningful. It is a lesson about friendships and forgiveness. Love it. 

Overall, a great movie even though it is a "kid movie". Great lessons. Lots of laughs. I'll stamp it with 5 stars. 


vvb32 reads said...

Oh my swirls - so cute.

Blodeuedd said...

Kids movies are the best :)

Carole Rae said...

vvb32, he is adorable.

B, they are fun!