Wednesday, April 24

Book Review: The Suspect's Daughter by Donna Hatch

The Suspect's Daughter  (Rogue Hearts #4)Author:  Donna Hatch 
Title: The Suspect's Daughter
(Rogue Hearts #4)
Genre: Historical Romance & mystery
Pages: ebook
Published: December 15th 2015
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

Determined to help her father with his political career, Jocelyn sets aside dreams of love. When she meets the handsome and mysterious Grant Amesbury, her dreams of true love reawaken. But his secrets put her family in peril. 

Grant goes undercover to capture conspirators avowed to murder the prime minister, but his only suspect is the father of a courageous lady who is growing increasingly hard to ignore. He can’t allow Jocelyn to distract him from the case, nor will he taint her with his war-darkened soul. She seems to see past the barriers surrounding his heart, which makes her all the more dangerous to his vow of remaining forever alone. 

Jocelyn will do anything to clear her father’s name, even if that means working with Grant. Time is running out. The future of England hangs in the balance...and so does their love.

Book 4 of the series! And I was super curious about this one because I wanted to understand Grant who is the hermit and detached brother of the group. 

The story follows Grant who goes undercover to figure out who plans on murdering the prime minister. The number 1 suspect is Jocelyn's father. All signs point to him, BUT there are doubts. Jocelyn seems perfect for Grant, but Grant has a lot of issues especially with women so he is not at all looking for love. 

This took me a long time to really get into the story. I wasn't feeling it at first, but after a certain event and after Grant did something my heart melted to him and the story. He actually reminded me a little bit of my BF. 

I liked Jocelyn too even though she seemed soooo perfect to start off with. Once you get to see her more you realize she is good at putting a face of perfection. 

The mystery was good! I was unsure about Jocelyn's father. I went back and forth if I thought if he was innocent or not. Yayy for keeping me on my toes! Also, the twist was good and I did NOT expect the event to happen at the end. So good! So good!

Overall, this was a quick one, but a pretty good one. The beginning was a little rough there, but you do get drawn in. It takes a hot minute to warm up to Grant and it fits, to be honest. The mystery was good and the ending was good. I shall stamp this with 4 stars.  


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Sophia Rose said...

Now, that is splendid how the book got past the rough start and you were totally into both characters and kept wondering about her father.

Carole Rae said...

Yess, I was worried for sure.

Carole said...

MY tbr is chocka so I'll give this one a miss. Just read my first cozy mystery and was underwhelmed. Do you read them and is there one you thought was really good? Cheers from Carole's chatter

Melliane said...

Despite the beginning, it looks good!

Blodeuedd said...

you are on a hatch spree!

Carole Rae said...

Carole, I do like cozy mysteries! I do not read enough. I read a couple good xmas ones a couple months ago.

Melliane, yes! It was worth it

B, I am!