Monday, April 15

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: The Mermaid by Christina Henry

Paperback, 321 pages
Published June 19th 2018 by Titan Books Ltd
Historical fantasy

My Thoughts
I do like her books. They are all such great fun!

This one is more Selkie wife than little mermaid.  A mermaid grew bored with her world and wanted to see more. She is given the name Amelia by her husband, a lonely fisherman whom she falls in love with. No magic here (well yes and no.) If she touch land she becomes human, when she goes back into the sea she is a mermaid...creature.

I liked Amelia. She really loved her husband and stayed with him until he died. I liked the village, she knew and pretended not to.

Then comes PT Barnum. Ugh, what an asshat! Oh Amelia, I know that you still want to see the world, but stay away from that asshat! He wants a circus freak. An animal.

The book is light, and heavy. Fun, and dark. And in that aspect it did remind me of Lost boy. The darkness she got in there. Yes, I do like these magical books of hers. And I have Alice on its way so I will read more by her, wohoo!

From the author of Lost Boy comes a beautiful historical fairy tale about a mermaid who leaves the sea, only to become the star attraction of history's greatest showman. Once there was a mermaid called Amelia who could never be content in the sea, a mermaid who longed to know all the world and all its wonders, and so she came to live on land. Once there was a man called P. T. Barnum, a man who longed to make his fortune by selling the wondrous and miraculous, and there is nothing more miraculous than a real mermaid. Amelia agrees to play the mermaid for Barnum and walk among men in their world, believing she can leave anytime she likes. But Barnum has never given up a money-making scheme in his life, and he's determined to hold on to his mermaid. 


Carole Rae said...

I love it! Esp that cover!

Sophia Rose said...

I loved what she did with Lost Boy and have been meaning to get more of her stuff.

Melliane said...

Oh yes that's one I'm curious to try!

Blodeuedd said...

Mermaids for the win!

Oh yes Lost boy was great! Ugh Pan!

Try it D