Friday, April 19

Book Review: Isle of Savages by T. Briar

Isle of SavagesAuthor:  T. Briar
Title: Isle of Savages
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Pages: ebook
Published: June 13th 2017
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

On July 20, 20— a charter school’s sponsored sail from San Diego to Hawaii hits a reef during a violent storm. Sixteen souls abandon ship. Nine students, along with the hated captain and first mate, wash up on what they believe is a deserted island. 

Separated into three groups by circumstance and mutual distrust, treachery and death lurks for all. Over the course of a single day, one student betrays all the others. Another drowns. Two others get ambushed by a great white shark. And, like falling dominoes, the captain, first mate, and six students fall prey to a tribe of bloodthirsty cannibals. 

In the face of almost certain death, who will escape from the isle of savages to tell the tale? 

I was immediately drawn in by the cover and the summary. SCARY!!

The story follows a group of people who wash up on a deserted island. The group is separated into three groups for many different reasons. There is a lot of distrust and hatred all because of the captain and his first mate who also survived. However, they soon learn they all share a common threat....cannibals. 

A nightmare, but an entertaining nightmare. One of my fears is getting eaten; which is a very common fear. I also fear getting lost on an island thanks to my love of the show LOST. Thanks guys! *grumbles about never going over the ocean in a plane or boat*

The story jumps right into the meat and potatoes of the story. I do wish we had gotten a chance to see the events on the boat. Something seriously bad had happened before they crashed. It drove me insane not really getting that back story. I feel it would've added to the story to see these characters before the crash.

However, a part of me does feel that it was wise to just toss us on this island with these people because there is a sense of who is reliable? Who can WE trust as the reader? It did add to the suspense there. But me being me...I like all the juicy details. 

There is some jumping around between everyone. It was done well and I wasn't confused about who was who. Kuddos there. 

Holy cow that ending. I didn't know what was going to happen!

Overall, I really did like this story. It certainly did its job and scared me. The thought of fighting off cannibals! *Shudders* The ending was good. I go back and forth about wanting more information about their time on the boat before crashing. If you like a bit of thriller, I recommend this. Quick and it was good and it did remind me of my fear of islands and being eaten. 4 stars!


Blodeuedd said...

I do not want to be eaten!

Teddy Rose said...

I don't want to be eaten either. Yikes! I'm so glad you enjoyed 'Isle of Savages'!

Carole Rae said...

B, eee!

Teddy, thank you for including meee