Tuesday, April 2

Tell me Something Tuesday: Big and Obscure Words

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How do you feel about author’s throwing big, obscure words into their books?

Mhmmm what a great and different question. I had to really take a few minutes to think about this and really analyze my feelings. 

I guess it doesn’t really bug me unless the word was used wrong or too often. However, that can fit any size word. It is annoying if the word is overly used or not used right. HUGE PET PEEVE FOR SURE!

But yes…I have no problems with it overall. If the word fits, it fits. 

Man! This was a short answer this week! Whoops!

Made a fun little centerpiece. Mom gave me a cool bottle of wine that I drank and wanted to make something out of it. 


Blodeuedd said...

You are right, that is worse! Using a word wrong or too much

Carole Rae said...

Yessss I can't handle when the word is used wrong or too often.