Tuesday, May 15

Time for TV Tuesday: Frontier (Season 2)

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Frontier (Season 2)

Oh my goodness…I need to write my reviews sooner. It has been a hot minute since I finished this season….let me think…

Okay – so I have been dying for the new season. The last one ended so OMG. The first episode starts right where we left off. It was a slow building up the story again. So much happened and the climax was cra-cra. So I get it why it took a while to position everyone where they needed them. Some character building especially with a couple of characters. 

Once the stage was set…things exploded again. OH. MY.GOD. Another season finale that has me needing the next season. I cannot believe it. I mean…I can…I so called something bad happening, but I didn’t know what. A certain character WILL NOT STAY AWAY. Like dude…go away. Ugh. He is a plague. Fans of the show will know who I am talking about. 
Also…I AM MAD. SO MAD. I actually grew to like a character and THEY KILLED THAT CHARACTER IN A HORRIBLE WAY! NOOOO! *shakes fist* I had to walk away and finish the last episodes later. I was not a happy camper. The scene, don’t get me wrong, was done well and it all makes sense. But I am po’ed! Ugh. Poor character. Did not deserve that AT all. 

Lots of character building at the beginning. It took a while to really ignite but when it did? So good. I am dying to see what happens next. Worth the watch. You have to watch the season before this though to fully get the story and characters. 

Very good, but not AS good as the last season. I want blood to be shed!!!! JUSTICE!!!!! 
I’ll stamp this with 3 stars. 


Melliane said...

I haven't tried this series

Blodeuedd said...

AHem...yes I have not started it yet

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, you should!

B, WELL there were no real spoilers ;) Get to watching so we can chitchat!