Tuesday, May 8

Tmst: Book Excerpts

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Do you really read excerpts when featured on blogs?

Oooooo excerpts. They are always fun especially when it is a book you are really looking forward to or are interested in. When it at the end of the book I just finished, yes, I read it every single time. I MUST! My curiosity gets the best of me. 

When it comes to blogs that showcase the excerpts. I will say 50/50. I will always, at a minimum, skim. The author took the time and the blogger took the time and space to share it with us readers. It would be rude to not at least skim it and get a little taste of the book. There are times, though, when I will read it twice or three times. It all depends on the book and my level of interest in reading the book. 

So – yes, I technically will read any excerpt in a post I am checking out. There are some I skim, some I read, and some I read multiple times. It all depends, but I will go through it. 

What about you guys? Be honest ;D


Blodeuedd said...

Wow, you are a rare one! Everyone else seems to be as lazy as I am ;)

Carole Rae said...

Rare but not perfect ;)