Tuesday, May 1

Time for TV Tuesday: Parks and Recreation (Seasons 1-7)

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Parks and Recreation (Season 1-7)

My 2nd complete run-through of the show. It was honestly even better after the second watch. Gotta love when that happens. Leslie is my soul-mate. BF's soul-mate is a weird mix of Ben and Ron. A weirdo for sure ;) 

I enjoy all the characters and their journey to happiness. They grow and mature and change, but at the same time, they do not change in lots of ways. Leslie is hyperactive, Ben is nerdy, Ron is a man's man, Tom is flashy, Donna is a tough-cookie-diva, Anne is awkward, April is creepy, Andy is a loveable idiot, Chris is overly kind, and Jerry is a Jerry.

Lots of laughs. Lots of awkward moments. This is a side of government that you do not see. This is really a blend of 'Scrubs' and 'The Office'. This show is my favorite of two which used to never be the case until after this 2nd binge. Strange, I KNOW!

My only complaint is when they talk to the camera. Who are they talking to? It is never disclosed. 'The Office' they are talking to the camera because they are being recorded for a TV show. Why on Earth are they talking to the camera here? I'll have to do some digging. Maybe I missed something? Possible...I do not catch everything. I'm good, but not perfect. 

I also have mix feelings about the last season. It is good, but I feel it was missing the charm and the feel of the other seasons. However, I loved seeing everything get wrapped up and we got our epilogue. Mixed feelings for sure. 

Do not ask me to pick a favorite character. I love them all in different ways. I do relate to Leslie a lot. I also relate to April that creepy girl. I feel I relate to all of them in some ways even King Ron. I think that is what makes the show so good honestly. The characters. The stories are fun and etc, but the characters really make this show. 

In the end, if you want some people stories and lots of humor I encourage you to check this one out. I'll give this an overall of a 5. 


Melliane said...

oh that's great. I don't think I knew about this one

Blodeuedd said...

I adored this series, though not as much when Chris showed up,even if I loved Ben

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, it is a good one!

B, really? Chris was fun. Annoying, but fun.