Saturday, February 22

Movie/Documentary Review: Soaked in Bleach (2015)

Soaked in Bleach PosterFilm Title: Soaked in Bleach
Length:    1h 30min
Released:    11 June 2015
Genre:  Documentary, Crime
Rating: Not Rated (I would say PG) 
Where I Got It: Amazon Prime


Tom Grant, a private investigator once hired by Courtney Love, reveals his take on the death of Kurt Cobain.


I have watched this now 3 times in the last couple of months. I didn't feel like I wanted to write a review since this isn't a movie-movie. But after this last watch through I wanted to give this documentary some spotlight. 

This takes a deep look into the alleged suicide of Kurt Cobain. Was it really? Or was there someone like Courtney Love who was behind his murder. There are a lot of questions and red flags that everyone ignored. Especially the police who closed this case the same day they found his body. There was no real investigation. 

Tom Grant was a PI that Courtney Love hired to "find" Kurt. Tom didn't fully trust her and he felt like something was wrong so he recorded all his conversations with her and any other interview. Even after Kurt's body was found something didn't seem right so Tom kept on investigating. We get to hear this story and get some experts. 

My whole life I was on the fence about if he really did commit suicide, but I never really took the time to check the facts and look into it. I love the band and him, but I guess I never really looked into it because I was told he was depressed and a druggie so no one batted an eye when he took that final step. 

After watching this, I was invested. I watched more and read more about this. In the end...I think Courtney Love had something to do with his murder. It was murder and the police need to re-open this and have unbiased parties review the case. They are not going to want to admit they f-ed up big. Courtney Love needs to be investigated for sure. 

At first, I wasn't crazy about the actors acting out scenes, but I grew to like it especially when they blended real recordings of the people talking. It really emphasized the points that the speakers were making. So I grew to like it. 

I won't spoil the facts and red flags, because you need to watch it. 5 stars. 


Melliane said...

Oh good, I didn't know about this one

Carole Rae said...

I didn't either. My friend told me about it

Sophia Rose said...

I like watching the TV shows like Dateline or 48 Hours when they explore hinky deaths like this one. I didn't know a movie had been made about his. Thanks for showcasing it, Carole!

Carole Rae said...

I had no idea either! This really opened my eyes to how crappy the police and Courtney were during this case.

Blodeuedd said...

Her son in law says she tried to kill him too? hmmm

Carole Rae said...

Courtney Love is insane.