Tuesday, February 11

TMST: Romantic Reads Recommendations


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 Romantic Reads Recommendations

OoooOOOooo romance. I love romance stories. All different types. Romance is just a fun genre to read. I have SOOOO many recommendations I can give out. Sighs. Where to even begin???? Gah! I'll just share a few of my favorites that anyone who reads romance should read or even newbies just getting in should check out. There is no order to my list: 

*Any Jane Austen works, but you must check out Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. These are my favorites by her. 

Pride and Prejudice    Persuasion

*Wuthering Heights is a must! So tragic. So dark. HEATHCLIFF!

Wuthering Heights

*Another tragic but goodie, is Snow Fox ! I must re-read this soon. It has been too long. 

The Snow Fox

*A little YA, but still amazing is If I Stay. Get ready to cry!

If I Stay (If I Stay, #1)

*Any book from the Weird Girl series will do. But you must start with book 1 which is Sealed with a Curse

Sealed with a Curse (Weird Girls, #1)

*Radiance is a good one. I love the series as a whole so far. But you must start with book 1. 

Radiance (Wraith Kings, #1)

*The Mystic Cove series is amazing. You must start with book 1 which is Wild Irish Roots.

Wild Irish Roots (Mystic Cove, #0.5)

*I love the whole Ascension Trilogy series, but I really love book 2, Princess. You can soooo get away with reading book 2 alone. But book 1 is fun and so is book 3. 

Princess (Ascension Trilogy #2)

*Another one like the other. The whole Tang Dynasty series is great, but I really adore book 2, The Dragon and the Pearl, and I believe it can do well alone. Sooo good! 

The Dragon and the Pearl (Tang Dynasty, #2)

*Bookends is great! I really must re-read it. For some reason, it really stuck with me. 


*Okay, okay. Last one. I will end with one of my favorites. I even love the movie equally as much. I have re-read this a million times. Cold Mountain is a must-read. 

Cold Mountain


Blodeuedd said...

Radiance! Oh the feeeels

Carole Rae said...

It was soooo good

Sophia Rose said...

I think it would break me to have to do a general romance recommends, but you did great. I really want to read Radiance and I love Weird Girls and Tang Dynasty series. Jane Austen and the Brontes!!!

Carole Rae said...

Girl! It was sooooo hard.